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asked by xxlogangxx
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5:05am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • is that the best WR you can get?

    5:20am Sep 17 from volpebari34
  • Only offer Ive got so far...julius thomas and vernon davis have same bye week i dont need him

    5:35am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • I would keep Vernon Davis key player in SF pass game, try to trade Julius Thomas

    6:25am Sep 17 from grayne1994
  • Thomas for Smith, or Davis for a better WR than Smith

    8:26am Sep 17 from amerikazboyz5

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9:50am May 25 from deatheater581
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8:40am May 25 from chopr
  • thanks to the families for service

    8:48am May 25 from chopr
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7:52am May 25 from captainstone03
  • Alston Jeffery

    7:53am May 25 from captainstone03
  • Aaron Rodgers

    8:16am May 25 from packersrule1423
  • walter Payton

    8:40am May 25 from chopr
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5:12am May 25 from pittsy101
  • runningback in the first and the best option of a runningback or wide reciever.

    5:47am May 25 from tpetersen214
  • I agree Running Back then Wide Receiver

    7:53am May 25 from captainstone03
  • not sure who will be left, but get the best RB and the best WR there at the time

    8:44am May 25 from chopr
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1:04am May 25 from eh14
  • There's no pressure on Matt Ryan since he's the face of the franchise & the falcons have no defense to help them make it to the playoffs.

    1:35am May 25 from cowboysrule1992
  • same as always

    8:46am May 25 from chopr
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4:07pm May 24 from tpetersen214
  • depends on who's there when you pick

    6:07pm May 24 from chopr
  • you b stupid

    7:50pm May 24 from jcappy11
  • I don't mean to be rude, but do your own homework.

    9:21pm May 24 from jgarner650
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3:17pm May 24 from simrat314
  • for bell no, brady yeah, brady would not have gone until the later rounds even without the suspension

    3:25pm May 24 from romodallas9
  • bell is still a first round pick. Just not top 3 anymore. Brady was already a late round pick the suspension pushes him back to a very late round pick

    3:29pm May 24 from amd98
  • Brady yes bell no if bell does slide out of the first round for some reason that is a steal

    3:47pm May 24 from mar0864
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2:47pm May 24 from eh14
  • No. He'd have to end up in Dallas and look great in the preseason to even be considered a #1 overall pick.

    3:03pm May 24 from kgunandrun
  • NO... I took him in two leagues and I regret it from last year. If you draft him then try trading him for a decent wr

    3:19pm May 24 from simrat314
  • No...The Vikings offense will be more balanced than it was when AP had his 2k yard season. I would go for LeSean McCoy at No.1. His team has no passing game so he will have tons of attempts and he will have only 3 games with a team that has a good run defense.

    3:28pm May 24 from motocrushers2
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2:24pm May 24 from eh14
  • Depends how he plays in the CFL

    2:45pm May 24 from nalalala101
  • I hope so.

    3:17pm May 24 from simrat314
  • Yes

    3:26pm May 24 from romodallas9
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1:27pm May 24 from romodallas9
  • terrence williams. None of them are good choices though

    2:04pm May 24 from amd98
  • Williams

    2:51pm May 24 from nalalala101
  • Terrance Williams

    3:23pm May 24 from motocrushers2
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11:57am May 24 from tpetersen214
  • No just pick up a D or kicker on their bye week bound to be someone good on the waiver wire

    12:12pm May 24 from beestonators
  • Yes but pick the two backups lasts. Or you could pick one up after draft for the week you need them

    12:48pm May 24 from sqwill23
  • Lol in a 6 team league I can imagine you almost wouldn't need to play defenses or kickers since each team will have several top players.

    12:49pm May 24 from jdizzle45
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11:34am May 24 from qball1416
  • no

    11:41am May 24 from amd98
  • Probably not. Ware and Miller are their top 2 guys and only worth owning at this point in time.

    12:51pm May 24 from jdizzle45
  • no

    2:53pm May 24 from nalalala101
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