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asked by SaintsChamp99
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2:21pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • QB- A. Luck
    RB- S. Barkley
    RB- L. McCoy
    WR- M. Thomas
    WR- T.Y. Hilton
    TE- D. Walker
    W/R- R. Penny
    Chargers Defense
    K- C. Boswell
    QB- M. Ryan
    RB- R. Freeman
    RB- J. Williams
    WR- S. Sheppard
    WR- R. Anderson
    WR- M. Sanu

    2:22pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • I traded for Matt Ryan if Luck gets injured or isn't ready. Not sure about having so many rookie RB's. Not sure what to do.

    2:23pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • Good call trading for Ryan. Your back RBs scare me though. Denver, GB, and even Seattle will likely use committees. I think Shepard and/or Anderson will have trade value, but i’d wait since they’re probably under valued now, and one or two of those RB committees might become more clear. Also, if Luck looks good after a few weeks, you can trade one of your QBs.

    4:51pm Jun 19 from drudey80
  • Those RBs do scare me, too. Also, I think you are missing a true flex player.

    1:19pm Jun 20 from billyg15

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11:27am Sep 21 from bigjohnsoncj
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11:14am Sep 21 from tjj1205
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11:08am Sep 21 from gus91
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11:06am Sep 21 from bigtimerush24
  • YES

    11:07am Sep 21 from jbizzle10
  • I have Mixon on the bench and Bell replacement and M.Gordon along with G. B. as Mixon handcuff? PICK him up or Not ??? HELP FAST

    11:08am Sep 21 from bigtimerush24
  • if you have a player, you haven't played yet and are not intending to play this weekend, you already have one you could drop for Bell. Once Bell is back, he will most likely be better than the one you drop for him

    11:10am Sep 21 from tomfromgermany
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10:41am Sep 21 from redeye99
  • QB Goff
    RB Kamara
    RB Howard
    WR Hill
    WR Cooks
    TE Kelce
    W/R Connor
    Def Baltimore

    QB Watson
    RB Peterson
    RB Powell
    RB Barber
    RB Collins
    WR Goodwin
    WR Crabtree
    WR Robinson

    10:41am Sep 21 from redeye99
  • Watson playing at home for the first time this year .gonna feast..Goff has a good matchup as well but I think t he rams run the ball a lot so I lean WATSON....Your Lineup is Perfect with either Watson or Goff.

    10:49am Sep 21 from stympaman
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10:32am Sep 21 from robertlopez51025
  • Woods

    10:32am Sep 21 from freshprincetk
  • I go Golloday. I expect a high scoring game on Sunday Night Football and he has been hot so far this year for the Lions.
    As a Rams fan, we spread the ball around a ton and Woods this week could a boom or bust pick with Cooks, Kupp, and Gurley getting involved.

    10:34am Sep 21 from tractor101
  • Lions rely heavily on the passing game

    10:36am Sep 21 from robertlopez51025
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10:32am Sep 21 from tractor101
  • yes bernard wont play when nixon gets back so its basically juju for beckham

    10:34am Sep 21 from sambellerby01
  • JuJu outplayed OBJ so far, why would you want to do that? Giants# O-Line struggles Manning struggles, as long as you see no fix there, you will lose

    11:18am Sep 21 from tomfromgermany
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10:29am Sep 21 from mets55
  • LAST UPDATED DEC 24, 2016 1250AM PST

    10:33am Sep 21 from Biermann93
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10:28am Sep 21 from blim26
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10:27am Sep 21 from blim26
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10:17am Sep 21 from yervaldo
  • Sanders

    10:20am Sep 21 from ColinAhlen
  • Sanders

    10:27am Sep 21 from drstrngluv69
  • sanders

    10:31am Sep 21 from blim26
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10:14am Sep 21 from tjj1205
  • Jesse James. Easily

    10:17am Sep 21 from ColinAhlen
  • James

    10:23am Sep 21 from drstrngluv69
  • I think james or ebron

    10:25am Sep 21 from Biermann93
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