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asked by dfriday13
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3:52am Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • no

    3:54am Sep 19 from bigsmokegb12
  • No

    5:42am Sep 19 from rjbourgo
  • nooooooooooooooo

    6:05am Sep 19 from patriots1086

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7:26pm Oct 24 from mrautomatik
  • They are both good, pick one

    7:27pm Oct 24 from odyseus1960
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7:22pm Oct 24 from cyrusrg
  • Yes

    7:25pm Oct 24 from odyseus1960
  • yes

    7:34pm Oct 24 from theking412
  • no I would keep fred

    7:42pm Oct 24 from adeln
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7:08pm Oct 24 from SB422
  • No.

    7:10pm Oct 24 from bdw4
  • In a heartbeat!

    7:11pm Oct 24 from nickjnash
  • Miller is the lead back in Miami now. Benjamin isn't on that level fantasy wise. Miller, 10 times out of 10.

    7:13pm Oct 24 from nickjnash
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6:54pm Oct 24 from bdw4
  • Denver

    6:58pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
  • Cause I own all 3 of them.

    6:58pm Oct 24 from bdw4
  • drop colts and eagles and stay with denver
    +denver alredy had a bye week

    7:03pm Oct 24 from juanda0319
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6:51pm Oct 24 from cannabisarsonist
  • K Benj

    6:52pm Oct 24 from matberrill
  • I like Smith against Cincy's 27th ranked passing defense (ypg).

    7:10pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
  • no bernard has a big game coming

    7:15pm Oct 24 from shyamy2580
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6:47pm Oct 24 from damonsta87
  • Yes

    6:49pm Oct 24 from kllbjfamily
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6:41pm Oct 24 from damian0s
  • Yes

    6:47pm Oct 24 from kllbjfamily
  • Yes

    6:49pm Oct 24 from tito9305
  • Hmm that's a tricky question. If it weren't for Montee Ball I'd keep Hillman, but since Ball might be back fairly soon, I'd probably do the trade.

    6:50pm Oct 24 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:33pm Oct 24 from renwells44
  • Other offer is Tannehill and aj green

    6:35pm Oct 24 from renwells44
  • If you really need a QB then it is okay.

    6:45pm Oct 24 from kllbjfamily
  • I would hate to give up Julio, and I don't like Flacco, but You do need QB help. I'd take Flacco over Tannehill.

    6:50pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
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6:25pm Oct 24 from jetsweep2
  • Everyone saying to play Baldwin, but he might have a bad week

    6:26pm Oct 24 from jetsweep2
  • and the seahawks are run based

    6:32pm Oct 24 from jetsweep2
  • Jeffrey

    6:35pm Oct 24 from kllbjfamily
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6:20pm Oct 24 from alexmed2002
  • Rodgers!

    6:22pm Oct 24 from hainstock11
  • wilson

    6:23pm Oct 24 from yoltswagbro1717
  • Rodgers

    6:36pm Oct 24 from kllbjfamily
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6:18pm Oct 24 from kylet643
  • Dumbass

    6:18pm Oct 24 from bambathegod42069

    6:18pm Oct 24 from bambathegod42069
  • Reason being it's the biggest baddest WR in the league
    Emmanuel has to share the spotlight with Demaryius and Thomas when Calvin gets bck it's all Calvin so idk yet should i?

    6:18pm Oct 24 from kylet643
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6:17pm Oct 24 from jetsweep2
  • Baldwin may be the safest. the bears patriot match up offers alot of unknown

    6:25pm Oct 24 from dragonrage58
  • i don't know which williams but baldwin is the safest pick there is no guarantee that even the best players won't goout there and lay an egg

    6:26pm Oct 24 from achery
  • All three are chancey. I would play Williams, he has been hot lately.

    6:29pm Oct 24 from marcthehammer123
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