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asked by dfriday13
Should I trade Alfred Morris for Reggie Bush?
3:52am Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • no

    3:54am Sep 19 from bigsmokegb12
  • No

    5:42am Sep 19 from rjbourgo
  • nooooooooooooooo

    6:05am Sep 19 from patriots1086

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Does anybody know how to set the live draft time on 8am?
1:21am Jul 30 from robertdeniro1909
  • The reason why we want to draft that early is because there are three Australians and five Europeans in my league. But when I want to set the draft time I can only draft at 11am the earliest.

    1:30am Jul 30 from robertdeniro1909
Please join my custom league, masterminds. Password 1235, I'm from South Africa and have no NFL pals
12:44am Jul 30 from rookiedrafter14
Demarius Thomas + Lacy or Megatron + Sankey?
12:16am Jul 30 from ninerempire96
  • Thomas and Lacy

    12:20am Jul 30 from ralph20
  • Thomas and Lacy forsure

    1:06am Jul 30 from 92cheesehead
Does this seem like a good trade? Gronk, Dez, and Lynch, for Vernon Davis, Demariyus and Matt Forte.
11:11pm Jul 29 from akennon
  • yes

    11:37pm Jul 29 from chillrays
  • Yes it's fair

    11:46pm Jul 29 from ralph20
  • Yup its fair but i personally like Gronk Dez and Lynch

    1:09am Jul 30 from 92cheesehead
SHould i trade aj green to get matt forte?
10:14pm Jul 29 from boomerp04
  • if you need rb help and are good at wr, yes

    10:15pm Jul 29 from chillrays
  • I have dez bryant, welker, steve smith, rod streater,michael floyd,and tavon austin

    10:18pm Jul 29 from boomerp04
  • if you need a good RB yes

    10:19pm Jul 29 from eaglevsjet
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Crazy offer - I get lynch. I lose Brady. Should I take it or is it not worth the risk? Team in comme
10:02pm Jul 29 from patsfan1120
  • Brady

    Alex smith

    12 team standard league. Thanks

    10:03pm Jul 29 from patsfan1120
  • 100% yes.. then turn stacy into a high level qb like stafford or something. Man...

    10:09pm Jul 29 from chillrays
  • Yes take it

    10:15pm Jul 29 from boomerp04
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Who should I trade to get Patterson and Morris? In comments
9:20pm Jul 29 from tannerdw2
  • QB D. Brees
    RB J. Charles
    RB R. Jennings
    WR A. Brown
    WR V. Cruz
    TE J. Cameron
    W/R B. Sankey
    K J. Tucker
    DEF Seahawks
    BN C. Kaepernick
    BN D. Sproles
    BN Jones-Drew
    BN B. Cooks
    BN S. Watkins
    BN M. Wheaton

    9:21pm Jul 29 from tannerdw2
  • No one your team is great if you want morris trade jennings and sankey

    9:34pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • sankey/watkins

    10:03pm Jul 29 from chopr
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I accepted this trade i get ryan mathews and cruz and i give cord patterson and murray. Good trade?
8:55pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • Good trade for me? And i just drafted this team my other backs are gio benard and ap and my other recivers are antonio brown and julio jones and garcon 10 team standard league did i do good with this trade?

    8:57pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • I think so. You got an upgrade at WR which was needed but a downgrade at RB. Although your rbs are pretty stacked. Good trade

    8:59pm Jul 29 from patsfan1120
  • Good trade, but close

    9:04pm Jul 29 from nileshellmers
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Can one person own 2 teams in Nfl Manage league? just saw a very unusual tarde: Flacco for Brees :/
8:53pm Jul 29 from elmarkillos
  • Fraud

    8:55pm Jul 29 from chillrays
  • I dont believe this trade actually happend

    8:57pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • No. Something is not right with that trade. Your league can reject it. I think it takes 4 votes to reject a trade.

    9:11pm Jul 29 from nileshellmers
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Grade and how can I improve my team?
8:44pm Jul 29 from purpleflamingos9891
  • Qb Matthew Stafford
    Rb Eddie Lacy & Zac Stacy
    Wr Demaryius Thomas & Jordy Nelson
    Te Julius Thomas
    W/r Shane Vereen
    K Stephen Gostkowski
    Def 49ers
    Bench Tony Romo, Bernard Pierce, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, James Jones, Zach Ertz

    8:44pm Jul 29 from purpleflamingos9891
  • Great team i dont like vereen as a flex personally i would switch you Boldin with him

    8:45pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • try to get someone besides vereen as yo flex

    8:47pm Jul 29 from tannerdw2
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How can I improve my team?
8:43pm Jul 29 from purpleflamingos9891
  • Qb Rg3
    Rb Jamaal Charles & Reggie Bush
    Wr Brandon Marshall & Pierre Garcon
    Te Julius Thomas
    W/r Ben Tate
    K Matt Prater
    Def Panthers
    Bench Tony Romo, Bernard Pierce, Anquan Boldin, Brandin Cooks, Golden Tate, Kyle Rudolph

    8:43pm Jul 29 from purpleflamingos9891
  • Looks fine

    8:45pm Jul 29 from chillrays
  • Idk A i like the team

    8:46pm Jul 29 from nfox580
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How do I change the draft date if I am the League Manager in a custom league?
8:43pm Jul 29 from spellcheck11
  • Settings

    8:46pm Jul 29 from nfox580
  • Where in the settings?

    9:03pm Jul 29 from spellcheck11
  • Settings.

    9:17pm Jul 29 from megatron8153
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