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asked by dfriday13
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7:04pm Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • yes

    7:07pm Sep 19 from nygfan0816
  • NO!

    7:11pm Sep 19 from dharrington17
  • Bush is unreliable, but exciting. Hartline is consistent, but if Wallace develops a rapport with Tannehill, Harline's production will suffer a little. Morris should continue to improve. All that being said, a pretty even trade. It depends on how they all fit into your team.

    7:12pm Sep 19 from wirthless
  • no morris will show up soon

    7:16pm Sep 19 from quadejor

    7:22pm Sep 19 from jkelly1016
  • Nope.

    7:23pm Sep 19 from jdizzle45
  • no, if he offers you some1 better than hartline, than maybe

    7:57pm Sep 19 from ryostay
  • If you need the WR, then sure, but otherwise no. Bush has a bum leg, and looses goal line work to Bell. Morris is the only RB in an otherwise runless team. I don't see the upside of this, but if you need a WR, then you may get a nice edge here.

    8:57pm Sep 19 from fishtrousers
  • no

    9:01pm Sep 19 from lukejb

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12:05pm Nov 28 from awassef23
  • Not a one will give him a job...he is a bum!

    12:09pm Nov 28 from bigdeece
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11:44am Nov 28 from pker2000
  • Peyton...duh!

    11:49am Nov 28 from bigdeece
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11:24am Nov 28 from wbs19heat
  • packers

    11:29am Nov 28 from wbs19heat
  • broncos

    11:56am Nov 28 from chgojaxfan
  • Packers

    11:58am Nov 28 from nfox580
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Open Question
11:22am Nov 28 from 20njr13
  • odell and ty

    11:23am Nov 28 from fantasyfootballboy11
  • Odell and T.Y

    11:44am Nov 28 from pker2000
  • Josh and TY

    11:58am Nov 28 from nfox580
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11:22am Nov 28 from traintes
  • good

    11:24am Nov 28 from wbs19heat
  • Play Odell Beckham and J. Nelson

    11:28am Nov 28 from rcalbrecht
  • no Start Jordy and Odell

    11:45am Nov 28 from pker2000
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11:17am Nov 28 from lordrubenator
  • Ellington.

    11:19am Nov 28 from willgasek93
  • bob loblov

    11:21am Nov 28 from jmoseva82
  • dre

    11:29am Nov 28 from moras
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Open Question
11:14am Nov 28 from traintes
  • I had a dispute with a friend yesterday and maybe you could help us resolving that. The subject was about a QB makes a pass that is deflected by the defense in a way that the QB gets the ball back. Afterwards he runs into the endzone himself (similar to Brad Johnson back in 1997, when Minnesota played against Carolina - see here: ).

    11:14am Nov 28 from traintes
  • Which of the following points would he get in fantasy football:
    - points for x yards passing
    - 4 points for a TD pass
    - points for x yards rushing
    - 6 points for a rushing TD

    Thanks in advance!

    11:14am Nov 28 from traintes
  • 6 points for rushing td and yards

    11:26am Nov 28 from wbs19heat
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11:07am Nov 28 from dook1985
  • dr

    11:24am Nov 28 from wbs19heat
  • shoelace

    11:46am Nov 28 from pker2000
Open Question
10:25am Nov 28 from sallisaw8
  • What?

    10:36am Nov 28 from nfox580
Open Question
10:23am Nov 28 from sallisaw8
Open Question
10:20am Nov 28 from jbak1212
  • Miller the safer bet & he's goin against the JETS 4 LOL

    10:26am Nov 28 from sallisaw8
  • miller

    10:32am Nov 28 from rickdamico1
  • BOOM

    10:37am Nov 28 from redev
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10:05am Nov 28 from whodatbrandon
  • Crowell. He's getting more carries than west and Herron still has to run behind sorry ass Richardson. Js.

    10:13am Nov 28 from bigcarloschavez
  • I agree. Redskins run defense is pretty good too right?

    11:41am Nov 28 from whodatbrandon
  • Crowell

    11:47am Nov 28 from pker2000