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asked by leepolk
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1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom

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10:32pm Nov 28 from robbrownkowski
  • Yes , without hesitation you should.

    10:45pm Nov 28 from fresh2deaf70
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10:13pm Nov 28 from josephswann
  • No . Dual committee

    10:20pm Nov 28 from clanton72
  • Who knows

    10:20pm Nov 28 from cameronboydston3
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10:05pm Nov 28 from emoneystax
  • If there is a player that you can drop then yes, pick up and add Alex Smith. Both of them have a good match up come playoff time.

    10:19pm Nov 28 from hunter357
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9:56pm Nov 28 from daddylongleg103
  • Gurley and Martin

    10:03pm Nov 28 from omarthekidrivas
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9:56pm Nov 28 from daddylongleg103
  • You don't start defenses against Tom terrific

    10:01pm Nov 28 from dasconductor303
  • Browns

    10:01pm Nov 28 from gotemcoach410
  • Patriots are banged up bad. Do not waste a roster spot on the browns Defense.

    10:05pm Nov 28 from dg1987xx
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9:25pm Nov 28 from teamtaylord
  • Cooper

    10:13pm Nov 28 from josephswann
  • Flip a coin, Cooper has the upside since there's a possibility that he might score a TD week 12 against the titans but Crabtree is the one who's been getting a lot more attention from Carr lately.

    10:34pm Nov 28 from hunter357
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9:22pm Nov 28 from lorenzo4201
  • Brady

    10:13pm Nov 28 from josephswann
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8:44pm Nov 28 from SB422
  • Tevin colmwan

    10:14pm Nov 28 from josephswann
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8:01pm Nov 28 from jeffjo
  • My team
    QBs - Brady, Rodgers
    RBs - Martin, D Murray, Langford
    WRs - Green, Hurns, Amendola, Michael Floyd, Maclin
    TEs - Olsen, Gates
    K Hauschka
    D/ST - Denver, KC

    8:07pm Nov 28 from jeffjo
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7:46pm Nov 28 from dhibs129
  • no

    7:46pm Nov 28 from comicgeek824
  • It's tempting but no. The only scenario I say yes is if you have Rawls as well, and even then... :P

    7:50pm Nov 28 from edgesteel
  • Nope

    10:03pm Nov 28 from omarthekidrivas
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7:40pm Nov 28 from fletchers10
  • Losing 62 - 20. Opponent has Melvin gordon, heath miller, 49ers def, cj anderson, carlose hyde (whose out) and brandin cooks. I have Lamar miller, thomas rawls, mike evans, javorius allen, carson palmer, stephen gostkowski and cardinals defense

    7:41pm Nov 28 from fletchers10
  • I like your chances

    7:50pm Nov 28 from kgunandrun
  • yea

    8:03pm Nov 28 from ryanspo
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7:39pm Nov 28 from nflbeast108
  • Bryant

    10:04pm Nov 28 from omarthekidrivas