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asked by nygbigblue10
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12:16am Sep 20 from nygbigblue10
  • Royal

    12:28am Sep 20 from onehandonya
  • Eddie "Casino" Royal

    12:31am Sep 20 from mrknight904
  • Edelman has a chance to get a TD every game, but Royal is taking that starting spot with Malcolm Floyd out so I'd say Royal.

    12:33am Sep 20 from chrgr43
  • royal

    12:45am Sep 20 from kokosavros
  • edleman

    5:01am Sep 20 from vikesallday2821
  • Royal.

    5:03am Sep 20 from danesanzenbacher1011

    6:35am Sep 20 from jackthebannana

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10:04pm Sep 27 from electricsnow5150
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10:03pm Sep 27 from fugitiveterror7
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10:02pm Sep 27 from hawklinger
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9:49pm Sep 27 from teejbes34
  • PPR/Keeper--STARTERS--Big Ben, J. Howard, D. Hopkins, B. Marshall, D. Pitta, D. Thomas, J. Maclin. BENCH--Dwayne Washington, G. Bernard, J. Gordon, C. Ivory, Q. Enunwa, and Willie Snead. I got a trade offer. I'd give up D. Hopkins and I'd receive Duke Johnson, Christine Michael, and S. Diggs. Should I make this trade, or should counter? He has A. Brown, M. Forte, and L. McCoy on his team too. Or should I just role with what I've got or do the waiver wire?

    9:49pm Sep 27 from teejbes34
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9:43pm Sep 27 from russjacob
  • Wait it out..Gordon is back next week

    9:55pm Sep 27 from rbuckley17
  • If you're really strong at WR position, then I don't think so. I'm actually strong at WR as well, but I'm definitely not using my waiver for him. However, if he becomes more active as a QB then possibly - but who the heck knows about that.

    9:57pm Sep 27 from TheNFLPigskin
  • With rbuckley17 on that too.

    9:57pm Sep 27 from TheNFLPigskin
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9:39pm Sep 27 from electricsnow5150
  • No
    Its Cleveland

    9:47pm Sep 27 from 50Orange
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9:35pm Sep 27 from electricsnow5150
  • Stay with Sims

    9:38pm Sep 27 from jdatkins
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9:25pm Sep 27 from dolphins941
Open Question
9:05pm Sep 27 from remedialzero3
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9:01pm Sep 27 from electricsnow5150
  • keep Rudolph

    9:05pm Sep 27 from MexicanWolverine1
  • keep fleener

    9:08pm Sep 27 from thegodchild
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9:00pm Sep 27 from cstuffel
  • McKinnon will probably receive more looks all season. AD will be out the majority of the season while Langford just 1 month to 1 1/2 months.

    9:34pm Sep 27 from phinfan2011
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8:48pm Sep 27 from jrlew14
  • Who's on your roster

    8:48pm Sep 27 from gigantor1024
  • diggs,fuller,doug martin,cooper but package another player and make sure u have another capable starter

    8:49pm Sep 27 from kyyo17