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asked by nygbigblue10
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12:16am Sep 20 from nygbigblue10
  • Royal

    12:28am Sep 20 from onehandonya
  • Eddie "Casino" Royal

    12:31am Sep 20 from mrknight904
  • Edelman has a chance to get a TD every game, but Royal is taking that starting spot with Malcolm Floyd out so I'd say Royal.

    12:33am Sep 20 from chrgr43
  • royal

    12:45am Sep 20 from kokosavros
  • edleman

    5:01am Sep 20 from vikesallday2821
  • Royal.

    5:03am Sep 20 from danesanzenbacher1011

    6:35am Sep 20 from jackthebannana

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8:45am Aug 1 from kriskross999
  • Forte

    8:46am Aug 1 from inman51glass
  • AP

    8:46am Aug 1 from tito9305
  • Peterson all-day

    8:48am Aug 1 from barelyhuhman
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8:44am Aug 1 from oaklandnation

    8:48am Aug 1 from feldhacker
  • no not a chance in that division

    8:48am Aug 1 from scuba616
  • Not this season. They got to upgrade their offense much more. Their defense is looking quite good but they're offense is going to let them down they won't put up many points up on the scoreboard. It also doesn't help playing in the division they are in there's a lot of star power there.

    8:49am Aug 1 from tito9305
Open Question
8:38am Aug 1 from brockjmcdaniel
  • Yes.

    8:44am Aug 1 from azianaz
  • Yes

    8:51am Aug 1 from feldhacker
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8:31am Aug 1 from kriskross999
  • Brees. More consetent and healthy.

    8:35am Aug 1 from lippincottlogan
  • Rodgers for sure

    8:50am Aug 1 from tito9305
  • Brees

    8:51am Aug 1 from feldhacker
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8:22am Aug 1 from patriotsoasis

    8:24am Aug 1 from tneman
  • foster

    8:31am Aug 1 from camrleary
  • Also feel free to recommend anyone else I should take. ( McCoy, AP, Charles, Forte, and Lacy are off the board)

    8:37am Aug 1 from patriotsoasis
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7:45am Aug 1 from vikingslover24
  • Live

    8:01am Aug 1 from carlosrm2620
  • live

    8:34am Aug 1 from camrleary
  • Live

    8:41am Aug 1 from tito9305
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Open Question
7:39am Aug 1 from gatorrjr
  • Gronk

    8:30am Aug 1 from patsfan1120
  • Luck

    8:52am Aug 1 from feldhacker
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7:26am Aug 1 from mrautomatik
  • yup

    7:38am Aug 1 from killerteddybear69
  • Yea

    8:01am Aug 1 from carlosrm2620
  • Totally!! You can get receivers in the later rounds like stills or amendola or Marvin jones,

    8:17am Aug 1 from ayemrrager
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7:25am Aug 1 from mrautomatik
  • we feel good!!!

    8:02am Aug 1 from bmger
  • Good or Foster.....kind of meh for CJ

    8:18am Aug 1 from ayemrrager
  • same as ayemrrager

    8:53am Aug 1 from feldhacker
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6:31am Aug 1 from tlgd13
  • Figured. No problem

    7:43am Aug 1 from tito9305
  • It's all good

    8:53am Aug 1 from feldhacker
Open Question
6:26am Aug 1 from tlgd13
  • Dont ur downgrading ur running back 2 from foster to bell, and crabtree and vjax are equal

    6:50am Aug 1 from mikemcneileagles
Open Question
6:14am Aug 1 from tlgd13
  • People are a little skepticle on how Arian would do this year. To be honest, this trade is almost a steal because of how the 9ers receivers are all going to be healthy

    6:19am Aug 1 from killerteddybear69
  • yes, trade away.

    6:32am Aug 1 from kgt123
  • I thought it was a steal at first but its really not

    6:51am Aug 1 from mikemcneileagles