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asked by achrist4
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6:12pm Jul 10 from achrist4
  • To preface....
    -this is a standard scoring league with flex and super-flex
    -12 team league, and I have 12th pick
    -keepers are based on final roster last year
    -cost of keepers are giving up your pick in the round they were drafted in last

    (Player - Round they will cost)

    Le’Veon Bell - Round 1
    Leonard Fournette - Round 2
    Melvin Gordon - Round 2
    Michael Thomas - Round 2
    Tyreek Hill - Round 6
    Josh Gordon - Round 10

    Please help me choose 3...can’t decide

    6:28pm Jul 10 from achrist4
  • Bell, Gordon, Hill

    12:29am Jul 11 from vikingfan301
  • If I were you choose one at a time. I think Bell is 100% a keeper. Then, I would take Gordon (over Fournette because more rushing yards last year). And the last player is really up to you. You really cant go wrong. If you decide on the first two ask separately for the last player. It may give you a better response

    4:58pm Jul 11 from billyg15
  • if you give up Bell, he will be lost to you, before you can get him with the 12th pick, so keep him..., like billyg I'd keep Gordon over Fournette (higher floor, about the same ceiling)... and you could still keep Fournette as 3rd option... but I'd keep Michael Thomas as WR value as you know he will be Brees #1 receiver... Mahomes (Hill's QB) 0 TDs 1 INT in his only start, reported struggles in OTAs, needs to prove he can make his receivers rewarding fantasy options

    11:55am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany

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9:46pm Sep 20 from browny44
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9:37pm Sep 20 from Stephenredbull
  • Yes

    9:42pm Sep 20 from Tprice1257
  • NO!!!!

    9:46pm Sep 20 from NFreemanL2016
  • yes

    9:46pm Sep 20 from hittntheweedon
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9:25pm Sep 20 from rjfinfan
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9:21pm Sep 20 from gus91
  • NO

    9:50pm Sep 20 from NFreemanL2016
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8:04pm Sep 20 from iambrendan97
  • Trade him if you can get anything for him

    8:05pm Sep 20 from awdavidson2
  • Drop

    9:12pm Sep 20 from kevincirillo
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7:53pm Sep 20 from binx10
  • Yes

    8:02pm Sep 20 from JuanJoGaarce
  • No

    8:04pm Sep 20 from HAHA159
  • No, you dont have anyone worse?

    8:49pm Sep 20 from teamyles56
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Open Question
6:51pm Sep 20 from gus91
  • Calvin ridley

    8:18pm Sep 20 from HAHA159
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6:42pm Sep 20 from RANDY4059
  • Im considering Allen and Tate as my flecx aswell, dont have Bernard. But id say Allen for the rush and receiving capability

    6:53pm Sep 20 from markrossetto
  • 1 question, who could u have at WR if Allen is only at ur flex?

    7:24pm Sep 20 from teamyles56
  • Keenan allen or bernard. Wouldn't start tate over those guys.

    8:20pm Sep 20 from HAHA159
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6:40pm Sep 20 from RANDY4059
  • lmao no

    7:24pm Sep 20 from teamyles56
  • Keenan allen

    8:20pm Sep 20 from HAHA159
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6:37pm Sep 20 from nflfan564
  • No way. Long term, DJ and Ingram should come through

    6:50pm Sep 20 from cowrider
  • ^i agree

    7:24pm Sep 20 from teamyles56
  • No

    8:21pm Sep 20 from HAHA159
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5:54pm Sep 20 from willaby06
  • Yuck ;-[

    5:58pm Sep 20 from trailerguy1266
  • Marlon Mack

    6:36pm Sep 20 from hank9993
  • Morris

    7:30pm Sep 20 from teamyles56
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5:33pm Sep 20 from rubs980
  • no, your running backs ar great

    5:35pm Sep 20 from dillon11107
  • ^

    5:38pm Sep 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • no need to, your RBs are incredible, Gurley, and Drake are by far enough

    5:53pm Sep 20 from calebfantasy2017
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