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asked by xxlogangxx
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5:05am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • is that the best WR you can get?

    5:20am Sep 17 from volpebari34
  • Only offer Ive got so far...julius thomas and vernon davis have same bye week i dont need him

    5:35am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • I would keep Vernon Davis key player in SF pass game, try to trade Julius Thomas

    6:25am Sep 17 from grayne1994
  • Thomas for Smith, or Davis for a better WR than Smith

    8:26am Sep 17 from amerikazboyz5

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4:04pm Apr 20 from cthawksnj
  • no

    4:49pm Apr 20 from ultimateramsfan14
  • no

    4:55pm Apr 20 from chopr
  • no

    5:18pm Apr 20 from nickfelixmvp
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2:13pm Apr 20 from tvela
  • he will be missed

    4:56pm Apr 20 from chopr
  • idc

    5:33pm Apr 20 from pfb932
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1:39pm Apr 20 from tvela
  • Yes

    1:44pm Apr 20 from armyman03thru07
  • no

    1:52pm Apr 20 from nicktyler222
  • yes

    2:00pm Apr 20 from ultimateramsfan14
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1:10pm Apr 20 from tvela
  • i loved it

    2:01pm Apr 20 from ultimateramsfan14
  • good

    4:59pm Apr 20 from chopr
  • love it

    5:34pm Apr 20 from pfb932
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11:48am Apr 20 from tvela
  • Maybe maybe not lol

    12:09pm Apr 20 from steelerfan900
  • I wouldn't. I don't trust him enough and even though it wasn't all him that the Redskins failed last season he wasn't impressive at all

    1:02pm Apr 20 from nalalala101
  • depends on how he plays in 2015

    2:01pm Apr 20 from ultimateramsfan14
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11:23am Apr 20 from packers112345
  • Not much.... Cheap Depth QB

    11:33am Apr 20 from tvela

    11:43am Apr 20 from steelerfan900
  • Might have numbers similar to Cam Newton is the first few games and drop off

    1:02pm Apr 20 from nalalala101
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9:16am Apr 20 from jgarner650
  • Idk lol

    9:41am Apr 20 from steelerfan900
  • No....He is still under contract

    9:50am Apr 20 from tvela
  • it shouldn't

    10:11am Apr 20 from chopr
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6:15pm Apr 19 from eh14
  • Dez

    6:36pm Apr 19 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Brown....

    6:39pm Apr 19 from tvela
  • Dez

    6:42pm Apr 19 from chadro3172
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5:43pm Apr 19 from eh14
  • he will probably be a backup,they might use him in some special packages.then again,its still to early to tell,you never know what will happen in training camp.

    6:39pm Apr 19 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Depth QB....Maybe QB3

    6:41pm Apr 19 from tvela
  • QB2

    6:53pm Apr 19 from agurotela
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4:23pm Apr 19 from chopr
  • glad to see he got another chance, if he doesn't do it this time I hope he figures out it's over. I'd like to see him do ok

    4:24pm Apr 19 from chopr
  • Cheap QB depth...good for Tebow

    4:41pm Apr 19 from tvela
  • Good insurance,hope Bradford can stay healthy behind a much better line. It also opens up a lot of options in the draft for them.

    5:34pm Apr 19 from bhbaxter13
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1:17pm Apr 19 from eh14
  • I bet the make playoffs, they already had a solid defense

    1:53pm Apr 19 from walleyeslayer18061
  • 10

    1:54pm Apr 19 from jgarner650
  • I think they can and maybe 10 wins

    3:12pm Apr 19 from chopr
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8:21am Apr 19 from steelerfan900
  • Ok

    8:27am Apr 19 from steelerfan900
  • They did pretty well

    10:44am Apr 19 from tmoneyyg36
  • ok, they should have looked at improving the o line and linebackers

    1:55pm Apr 19 from walleyeslayer18061
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