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asked by nygbigblue10
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12:16am Sep 20 from nygbigblue10
  • Royal

    12:28am Sep 20 from onehandonya
  • Eddie "Casino" Royal

    12:31am Sep 20 from mrknight904
  • Edelman has a chance to get a TD every game, but Royal is taking that starting spot with Malcolm Floyd out so I'd say Royal.

    12:33am Sep 20 from chrgr43
  • royal

    12:45am Sep 20 from kokosavros
  • edleman

    5:01am Sep 20 from vikesallday2821
  • Royal.

    5:03am Sep 20 from danesanzenbacher1011

    6:35am Sep 20 from jackthebannana

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9:02pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • He could have value in a deeper league but won't obviously be as good as Brown and Bryant but if you have an open space I'd try it out

    9:04pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • No

    9:24pm Jul 1 from tvela
  • No pick up Martavius Bryant

    9:32pm Jul 1 from vikingfan187
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8:55pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • 5

    9:00pm Jul 1 from tapiadavid
  • 7 & 7

    9:42pm Jul 1 from tvela
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8:33pm Jul 1 from oo75
  • tuff one for me I think they have equal seasons

    8:36pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • Nope

    8:45pm Jul 1 from fluff22
  • no

    9:33pm Jul 1 from vikingfan187
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8:06pm Jul 1 from fluff22
  • 1) Charles 2) Bell 3) Lynch 4) Foster 5) Lacy 6) A.P 7) Forte 8) McCoy 9) Murray 10) tie Forsett and Gordon imo A.P won't have the year people think and I like Forsett and Gordon more than Anderson and Hill

    8:20pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • 1 ap
    2 leveon
    3 beast mode
    4 marshawn
    5 Lacy
    6 jamaal
    7 Demarco
    8 forte
    9 forsett

    8:21pm Jul 1 from afrojak01
  • I think I put marshawn in twice

    8:22pm Jul 1 from afrojak01
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7:49pm Jul 1 from horvathviktor
  • Charles, Lynch, Foster

    7:50pm Jul 1 from sjp5408
  • ^^^ agree with sjp5408 some will say A.P I don't think he has the year people say he will, keep in mind he missed most of 2014 and hasn't played for a while not saying he does bad just not as good as people think

    7:53pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • lynch and if not go for an under rated rb such as lacy

    9:11pm Jul 1 from alextehsquid
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7:47pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • I don't think they can get any worse so yes

    7:49pm Jul 1 from sjp5408
  • unless he get's hurt I don't see why he wouldn't be

    7:54pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • Yes

    7:56pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
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7:37pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • Backup. He isn't starter material, especially in Tennessee

    7:41pm Jul 1 from rahtchs2017
  • backup he's not proven and a rookie and I wouldn't draft him he should be on the waiver wire if you do draft him get him very very late

    7:42pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • Backup. He hasn't done anything yet and he needs more weapons in tennese

    8:23pm Jul 1 from afrojak01
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7:30pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • Yes because he doesn't have much competition

    7:33pm Jul 1 from shaneanddave
  • ^^^ agree

    7:35pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • do they even have another qb besides mettenburger who did absolutely nothing

    9:15pm Jul 1 from alextehsquid
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Open Question
7:29pm Jul 1 from rockout365
  • Dougie will improve from last year

    7:43pm Jul 1 from raffi2492
  • Doug Martin is definitely one to watch this season.

    7:46pm Jul 1 from thebank26
  • bush

    7:47pm Jul 1 from brianb36
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7:09pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • yes

    7:17pm Jul 1 from phminc
  • Absolutely

    7:26pm Jul 1 from shaneanddave
  • yes u fool do it now

    7:27pm Jul 1 from benl83
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7:00pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • Stills just because of upside

    7:01pm Jul 1 from sharty456
  • Does your league give points for punt and kickoff returns?

    7:09pm Jul 1 from phminc
  • probably Stills then

    7:15pm Jul 1 from phminc
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Open Question
6:37pm Jul 1 from ceschenerlein
  • In fantasy? He sucks balls and should be on the waivers lol

    7:01pm Jul 1 from sharty456
  • No. who is he throwing to?

    7:10pm Jul 1 from drewvy80
  • You can do much better than him man he's got no value and has no targets

    7:50pm Jul 1 from gator64
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