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asked by leepolk
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1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom

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7:40am Oct 6 from townsdig
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7:39am Oct 6 from theflyeman22
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7:37am Oct 6 from blockbuster75
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7:35am Oct 6 from theflyeman22
  • I don't know probably split carries

    7:36am Oct 6 from nfox580
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7:34am Oct 6 from theflyeman22
  • Johnson and Williams

    7:35am Oct 6 from hainstock11
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7:29am Oct 6 from crazycoyote11
  • Gurley

    7:36am Oct 6 from nfox580
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7:26am Oct 6 from nel1738
  • Yes!
    Jimmy and Doug can not be trusted.
    but try sell a bit lower on doug cause he can produce once in a while when TB are not getting trashed.

    7:36am Oct 6 from mcslamer11
  • Nah just trades Grham for Kelce straight up

    7:37am Oct 6 from nfox580
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7:25am Oct 6 from marcosayala
  • Yea look for Falcons or a Bills

    7:37am Oct 6 from nfox580
  • And drop pats?

    7:40am Oct 6 from marcosayala
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7:23am Oct 6 from drummerz
  • lewis

    7:25am Oct 6 from michaelorlow
  • Blount for Lynch, Yes!!

    7:28am Oct 6 from oilpatch
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7:22am Oct 6 from eh14
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7:22am Oct 6 from jmcw070498
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7:21am Oct 6 from jmcw070498
  • NO
    Andrew Luck's O line has not proven themselves yet.

    7:26am Oct 6 from oilpatch
  • NO.
    Sure Andrew Luck and possibly the O-line will get better and in the long run he will be more valuable than rivers BUT
    Antonio Brown is arguably the best WR in the league and although his stat line didn't look to great, he had and will continue to get the most targets. P.S he also dropped a 36yd TD pass which would've given him 9.6fpts. don't panic yet..

    7:30am Oct 6 from mcslamer11
  • No bro, Antonio Brown is a top WR and Luck is struggling and I see no improvement.

    7:36am Oct 6 from theflyeman22