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asked by leepolk
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1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom

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4:04pm Aug 27 from sargey241
  • Abdullah. He has big upside

    4:11pm Aug 27 from shaneanddave
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4:03pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • I like charles johnson and now wheaton with bryant out

    4:04pm Aug 27 from dantonucci
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3:57pm Aug 27 from zacharyjudy
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3:32pm Aug 27 from simplysalad2080

    3:37pm Aug 27 from garfunnkle
  • keeeeeeeeeeep martin

    3:41pm Aug 27 from patsnh1111
  • Keep the muscle hamster.

    3:47pm Aug 27 from kgunandrun
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3:32pm Aug 27 from sharoncbrn
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3:30pm Aug 27 from jeffhoover1988
  • Tom Brady
    Lamar Miller
    Frank Gore
    Antonio Brown
    Demaryius Thomas
    Jimmy Graham
    T.Y. Hitlon
    Steven Hauschka

    Joseph Randle
    Tony Romo
    Ryan Mathews
    Ameer Abdullah
    Nelson Agholor
    Melanie Walker
    Charles Johnson
    Duke Johnson

    3:30pm Aug 27 from jeffhoover1988
  • U have a good team

    3:35pm Aug 27 from thenikeman1299
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3:30pm Aug 27 from browny44
  • If u have enough depth then go for it

    3:38pm Aug 27 from dantonucci
  • keep dez or try to trade hime for someone really good

    4:05pm Aug 27 from jakepats04
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3:24pm Aug 27 from patriots5587
  • Sure it's pretty fair

    3:27pm Aug 27 from gator64
  • No

    3:32pm Aug 27 from thenikeman1299
  • No. Gurley will be part of a multi-back offense while Gordon is by far and away the No. 1 SD back. Keep Gordon

    3:35pm Aug 27 from spock1701
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3:20pm Aug 27 from chillrays
  • Cameron should but there's also a lot of mouth's to feed in Miami and I think Walker's a nice sleeper at tight end

    3:22pm Aug 27 from gator64
  • Thanks bro =)

    3:29pm Aug 27 from chillrays
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3:14pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • & this guy insists on I throw Gronk in that trade to that is why we are so far apart on this trade is there any hope for it

    3:15pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • I think it's fair and if he want's Gronk to I'd keep what you've got or ask for more from him lol

    3:17pm Aug 27 from gator64
  • @gator64 he has Eifert as his starting TE

    3:20pm Aug 27 from beestonators
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3:14pm Aug 27 from antoniorich
  • Ben roethlesberger

    3:15pm Aug 27 from soccerboyrich
  • Stafford

    3:19pm Aug 27 from gator64
  • Stafford & Phillip Rivers

    3:21pm Aug 27 from marmudukey
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3:12pm Aug 27 from jblaaze91
  • I like Philly more

    3:12pm Aug 27 from gator64
  • Patriots - No bias i swear lol, no but Malcolm Butler has been proving in training camp that he is more than just a one and done player. not to mention they have a great linebacking core with mayo coming back, Jamie collins in hitting his stride, and on the d-line they drafted Malcolm Brown who will be great alongside chandler Jones and Nink.

    3:14pm Aug 27 from patriots5587
  • go with philly

    3:14pm Aug 27 from jetsfan767
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