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asked by xxlogangxx
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5:05am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • is that the best WR you can get?

    5:20am Sep 17 from volpebari34
  • Only offer Ive got so far...julius thomas and vernon davis have same bye week i dont need him

    5:35am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • I would keep Vernon Davis key player in SF pass game, try to trade Julius Thomas

    6:25am Sep 17 from grayne1994
  • Thomas for Smith, or Davis for a better WR than Smith

    8:26am Sep 17 from amerikazboyz5

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4:45am Sep 21 from tyler84james
  • I'd be getting Megatron, Greg Olsen is a free agent and I am stacked at RB with Gio, Murray, L. Bell, Sproles and Bradshaw.

    4:47am Sep 21 from tyler84james
  • go for it

    4:55am Sep 21 from malagafan
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3:43am Sep 21 from optimus50
  • Paul

    3:44am Sep 21 from tburnisky
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3:41am Sep 21 from flaster
  • No

    3:43am Sep 21 from tburnisky
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3:12am Sep 21 from chakos23
  • depends on who you have to start over him

    3:46am Sep 21 from dangas
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3:04am Sep 21 from chakos23
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2:54am Sep 21 from sunnyb88
  • AJ and Maclin

    2:58am Sep 21 from kgunandrun
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2:28am Sep 21 from oo75
  • Starting Lynch and Ridley as my RB1 and RB2 this week, Good or bad? Should I put Gore at my flex because of his matchup against the Cardianls? Or should my flex be Jeremy Maclin?

    2:28am Sep 21 from oo75
  • lynch ridley maclin

    2:59am Sep 21 from kgunandrun
  • maclin

    3:35am Sep 21 from acosta96jesus
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2:03am Sep 21 from youngjz303
  • Tate

    2:36am Sep 21 from ryanhammy
  • Done with fitz, not confident, but start tate

    4:26am Sep 21 from bmger
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1:59am Sep 21 from dallasbound88
  • brown and maclin

    2:36am Sep 21 from kdpt
  • Brown and Maclin

    2:44am Sep 21 from kgunandrun
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1:41am Sep 21 from acosta96jesus
  • Thomas and Welker. Minnesota terrible d. Denver short passes against Seattle.

    1:50am Sep 21 from zaatarpearl
  • Wallace -wr2
    Thomas -flex

    1:51am Sep 21 from buckfever247
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1:29am Sep 21 from kdpt
  • Forte, Bradshaw, and Bell

    1:53am Sep 21 from wasittuya
  • Forte, Bradshaw, Jennings

    2:56am Sep 21 from ryanhammy
  • Steelers don't do well on the road.
    Miller, just don't

    2:59am Sep 21 from ryanhammy
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1:06am Sep 21 from cfgarrido
  • Ball..

    1:10am Sep 21 from kdpt
  • Probably cooks or Reggie Wayne

    2:01am Sep 21 from dallasbound88
  • Wayne

    3:00am Sep 21 from kgunandrun