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asked by TheRealStudMuffin11
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9:22pm Oct 11 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Zach Ertz was one target short of keeping his streak of consecutive double digit targets to six weeks in a row to start the season.

    Saquon Barkley was one receiving yard short of being the first New York Giants player to ever have 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in the same game.

    9:24pm Oct 11 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • almost hard to believe Tiki never did!

    10:32pm Oct 11 from derekrob2
  • ^ Yeah ikr!

    9:41am Oct 12 from TheRealStudMuffin11

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12:28am Oct 23 from brett04favre
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12:27am Oct 23 from KingSuti
  • MT had a bad matchup last week and he was just fine, wouldn't call bills bad so I'd start any of them w/confidence, I'd start MT and juju and flex one of the others, dealers choice

    12:43am Oct 23 from brett04favre
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11:15pm Oct 22 from stevenhorng
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11:13pm Oct 22 from Andyman1291
  • no

    12:01am Oct 23 from deezyboy08
  • He said he will soon sign, so I added him (we are 20 people in our league, so not many good WR left to add). Now I hope he will find a team...

    12:27am Oct 23 from Andyman1291
  • ...the Raiders might need a new WR - but no ))

    12:41am Oct 23 from Shinobi79
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10:52pm Oct 22 from tvela
  • that's why you need depth, luckily they haven't had season enders but gordon, mixon, gio bernard, chris thompson, zuerlein and now coutee who is just insurance....still scoring 150 per week (ppr), u gotta have depth, my other backs are chubb n aaron jones, I always have at least 5 backs and 5 wrs

    12:12am Oct 23 from brett04favre
  • been luckier in my other leagues, really only lost freeman but I had TC as a cuff

    12:15am Oct 23 from brett04favre
  • man I can't sleep n dk why I just read my own comment but correction, I always try to have 5 backs n wrs...sometimes I carry 4 wrs cuz they get hurt less often

    1:21am Oct 23 from brett04favre
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10:00pm Oct 22 from Stephenredbull
  • No

    10:03pm Oct 22 from pscr2231
  • I picked up Mack last week and benchd him for Michel... I regret it.

    10:14pm Oct 22 from KingSuti
  • no chubb is the no 1 guy in cleveland since hyde is gone

    10:19pm Oct 22 from seahawks943
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8:58pm Oct 22 from rjfinfan
  • Straight up

    9:10pm Oct 22 from loncho666

    9:19pm Oct 22 from kingdawg69
  • yup

    10:51pm Oct 22 from nkhubbs
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8:28pm Oct 22 from fydelcashflow
  • Yes

    8:28pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I wouldn't stress over a defense, you can always stream them week to week

    8:29pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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8:22pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I'm just venting. Lost by 4 points. I had Barkley, they were on the 1 hard line early and didn't just do a run up the middle. Then Eli with those QB sneaks, I know that was his own call.

    8:23pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I think manning called the plays towards the end there lol

    8:32pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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7:53pm Oct 22 from loggomyeggo
  • I feel u

    10:14pm Oct 22 from KingSuti
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7:35pm Oct 22 from footballguy8596
  • Kerryon

    7:40pm Oct 22 from hawksx75x
  • Who else do you have. Because both Kerryon and Lindsay would be good additions.

    8:24pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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7:05pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound
  • Mitch is looking at the Jets,,,,
    I do think Mitch vs the Jets could be better than Cam vs the Ravens - but I've been using both Cam and Rivers depending on matchups - not sure I fully trust Mitch to play the same role, but he's been lighting it up in fantasy lately

    7:08pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound