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asked by dfriday13
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3:52am Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • no

    3:54am Sep 19 from bigsmokegb12
  • No

    5:42am Sep 19 from rjbourgo
  • nooooooooooooooo

    6:05am Sep 19 from patriots1086

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7:54pm Aug 28 from vikingfan187
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7:40pm Aug 28 from twalk1992
  • Go RB there scarce

    7:48pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • If your league is like mine, where QB's get 6 points for TDs then thats not a bad pick, but if not then definitely go with a top running back, I had 1st overall and still didn't take Luck, I ended up taking Bell.

    7:49pm Aug 28 from patriots5587
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7:04pm Aug 28 from zeop
  • Nah I'd keep him and trade Ellington

    7:06pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • Yes.....Trade

    7:20pm Aug 28 from tvela
  • No Stewart will out perform Tate this year, especially if Calvin is Healthy.

    7:50pm Aug 28 from patriots5587
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7:01pm Aug 28 from patriots5587
  • QB: Big Ben
    RB1: Le'Veon Bell
    RB2: Melvin Gordon
    WR1: Calvin
    WR2: A.J Green
    TE: Kelce
    Flex: J stew
    B: Foster, tre mason, amari cooper, nelson agholor, eddie royal, joe flacco

    7:03pm Aug 28 from patriots5587
  • Keep what you've got but if you really really want him trade Calvin for him 1 for 1

    7:05pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • AJ Green and either Royal or Agholor

    7:07pm Aug 28 from mjohngon
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6:59pm Aug 28 from ggamez12
  • Charles side just because he's a good back

    7:04pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • Charles and Charles......

    7:22pm Aug 28 from tvela
  • Charles

    7:52pm Aug 28 from patriots5587
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6:57pm Aug 28 from dfwwildcat
  • Both are steals where they are but definitely pick Luck in the 4th

    6:58pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • Luck

    7:05pm Aug 28 from dantonucci
  • Luck...

    7:22pm Aug 28 from tvela
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6:55pm Aug 28 from jpsoccer19
  • I like a healthy megatron more but Dez is probably safer

    6:55pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • I would probably go with Dez being that Megatron is showing some dents in his armor the last couple years. They should both be about the same this year regardless but I give Dez the slight edge. Romo may be reverting to the old Romo and passing more without Murray there anymore.

    7:03pm Aug 28 from dynomite324
  • Old Romo still knew how to find Dez in the red zone

    7:06pm Aug 28 from dantonucci
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6:46pm Aug 28 from dantonucci
  • Keep them.. Dont get rid of them

    6:53pm Aug 28 from ggamez12
  • What do you need if its a better WR maybe Sanders, TY, AJ

    6:55pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • I could use another rb

    7:00pm Aug 28 from dantonucci
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6:46pm Aug 28 from bradsters38
  • Go with players you most likely recognize. The problem is this: If you're an NFL fan and already follow a team, then whatever you do DO NOT get players from your team. Get those players you'd wish your team will have in real life. Also, keep checking for best rankings. Good luck!

    6:48pm Aug 28 from thunderzonenfl
  • do a lot of mock drafts then u will know bro

    6:50pm Aug 28 from pats4ever311
  • Choose the best available and go RB, WR, RB, WR, QB, TE, then get the best available players for depth and a defense and kicker late and make sure you don't draft players at the same positions that share the same bye weeks also try doing some mock drafts like pats4ever311 said good luck

    6:54pm Aug 28 from gator64
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6:36pm Aug 28 from pats4ever311
  • They have to have IR next to their name I believe

    6:47pm Aug 28 from dantonucci
  • cool thanks man

    6:48pm Aug 28 from pats4ever311
  • They have to be officially on IR or suspended then click and hold the player and you'll see the reserve spot down below your bench once the players there he don't count against your roster and you can go and add someone

    6:57pm Aug 28 from gator64
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6:31pm Aug 28 from f2wacef
  • I don't think you can and if you can I'm not sure

    6:37pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • You no longer own the player and he is available in FA after he clears waivers.

    6:38pm Aug 28 from pats1120fan
  • The waiver claim goes through on sunday and the trade on monday. If I dont cancel the waiver claim does the trade falls through ?

    6:43pm Aug 28 from f2wacef
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6:29pm Aug 28 from mattstetz22
  • I'd keep Charles

    6:30pm Aug 28 from gator64
  • No way foster will not come back that quick. He always has groin problems and will not be healthy until later. Charles is a beast

    6:41pm Aug 28 from diddydid
  • depends how bad you need multiple rb's if you only need 1 Charles is him

    6:44pm Aug 28 from pats4ever311