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asked by dfriday13
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7:04pm Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • yes

    7:07pm Sep 19 from nygfan0816
  • NO!

    7:11pm Sep 19 from dharrington17
  • Bush is unreliable, but exciting. Hartline is consistent, but if Wallace develops a rapport with Tannehill, Harline's production will suffer a little. Morris should continue to improve. All that being said, a pretty even trade. It depends on how they all fit into your team.

    7:12pm Sep 19 from wirthless
  • no morris will show up soon

    7:16pm Sep 19 from quadejor

    7:22pm Sep 19 from jkelly1016
  • Nope.

    7:23pm Sep 19 from jdizzle45
  • no, if he offers you some1 better than hartline, than maybe

    7:57pm Sep 19 from ryostay
  • If you need the WR, then sure, but otherwise no. Bush has a bum leg, and looses goal line work to Bell. Morris is the only RB in an otherwise runless team. I don't see the upside of this, but if you need a WR, then you may get a nice edge here.

    8:57pm Sep 19 from fishtrousers
  • no

    9:01pm Sep 19 from lukejb

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4:44pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • I know that 6 team leagues are hated on Fantasy Genius, but I have a trade question. Yes, all teams are stacked, yes, they are much bigger than regular teams. This guy has great RBs. I feel like I’m lacking a bit there. What kind of trades should I offer ?

    My team :

    QB :Big Ben
    QB :Tannehill
    RB :Jamaal
    RB :Forsett
    RB :Gore
    WR :Dez
    WR :Cobb
    WR :OBJ
    TE :Kelce
    FLX :Maclin
    FLX :Ellington

    His team :

    QB : Stafford
    QB :Brees
    RB :Le’veon
    RB :CJ Anderson
    RB :Ingram
    WR :Mega
    WR :Watkins
    WR :Cooks
    TE :Allen
    FLX :Spiller
    FLX :Lamar

    4:45pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • My bench:
    Doug Martin
    Martivis Bryant

    His Bench:
    Alex Smith
    Alfred Blue
    Devante Adams

    4:47pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • I'd try to offer Obj Gore Maclin & Tannehill for Brees Le'Veon and Cooks

    4:48pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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4:43pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
  • Little to none at all. He won't get drafted in most leagues

    4:48pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • What about in deeper leagues?

    4:55pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
  • I'd stay away from him. Don't think he'll produce

    5:07pm Aug 27 from shaneanddave
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4:40pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Qb Cam Newton
    Rb Marshawn Lynch & Mark Ingram
    Wr Dez Bryant & Brandin Cooks
    Te Jason Witten
    W/r Frank Gore
    K Steven Hauschka
    Def Dolphins
    Bench Eli Manning, Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, Davante Adams, Andre Johnson, Martavis Bryant

    4:40pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Not bad. I'd try and trade Newton though. Bad OL and lost Benjamin.

    4:44pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
  • ^^^My theory was he still has Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart they should do fine but if he ends up being a bust i have Eli Manning to replace him because Eli has Obj

    4:50pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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Open Question
4:30pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • Gore for miller if you play him up quite a bit!

    4:32pm Aug 27 from jeffhoover1988
  • Gore for Miller keep Forsett because he can have a really good year with Baltimore again

    4:40pm Aug 27 from marmudukey
  • gore for ingram

    4:43pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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4:30pm Aug 27 from gopher217
  • RBs
    Leveon Bell
    Joseph Randle
    Doug Martin
    Rashad Jennings

    AJ Green
    Alshon Jeffery
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Davante Adams
    Allen Robinson
    Markus Wheaton

    4:31pm Aug 27 from gopher217
  • Trade Jennings for T.J. Yeldon, ameer Abdullah, Latavius Murray, Gurley Andre Ellington try for a guy like Frank Gore or Jonathan Stewart

    4:44pm Aug 27 from marmudukey
  • try Jennings for Abdullah and Yeldon

    4:56pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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4:17pm Aug 27 from nick3793
  • If you can get Lacy, Bell and Antonio and still manage to have good players to go along with them, do it

    4:31pm Aug 27 from mathieujubinville
  • I'm assuming ur in a 200 bank auction that'll kill your budget Bell would go for about 60 same with Lacy and Brown would go for 50-55 it's a risky move because u would only have about 25-30 left to work with

    4:46pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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4:13pm Aug 27 from freeage00
  • auction

    4:21pm Aug 27 from gusandbea
  • Go Rb Wr Qb Te Wr

    4:44pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • if this a 10+ team league, a top 5 back is still the best value overall (especially if this is PPR). but anything lower than Lynch, you're prolly gonna want a WR. so with a top 5 back in play, definitely go RB/WR; without one, you're going to want either WR/RB to pick up someone like Hill/Shady 2nd round or WR/WR to double up on two WR1s. not familiar with that format but i'd prepare for a huge run on the elite WRs early as the worst case scenario, so def monitor that. draft QB and TE as usual

    4:54pm Aug 27 from schlaggedreceiver
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4:04pm Aug 27 from sargey241
  • Abdullah. He has big upside

    4:11pm Aug 27 from shaneanddave
  • Abdullah. Vereen is nothing more than a pass catching back and Jay Ajayi, last I heard, was the Dolphins RB4 and hasn't been impressive at all in camp. Abdullah will be starting in Detroit before the year is over.

    4:47pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
  • Abdullah

    4:54pm Aug 27 from callofdutyghosts9891
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4:03pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • I like charles johnson and now wheaton with bryant out

    4:04pm Aug 27 from dantonucci
  • I'd go Charles Johnson first then Markus Wheaton second. IF Bryant remains out then Wheaton will take a bump but maybe only for a few weeks

    4:14pm Aug 27 from gopher217
  • Go for Charles Johnson

    4:44pm Aug 27 from marmudukey
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3:57pm Aug 27 from zacharyjudy

    4:32pm Aug 27 from duvolant
  • No

    4:44pm Aug 27 from marmudukey
  • Yes. McCown is nothing special and his 2013 with the Bears was a fluke.

    4:45pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
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3:32pm Aug 27 from simplysalad2080

    3:37pm Aug 27 from garfunnkle
  • keeeeeeeeeeep martin

    3:41pm Aug 27 from patsnh1111
  • Keep the muscle hamster.

    3:47pm Aug 27 from kgunandrun
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3:32pm Aug 27 from sharoncbrn
  • RB first is recommended in most formats. there's not enough stud backs for every fantasy team so thats your first hit. the rest is mostly just taking the best player available and whoever you're high on. most ppl take RB/RB or RB/WR depending on their draft strategy. try to wait on drafting a QB; the skill positions are more important

    4:14pm Aug 27 from schlaggedreceiver