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asked by dfriday13
Should I trade Alfred Morris for Reggie Bush?
3:52am Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • nooooooooooooooo

    6:05am Sep 19 from patriots1086
  • no

    3:54am Sep 19 from bigsmokegb12
  • No

    5:42am Sep 19 from rjbourgo

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Would u rather have Dez and Ball, Dez and Demaryius, Dez and Foster or Dez and Brees after 2nd rd?
2:30pm Jul 22 from johnsorenson10

    2:31pm Jul 22 from gonebeatcha123
Keep or trade Dez Bryant for Calvin Johnson, D. Thomas, or AJ Green?
1:58pm Jul 22 from tcruz1
  • Dez for Calvin is the only one i'd make

    2:04pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Dez for Calvin.

    2:16pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
  • cj

    2:28pm Jul 22 from ykpr
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Keep or trade Larry Fitzgerald for Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, or Keenan Allen?
1:57pm Jul 22 from tcruz1
  • Jordy or Brown

    2:04pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Trade Fitzgerald for Brown.

    2:16pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
  • Fitz for Jordy or Brown

    2:18pm Jul 22 from crabbyhorse
Should I draft Peyton Manning w/ the #1 pick or should I draft a RB?
1:55pm Jul 22 from meko901
  • Draft a RB, either AP or Charles.

    1:57pm Jul 22 from ralph20
  • RB

    2:04pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • RB

    2:17pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
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Who should I Trade for Larry Fitzgerald? Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, or Keenan Allen?
1:48pm Jul 22 from tcruz1
  • keep the three you have. Keenan Allen had a good year last year and he has someone to throw to him. Same thing with jordy nelson and antonio brown. They have dominant quarterbacks to throw to them. Larry fitzgerald, he is amazing dont get me wrong... but he has no quarterback to throw to him. So, keep the three you have, they will be excellent this season.

    1:54pm Jul 22 from patriotsguy34
  • Jordy or Antonio

    1:50pm Jul 22 from bobbybrown969
  • Brown and Jordy

    1:50pm Jul 22 from chillrays
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Who should I trade for Dez Bryant? Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, A.J. Green, or D. Thomas?
1:47pm Jul 22 from tcruz1
  • A.J. Green

    1:51pm Jul 22 from foxxxylady
  • I'd keep the 3 you have. Must be a small league if you have those 3 stud receivers

    2:00pm Jul 22 from ralph20
  • They all are tier 1 players... try for any of them.

    1:50pm Jul 22 from chillrays
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Honestly Rank Texans Defense this yr.watt, cushing, clowney ?
1:35pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
  • IDP or Defense? I'm guessing your asking about defense. I think they can get back to top 10 status. It will be a much better year for Houston.

    1:39pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Great defensive line. How about that secondary though?

    2:19pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
  • yes the polls have Texans so low. we won 2 games last yr. yet defense was very good. With cushings return and clowney rookie start, I think They will be Top 5.Dont forget #99

    1:59pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
I get Djax, Sanders, and bush. I lose Dez and Mathews. Info in comments
1:35pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
  • It's a 12 team dynasty. Have many offers on table I can take this deal or brown and bush for Mathews and Dez or trade Dez, my 13 and 14 round picks in next years draft for RG3, 1 and 2 round picks in next years draft. What should I do?

    1:36pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
  • I wouldn't make that trade.

    1:38pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Fair.

    2:18pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
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Rank my team it's in comments
1:18pm Jul 22 from seahawks9456
  • =\

    1:21pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Okay.

    2:18pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
  • Jk to hard to remember team XD

    1:19pm Jul 22 from seahawks9456
Who should I get in the draft Im doing it tonight ?
1:15pm Jul 22 from rama10
  • Just keep drafting the best available and you will be fine.

    1:20pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • BPA.

    2:18pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
Is D. Williams worth holding on to as a backup?
1:13pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
  • you can do a lot worse than deangelo williams so i say yes keep him until someone much better becomes available on the wire.

    1:16pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Yes. RB4

    2:18pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
Will arian foster break 1000 yards and if so by how much ?
1:11pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
  • not sure... I feel he will have at least 1,100 yards this year if he stays healthy.

    1:15pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Of course. 1,300-1,400 yards.

    2:18pm Jul 22 from megatron8153