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asked by leepolk
how do I change my starting line up
1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom

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Jimmy Graham#1 Ryan Mathews#3 Cordarrelle Patterson#9 Toby Gerhart#15 Pick 10of12, must keep 3 ???
4:19am Jul 31 from gwardo
What's a good strategy when picking 12th in a 12 league? Do I start RB/RB or should I pick up a QB?
3:56am Jul 31 from flyingscotsman21
  • Qb

    4:09am Jul 31 from cthunder388
  • It depends what the other 11 do, and what your scoring settings are. I'd say the top 6 RBs will go, followed by TE. And WR so, a top QB for trade later, could be the way to go...

    4:10am Jul 31 from indianakjd
What do I do if my already drafted NFL-managed league is 'dead' (no activity exept mine)?
2:37am Jul 31 from jirik2001
Will Eddie Lacy have a disappointing 2nd year, like Richardson, Martin and Morris did last year?
2:22am Jul 31 from adame12
  • probably not

    3:37am Jul 31 from chillrays
Who should I draft? Jimmy Graham or Matt Forte
1:21am Jul 31 from docfrank18
  • Forte without question

    1:32am Jul 31 from chillrays
  • Matt forte

    1:39am Jul 31 from kingthumper1
Fjax and Benjamin are on the wire. Should I pick one up? If so who do I drop? 10 team standard
10:37pm Jul 30 from pats1120fan
  • Ryan
    Julius Thomas

    Pierre Thomas
    Torrey smith

    10:38pm Jul 30 from pats1120fan
  • average

    10:51pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana
  • stay put

    11:02pm Jul 30 from chillrays
Is my team good or bad rate it (1 being worse in league, 5 playoffs, 10 league champ)
10:35pm Jul 30 from footballking9000
  • QB-Colin kaepernick
    RB- Jammal Charles
    RB-Dermarrco Murray
    WR-Antonio Brown
    WR-Andre Johnson
    TE-Jordan Cameron
    FLEX-Montee Ball
    K-Robbie Gould
    RB- Bobby Sankey
    RB-Lamar Miller
    RB-Pierre Thomas
    WR-Vincent Jackson
    WR-Eric Decker
    WR-Brandon cooks

    10:41pm Jul 30 from footballking9000
  • contender

    10:51pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana
  • 9

    11:03pm Jul 30 from chillrays
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With the recent reports, is Josh Gordon worth drafting? Percentage chance he wins appeal?
10:30pm Jul 30 from buckeyei313
  • i had gronkowski last season. On the bench until the last few weeks. But he put in the championship.

    10:56pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana
  • worth drafting in the final round for sure

    11:46pm Jul 30 from chillrays
Saints vs Colts ( Sry i havent made asks in a while :l ) (Add Score)
10:23pm Jul 30 from killall1435
  • 43-41

    10:26pm Jul 30 from djearl1983
  • saints

    10:52pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana
  • um... 35-28 saints... idk

    2:05am Jul 31 from chillrays
@DexterMcCluster how fantasy relevant will he be in 2014 knowing he's not just a kick/punt returner
10:20pm Jul 30 from sbsmokin
  • see how he does the first few games. I'm not sure I can trust him yet.

    11:45pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • He's very versatile he can line up at reciever or run the ball as well as a return man. Who knows how the staff in Tennessee will use him he can be a quiet offensive weapon especially given the fact that they have a rookie RB and greene as his back up. Also lack of go-to receivers. Ride it out and see how the first few weeks go so you can get a better look at him.

    12:02am Jul 31 from tito9305
  • That's what I was thinking can't wait to c what he can do out of the backfield.. I'm gonna leave him on the wire for now he will b my secret sleeper. It's like nobody has acknowledged him yet

    4:20am Jul 31 from sbsmokin
Should I trade Leveon Bell, Antonio Brown and Jason witten, for Megatron, Jordan Reed,+ Crabtree?
10:07pm Jul 30 from gaethanlucien
  • YES this question is a no brainer

    10:19pm Jul 30 from boomerp04
  • This could be the 1st time that Crbtree and Kpernick have a whole season together

    11:02pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana
  • yes

    11:46pm Jul 30 from chillrays
What player shoukd i get if i have 8th pick out of 10 people???
10:01pm Jul 30 from carlosrm2620
  • Monte Ball

    10:23pm Jul 30 from htennekriah
  • lacy

    11:04pm Jul 30 from jacobsendana