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asked by dfriday13
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7:04pm Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • yes

    7:07pm Sep 19 from nygfan0816
  • NO!

    7:11pm Sep 19 from dharrington17
  • Bush is unreliable, but exciting. Hartline is consistent, but if Wallace develops a rapport with Tannehill, Harline's production will suffer a little. Morris should continue to improve. All that being said, a pretty even trade. It depends on how they all fit into your team.

    7:12pm Sep 19 from wirthless
  • no morris will show up soon

    7:16pm Sep 19 from quadejor

    7:22pm Sep 19 from jkelly1016
  • Nope.

    7:23pm Sep 19 from jdizzle45
  • no, if he offers you some1 better than hartline, than maybe

    7:57pm Sep 19 from ryostay
  • If you need the WR, then sure, but otherwise no. Bush has a bum leg, and looses goal line work to Bell. Morris is the only RB in an otherwise runless team. I don't see the upside of this, but if you need a WR, then you may get a nice edge here.

    8:57pm Sep 19 from fishtrousers
  • no

    9:01pm Sep 19 from lukejb

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7:05pm Jul 7 from horvathviktor
  • idk

    7:06pm Jul 7 from rgboy247
  • Hill, Anderson, Forsett and Murray all seem fair to me

    7:11pm Jul 7 from gator64
  • tough call. If I was trading for Hilton, I wouldn't give up a top 10 RB

    7:17pm Jul 7 from tflores81
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6:59pm Jul 7 from mturpie
  • no

    7:13pm Jul 7 from tflores81
  • I think he can be legit as a wr2... with that being said i feel a lot safer with him being a wr3 or flex start... a lot of upside tho, no question... i can see him getting 1000+yrs and at least 8 tds... just my opinion...

    7:13pm Jul 7 from rockout365
  • ^^^ agree with rockout and think he can do it but I'd want someone else just to be safe

    7:21pm Jul 7 from gator64
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6:32pm Jul 7 from phminc
  • Who would you drop for Jennings or Abdullah or would you leave it be for now?

    6:33pm Jul 7 from phminc
  • Definitely drop David Cobb for Jennings.

    6:41pm Jul 7 from kgunandrun
  • ^^^ agree I think Jennings is a sleeper who could have a big year

    7:23pm Jul 7 from gator64
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6:15pm Jul 7 from CowboysCardsForLife
  • Im looking for a couple of guys for my fantasy league that will really be invested in it. With the public leagues you never know what you are going to get,just need a couple more but here's the thing. I ask that you immidiatly set a team logo as soon as you register you team. Draft will be this Sat, I also ask that you guys check the message board as well as your trades occasionally, basically just looking for a couple good personalities who will be active.

    6:15pm Jul 7 from CowboysCardsForLife
  • Hit me with your email if interested and you are able to do all of these things:) Thanks!

    6:16pm Jul 7 from CowboysCardsForLife
  • Hmm how many teams?

    7:09pm Jul 7 from nfox580
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Open Question
4:39pm Jul 7 from fluff22
  • Big Ben
    D murray
    Mike Evans
    Andre Johnson
    M Bennett
    Melvin Gordon
    Cody parkey

    4:41pm Jul 7 from fluff22
  • I would trade A Johnson, might be ok but not gonna have big #s to start him

    4:54pm Jul 7 from igotacrazybtch
  • Gordon has an ok market. I would trade him for a receiver like maybe mike wallace or jeremy maclin

    5:26pm Jul 7 from lionsnation123
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4:28pm Jul 7 from nepats221
  • AP should go overall and if he's not overall Charles should

    4:37pm Jul 7 from nfox580

    4:40pm Jul 7 from maliekrobinson30
  • Lynch or Lacy

    5:58pm Jul 7 from rgboy247
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4:24pm Jul 7 from shaneanddave
  • u get cooper no

    5:57pm Jul 7 from rgboy247
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4:23pm Jul 7 from ceschenerlein
  • I don't know maybe CJ Anderson

    4:37pm Jul 7 from nfox580
  • idk

    5:58pm Jul 7 from rgboy247
  • Don't know

    6:07pm Jul 7 from bferguson1979
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4:08pm Jul 7 from ceschenerlein
  • not bad

    4:13pm Jul 7 from chopr
  • 5 out 0f 10

    4:17pm Jul 7 from texandad1220
  • Not much

    4:27pm Jul 7 from nfox580
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3:49pm Jul 7 from chrisdaileyiscool
  • Richard Sherman

    3:51pm Jul 7 from rgboy247
  • sherm

    3:55pm Jul 7 from afitz03
  • Haden

    4:13pm Jul 7 from chopr
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3:02pm Jul 7 from vikingfan187
  • Yes

    3:06pm Jul 7 from nfox580
  • Yes

    3:21pm Jul 7 from bferguson1979
  • No

    3:22pm Jul 7 from dtg2
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3:02pm Jul 7 from nfox580
  • i talked to her about it she said she'd think about what do you guys think about the deal?

    3:03pm Jul 7 from nfox580
  • Yeah I would do it man, Lynch will outscore forte and with Orange Julius Gone sanders will get more yards per game and red zone targets

    3:03pm Jul 7 from vikingfan187
  • go man, Lynch and Sanders are beasts in fantasy, the Broncos have lost Julius Thomas so this makes even more space for Sanders

    3:04pm Jul 7 from bigbenpellerin
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