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asked by dfriday13
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3:52am Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • no

    3:54am Sep 19 from bigsmokegb12
  • No

    5:42am Sep 19 from rjbourgo
  • nooooooooooooooo

    6:05am Sep 19 from patriots1086

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12:11am Sep 16 from codyphilly
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12:09am Sep 16 from stubrown
  • Lineup in 14 team, standard:
    Romo, M. Ball, Sproles, Julio Jones, Patterson, Colston, Andre Ellington, Lamar Miller, Sankey, Bowe.

    I'm willing to stick with Romo for a week or two more if I have to.

    12:11am Sep 16 from stubrown
  • Very good lineup for a 14 team league are you looking for a different TE? Or what are you looking to get

    12:14am Sep 16 from sundayfunday777
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11:49pm Sep 15 from herberger
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11:45pm Sep 15 from sundayfunday777
  • Depends how strong your other rbs are. If you feel they are good yes. If you feel like they arent no. Just going off the 3 ? I would say yes. Stacy splits the load any who and dez will most likely carry the load ( mostly) for the dallas wrs. Do it

    11:54pm Sep 15 from jdogbwreckin
  • My RBs are Charles, Forte, Ivory, P.Thomas and well Stacy my WR situation is a little weak

    12:00am Sep 16 from sundayfunday777
  • Yes make the trade.

    12:17am Sep 16 from kgunandrun
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11:22pm Sep 15 from josh21jj
  • Cousins, you need him

    11:24pm Sep 15 from jasonspykerman
  • My WRs: Antonio Brown, Victor Cruz, Brandin Cooks, Justin Hunter

    Oh and Bernard Pierce as another back.

    Hard time diciding between knile davis and cousins because i believe davis has great value as a RB1/2. And thinking of cousins because obviously my need for a qb

    11:25pm Sep 15 from josh21jj
  • Cousins

    11:35pm Sep 15 from kllbjfamily
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11:19pm Sep 15 from rockysaefong
  • Hmmm....ravens

    11:21pm Sep 15 from kllbjfamily
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10:50pm Sep 15 from bostonforever94
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10:04pm Sep 15 from dook1985
  • If PPR then robinson.

    10:13pm Sep 15 from kgunandrun
  • Non ppr

    10:37pm Sep 15 from dook1985
  • Closer call then. Brown will probably get more TDs so I'd go with him. Mathews is also more likely to get injured again when he comes back in 4 or 5 weeks. He just can't stay healthy.

    10:55pm Sep 15 from kgunandrun
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10:03pm Sep 15 from moegoe
  • Keepers: Megatron, Demarco, Gio, K. Allen

    10:04pm Sep 15 from moegoe
  • I'd drop Decker for Sproles.

    10:12pm Sep 15 from tito9305
  • Ditto.

    10:23pm Sep 15 from kgunandrun
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9:53pm Sep 15 from moegoe
  • RB's: Demarco, Vereen, Jennings, Gio
    WR's: Megatron, Allen, Decker, Gordon (sus), Edelman, Cooks, Sanders

    9:54pm Sep 15 from moegoe
  • sproles def he gets so many touchs in phil hes a great player for pass and run

    9:55pm Sep 15 from adeln
  • Sproles...

    9:58pm Sep 15 from kllbjfamily
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9:48pm Sep 15 from daddythegreat1
  • no i think woodhead will do better now that ryan matthews is on a little vacation

    9:53pm Sep 15 from chillrays
  • Keep woodhead especially with Mathews injured

    9:55pm Sep 15 from moegoe
  • Idk I like forsett. Woodhead will still be the 3 down guy. Donald brown will be getting Matthews reps.

    10:05pm Sep 15 from dook1985
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9:47pm Sep 15 from onbalesbawls
  • starts in about 4 hours

    9:53pm Sep 15 from chillrays