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asked by leepolk
how do I change my starting line up
1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom

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Pick 3 to keep, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Keenan Allen, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown
9:34pm Jul 25 from bboy42
  • Brown Marshall and Johnson

    9:46pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • Marshall, Nelson, Brown.

    9:53pm Jul 25 from jdizzle45
  • Marshall Nelson Brown

    9:53pm Jul 25 from eaglevsjet
Dez or Demaryius? Which one will have a better year and why?
8:41pm Jul 25 from johnsorenson10
  • Demaryius cause he has Manning throwing to him

    8:43pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • Dez, he has no competition

    9:07pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • Thomas because of the offense they run.....Dallas is and should focus more on the run game

    9:21pm Jul 25 from usaxnattador
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Should I pick up a TE on waivers and drop Kyle Rudolph?
8:23pm Jul 25 from san420
  • Depends on who you TE1 is

    8:32pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • Depends on your te1 and which te you planning on picking up

    8:44pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • I wouldnt. Kyle Rudolph + Norv Turner = Beast

    9:53pm Jul 25 from jdizzle45
Someone offered me Shane Vereen for my Knowshon Moreno. Do I accept or decline?
8:03pm Jul 25 from darius18
  • Decline. Please don't accept that trade.

    8:14pm Jul 25 from bigdaddyribo21
  • Absolutely accept before they cancel it

    8:21pm Jul 25 from dirtyd818
  • Decline

    8:27pm Jul 25 from nfox580
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dont you love how now you can comment as many times as you want on genius?
7:38pm Jul 25 from hilan
  • yes

    7:39pm Jul 25 from lakeside19
  • Ya man

    7:39pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • they actually took our requests into consideration!

    7:40pm Jul 25 from hilan
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Must keep 3 in a PPR league. Lynch, Lacy, AJ Green & B. Marshall........
7:36pm Jul 25 from joshuacenaiko
  • lynch lacy green

    7:36pm Jul 25 from hilan
  • lacy, green, marshall

    7:38pm Jul 25 from chillrays
  • Lynch green lacy

    7:40pm Jul 25 from nfox580
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Alfred Morris or Andre Ellington ?
5:30pm Jul 25 from dund0n
  • morris

    5:31pm Jul 25 from chillrays
  • Morris

    5:53pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • morris

    5:58pm Jul 25 from jdizzle45
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Who knows a good strategy for drafting offline with friends?
5:01pm Jul 25 from tolbert35pound
  • I've only drafted on line , but I would think it would be the same as online......pick up top RB 1st

    5:05pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • Dont draft offline

    7:40pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • Thats my strategy pretty good huh

    7:41pm Jul 25 from nfox580
I have Gronk & Cameron.I dropped Clay & picked up Rice from FA.had 3 RB's & 4 WR's Good deal?Comment
4:10pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • YES

    4:15pm Jul 25 from mvpswag22
  • Yeah man I like it really well i have Cameron i'm trying to get gronk in a trade

    4:31pm Jul 25 from florenceboy14
  • Ya

    5:54pm Jul 25 from nfox580
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Will percy harvin get injured again this year?
4:10pm Jul 25 from broncosluke18
  • no i think that he will have a breakout year

    4:13pm Jul 25 from nbaier24
  • I think he'll have a much better year compared to last.

    4:15pm Jul 25 from xladydenverx
  • I think he will. probably only for a week though

    4:17pm Jul 25 from jjwhawk1
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is Tavon Austin gonna break out this year?
3:54pm Jul 25 from ultimateramsfan14
  • I doubt it. but we can't predict the future

    4:00pm Jul 25 from jjwhawk1
  • I wouldn't label it a break out year but I believe he will have a solid year. His talent is versatile he can be used in many different ways just needs Bradford to stay healthy

    4:02pm Jul 25 from tito9305
  • yes if sam bradford can get it to him

    4:18pm Jul 25 from nbaier24
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who is better j.j. watt or robert quinn?
3:50pm Jul 25 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Quinn

    3:52pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • watt

    3:53pm Jul 25 from zion7
  • I'd say Watt but Quinn isn't that far off.

    3:53pm Jul 25 from tito9305
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