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asked by xxlogangxx
I have Julius Thomas and Vernon Davis. I need a WR. Should I trade Vernon Davis for Steve Smith?
5:05am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • Thomas for Smith, or Davis for a better WR than Smith

    8:26am Sep 17 from amerikazboyz5
  • is that the best WR you can get?

    5:20am Sep 17 from volpebari34
  • Only offer Ive got so far...julius thomas and vernon davis have same bye week i dont need him

    5:35am Sep 17 from xxlogangxx
  • I would keep Vernon Davis key player in SF pass game, try to trade Julius Thomas

    6:25am Sep 17 from grayne1994

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Suprise team of the year? What do they accomplish?
11:18am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Detroit Lions win the NFC North.

    11:19am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Vikings go 10-6

    11:24am Apr 24 from apgame
  • Agree about lions. I also think the Raiders will be another surprise team 8-8

    11:23am Apr 24 from chaddios
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Herschel Walker: I could still play in the NFL - at age 52. Thoughts?
11:10am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Obviously he is done in the NFL, but that would be sweet to see. Confidence is key.

    11:17am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • That would be sick

    11:19am Apr 24 from apgame
  • Sure, that would be amazing, but I don't think he can

    12:04pm Apr 24 from tvela
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Heath evans
9:42am Apr 24 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Analyst on NFL Network.

    9:49am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Idk

    11:20am Apr 24 from apgame
  • Former Saints & Patriots FB. Now, a NFL Network analyst

    10:58am Apr 24 from tvela
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Favorite team and Game your most looking forward to this season?
7:21am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Manchester United and against Liverpool or Arsenal.

    8:14am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Thanksgiving
    Seahawks @ Niners

    7:22am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Seahawks
    San Fran @ Seattle

    9:35am Apr 24 from centurylinkdynasty
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With the 2014 schedule out what is your season win/loss predictions for your team? Comments
6:54am Apr 24 from tvela
  • Titans will win the Super Bowl

    8:19am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Broncos 16-0

    7:52am Apr 24 from dachicagobears1996
  • Seahawks, everyone wants a 16-0 season from their team, but I see a possible 14-2 season ahead.

    7:01am Apr 24 from megatron8153
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skip bayless
9:53pm Apr 23 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • on ESPN

    8:12am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Analyst.

    6:40am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • People don't like him because he's right.

    9:23am Apr 24 from jdizzle45
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will the packers be able to avenge that loss against the seahawks
8:27pm Apr 23 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • I think it will be a close game but I see the seahawks coming away with the win.

    1:27am Apr 24 from bengals1216
  • yes

    9:20pm Apr 23 from texanscrazyfan
  • no

    7:52am Apr 24 from dachicagobears1996
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i look at the eagles and seahawks 2014 schedule
7:39pm Apr 23 from eaglevsjet
  • YEAHHHHHH. Oh wait I don't care

    8:20am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Nice.

    5:53am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Ok...

    8:25pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
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fantasy genius fantasy football round will be back the next day 2 draft round 6-12
7:31pm Apr 23 from eaglevsjet
  • Cool.

    5:54am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Ok

    8:25pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
  • K

    8:06am Apr 24 from apgame
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the St. Louis Rams can't pick a QB of people don't want Peyton Manning to be RAMS QB
6:33pm Apr 23 from eaglevsjet
  • I think they should get Bradford some good recievers before they rule out Sam Bradford I think they could pick a quarterback in the later rounds and compete for the starting position.

    1:32am Apr 24 from bengals1216
  • I was doing it based on need. The Rams need a QB.

    6:37pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • K

    7:03pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
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if your favorite team had the number 1 pick in the draft who would you want
5:36pm Apr 23 from jjtexans
  • packers, trade down

    6:24pm Apr 23 from placrick
  • Seahawks, Sammy Watkins.

    5:38pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • Vikings Blake

    5:38pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
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i am going to start fantasy on genius do you want to do it with me you will vote ok
5:29pm Apr 23 from eaglevsjet
  • Okay.

    5:38pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • K

    5:39pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
  • K

    8:32am Apr 24 from apgame
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