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asked by leepolk
how do I change my starting line up
1:25pm Aug 9 from leepolk
  • easily

    9:06am Aug 13 from abbloom
  • to the left of each player is a symbol where by you can switch a player from bench to starter & visa versa.

    6:27pm Aug 11 from nileshellmers
  • Click and drag a starter player to the bench player you want to put in. It will switch them when you unclick.

    2:00pm Aug 9 from thebank26

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24 yr-old defender, Rolando McClain  (Comments)
3:08pm Apr 16 from tvela
  • Doesn't possess the will to play the game. Showed up late after getting a second chance. He has the talent, just has to show it.

    3:13pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
brandon weeden
2:36pm Apr 16 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Bust. Only a factor if Romo goes down. Which anyways, the Dallas offense is already in trouble.

    2:43pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • gets a second chance as a back up

    2:49pm Apr 16 from chopr
Johnny manziel 2014
2:15pm Apr 16 from jakeastrack2
  • Leads some team around to winning ways.

    2:17pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • have to wait and see

    2:50pm Apr 16 from chopr
  • can jets get a chance of getting in the playoff

    2:55pm Apr 16 from joeygelb22
Raiders hope to trade Terrelle Pryor by Monday. Where may he land? Could he start anywhere?
1:53pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Personally, I think Cleveland should go after him and draft Sammy Watkins No.4. He has starting ablities, and he deserves a second chance. Oakland wasn't a good fit for him.

    1:54pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Agreed with megatron

    2:19pm Apr 16 from apgame
  • not to sure anyone will pick him up till someone gets hurt

    2:00pm Apr 16 from chopr
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Chris Johnson, N.Y. Jets strike two-year contract. What can we expect from CJ2K? Starting back?
1:32pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • 1000 rushing yard season if healthy

    1:51pm Apr 16 from apgame
  • he will be good

    2:01pm Apr 16 from chopr
  • i think he is going to jets

    3:04pm Apr 16 from joeygelb22
the Jets keep getting better now they have CJ2K, a back they have needed for years
1:00pm Apr 16 from chopr
  • Agreed. Now they have a playmaker. CJ2K can shine in the right system. He opens things up for Eric Decker as well.

    1:33pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • I see him being used like Darren Sproles

    3:08pm Apr 16 from ajplugge
  • Will improve their offence huge

    1:53pm Apr 16 from apgame
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do you think the giants made a good back up move picking up Freeman
12:59pm Apr 16 from chopr
  • Backup and nothing more. If Eli goes down, the Giants offense is in trouble anyways.

    1:31pm Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Freeman lost his job to Ponder. Just saying

    2:13pm Apr 16 from apgame
  • not a bad move covers their butt if Eli goes down

    12:59pm Apr 16 from chopr
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Former Hawks WR Golden Tate says the Lions' offense will fit me better than Seahawks. Thoughts?
6:43am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • I think he means with the best WR in the league on the other side of him, with defenses focusing on Megatron, that will open up things for Tate.

    6:50am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • I believe he means that he will be able to get more production. He's in a pass-happy offense, and with Megatron getting double-teamed, he could possibly be looking at a 1000 yard season. Wish he would have stayed in Seattle though :(

    9:09am Apr 16 from centurylinkdynasty
  • It's true because they pass a lot more than power run it

    7:01am Apr 16 from apgame
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Blake Bortles (Comments)
9:59pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • Boom or Bust But very solid player and team mate

    10:30pm Apr 15 from texanscrazyfan
  • Big guy potential. He is a franchise quarterback.

    6:05am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Still a little raw, but has a very high ceiling, good leadership, and prototypical size. Top 10 pick, if not top 5

    9:10am Apr 16 from centurylinkdynasty
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With Bell leading the team in carries & w/Bush in a "space back" role.Would u draft either 1?Comment
9:56pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • Depending on when u can get bell definitely especially with reggae sure to get injured at some point

    11:44pm Apr 15 from bushthe1
  • I would try to stay away from both and see if there is more trustworthy RBs out there like Lacy or Rice. If I had to, I would go with Bush because he is still the No.1 in Detroit until he loses it.

    6:08am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • I won't draft either unless their the best options

    5:05am Apr 16 from apgame
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Carson Palmer 2014 (Comments)
9:47pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • Needs to step up and play lights out with a miracle as they play in the toughest division in football.

    6:08am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Needs a big year to make it to the playoffs

    5:06am Apr 16 from apgame
  • needs to step this year

    12:17am Apr 16 from chopr
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biggest potential steal and biggest potential bust in this years draft
8:06pm Apr 15 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Steal: Dri Archer

    6:05am Apr 16 from megatron8153
  • Biggest steal potential: Tajh Boyd. Biggest bust potential: Johnny Manziel

    9:11am Apr 16 from centurylinkdynasty
  • Bust = idk

    5:13am Apr 16 from apgame
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