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asked by xxlogangxx
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5:05am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • is that the best WR you can get?

    5:20am Sep 17 from volpebari34
  • Only offer Ive got so far...julius thomas and vernon davis have same bye week i dont need him

    5:35am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • I would keep Vernon Davis key player in SF pass game, try to trade Julius Thomas

    6:25am Sep 17 from grayne1994
  • Thomas for Smith, or Davis for a better WR than Smith

    8:26am Sep 17 from amerikazboyz5

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8:24pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • I have thought about it, I like him better

    9:10pm Mar 30 from chopr
  • maybe

    1:11am Mar 31 from staxspencer
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8:19pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • redskins

    9:11pm Mar 30 from chopr
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8:15pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • he needs more work at the pro level

    9:12pm Mar 30 from chopr
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7:45pm Mar 30 from chopr
  • it's different than what the Bills are used to but a year from now they should be very good and will be a power running team

    7:47pm Mar 30 from chopr
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4:36pm Mar 30 from joshnashley3188
  • PPR League. We keep three guys from our previous years team. Then we have a 13 round snake draft. I have 2 first round picks. Lacy will cost me 1 first round pick. Rodgers will cost me a 1st, 2nd and 4th. If I trade for Rodgers or Lacy, Ingram goes back into the draft.

    4:39pm Mar 30 from joshnashley3188
  • to much for Rodgers. he's good but to high a cost. I'd try lacy or keep ingram and grab a good QB with one of your picks

    5:27pm Mar 30 from chopr
  • I would trade for Lacy.

    5:28pm Mar 30 from kllbjfamily
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1:14pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • Schaub, or as some pronounce Shwaub, has no job, so I'm going Cutler

    2:05pm Mar 30 from harryvan
  • Cutler

    2:37pm Mar 30 from rigor973
  • cutler

    3:07pm Mar 30 from chopr
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12:10pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • Depends

    12:34pm Mar 30 from benallstars
  • your league commissioner decides I'm pretty sure

    12:35pm Mar 30 from benallstars
  • Patience

    12:48pm Mar 30 from harryvan
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12:09pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • 48%

    12:26pm Mar 30 from tnbearcat
  • 75 percent

    12:40pm Mar 30 from kingsmitty123
  • 88%

    12:49pm Mar 30 from harryvan
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12:07pm Mar 30 from eh14
  • Yah

    1:00pm Mar 30 from porkypat
  • yes

    2:39pm Mar 30 from rigor973
  • has been

    3:11pm Mar 30 from chopr
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8:50am Mar 30 from eh14
  • i agree

    10:47am Mar 30 from ultimateramsfan14
  • agreed

    11:01am Mar 30 from thomas8898
  • true

    11:27am Mar 30 from chopr
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8:45am Mar 30 from eh14
  • I highly doubt it

    11:05am Mar 30 from nicholasjj12
  • don't think so

    11:27am Mar 30 from chopr
  • i dont think so

    11:56am Mar 30 from ultimateramsfan14
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8:42am Mar 30 from eh14
  • they make more of him than they need to, he's not that good

    11:28am Mar 30 from chopr
  • he was a 7th round pick and people are talking about him like he was the #1 overall pick

    11:57am Mar 30 from ultimateramsfan14
  • yes, i mean he is not a top player so all that noise around him is rightfully considered as too much distraction.

    2:50pm Mar 30 from rigor973
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