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asked by dfriday13
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7:04pm Sep 19 from dfriday13
  • yes

    7:07pm Sep 19 from nygfan0816
  • NO!

    7:11pm Sep 19 from dharrington17
  • Bush is unreliable, but exciting. Hartline is consistent, but if Wallace develops a rapport with Tannehill, Harline's production will suffer a little. Morris should continue to improve. All that being said, a pretty even trade. It depends on how they all fit into your team.

    7:12pm Sep 19 from wirthless
  • no morris will show up soon

    7:16pm Sep 19 from quadejor

    7:22pm Sep 19 from jkelly1016
  • Nope.

    7:23pm Sep 19 from jdizzle45
  • no, if he offers you some1 better than hartline, than maybe

    7:57pm Sep 19 from ryostay
  • If you need the WR, then sure, but otherwise no. Bush has a bum leg, and looses goal line work to Bell. Morris is the only RB in an otherwise runless team. I don't see the upside of this, but if you need a WR, then you may get a nice edge here.

    8:57pm Sep 19 from fishtrousers
  • no

    9:01pm Sep 19 from lukejb

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4:13pm Aug 27 from fakejohns11
Open Question
4:12pm Aug 27 from electricsnow5150
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4:10pm Aug 27 from markstark
  • Nooo no no no no no. Lol.

    4:11pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
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4:03pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
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3:59pm Aug 27 from jtm17
  • Could've waited longer

    4:02pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
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3:51pm Aug 27 from oo75
  • Top 10 WR start him every week.

    3:57pm Aug 27 from protohominid
  • Top 5 WR.

    4:02pm Aug 27 from jdizzle45
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3:47pm Aug 27 from jtm17
  • it depends on what overall draft pick

    3:56pm Aug 27 from thegenricironman18
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3:38pm Aug 27 from ashjones10
  • Absolutely not

    3:50pm Aug 27 from oo75
  • What are u thinking

    3:50pm Aug 27 from oo75
  • Tom Brady's WR1 for ... I forget. Who's slinging passes in BUF?

    Don't do it.

    4:00pm Aug 27 from protohominid
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3:38pm Aug 27 from ashjones10
  • That's a good trade just with A.Jeffery

    3:42pm Aug 27 from slugburst
  • Immensely great

    3:43pm Aug 27 from wheels1996
  • yup!

    3:54pm Aug 27 from rosser95
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3:38pm Aug 27 from jackaaron
Open Question
3:27pm Aug 27 from meberman
  • N. Foles
    A. Peterson
    D. Martin
    B. Marshall
    L. Fitzgerald
    D. Pitta
    F. Gore
    P. Dawson
    Broncos D
    Bench: R. Wilson, R. Jennings, T. Gerhart, R. Rice, J. Maclin, K. Rudolph

    3:29pm Aug 27 from meberman
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3:23pm Aug 27 from ashjones10
  • I would add someone else into the trade where you get one decent RB but 1 for1 i would not do that, but thats just me

    3:24pm Aug 27 from zholcomb
  • only if you need a WR and have a decent backup RB

    3:25pm Aug 27 from austinjcscard13


    3:27pm Aug 27 from ashjones10