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asked by 17morina
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1:50pm Sep 19 from 17morina
  • Do you have have depth a RB? I

    1:51pm Sep 19 from vandrunenjacob
  • yes and Mccoy easily lmao

    2:07pm Sep 19 from teamyles
  • My RBS are breida, ekeler, Henry and bell

    2:17pm Sep 19 from 17morina
  • Lindsay is having a big year

    2:40pm Sep 19 from ColinAhlen

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1:34am Oct 16 from KingSuti
  • just play mayfield, good matchup so no reason to give something up in a trade

    1:37am Oct 16 from brett04favre
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1:29am Oct 16 from KingSuti
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1:28am Oct 16 from browny44
  • I'm waiving for Mack.

    1:30am Oct 16 from KingSuti
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12:43am Oct 16 from steelerfanatic55
  • Trubisky

    1:11am Oct 16 from marley1993
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12:25am Oct 16 from ballercheng
  • PPR
    RB-Gordon, D Cook, McCoy, Crowell, Cohen, D Lewis
    WR-OBJ, Sanders, Funchess, Cooper

    12:31am Oct 16 from ballercheng
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12:10am Oct 16 from steelerfanatic55
  • Clement

    1:07am Oct 16 from hawksx75x
  • Johnson

    1:09am Oct 16 from redfish221
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11:52pm Oct 15 from browny44
  • Im currently sitting 6-0 in my league

    11:54pm Oct 15 from browny44
  • Also sitting at 6-0, I’m considering going for Newton myself. I have Watson and Rivers. In your situation I’d examine closely the matchups, and make sure to not give up much for Newton. Ryan is still a reliable starter.

    12:26am Oct 16 from finsfanz13
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11:32pm Oct 15 from michaelnguyen12
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10:44pm Oct 15 from iank3rr
  • Yes

    11:06pm Oct 15 from SB422
  • greg

    11:18pm Oct 15 from brownssuperbowl53
  • Yes

    12:44am Oct 16 from steelerfanatic55
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10:37pm Oct 15 from Uscbui
  • Qb-Winston, cousins
    Rb-McCoy, marlon Mack, Devonta freeman, Le’veon Bell, fournette
    Wr-golladay, Sammy Watkins, Will fuller, Chris Godwin, enunwa
    Te-Kyle Rudolph

    10:38pm Oct 15 from Uscbui
  • pray ur luck turns around...problem is bell, fournette and freeman are better when playing than what you'd get in a trade right now

    10:45pm Oct 15 from brett04favre
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10:24pm Oct 15 from robertlopez51025
  • Let me know if you pull that off... I'm loaded at wr with edelman and might just try it.

    10:27pm Oct 15 from mindfreeze
  • yes

    11:27pm Oct 15 from brownssuperbowl53
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10:03pm Oct 15 from finsfanz13
  • Cooks...

    10:07pm Oct 15 from jonesy860
  • they're both good, i'd play the matchups until one separates themselves

    10:11pm Oct 15 from brett04favre
  • Flip a coin.. don't think you could go wrong with either..

    10:11pm Oct 15 from mindfreeze
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