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asked by nygbigblue10
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12:16am Sep 20 from nygbigblue10
  • Royal

    12:28am Sep 20 from onehandonya
  • Eddie "Casino" Royal

    12:31am Sep 20 from mrknight904
  • Edelman has a chance to get a TD every game, but Royal is taking that starting spot with Malcolm Floyd out so I'd say Royal.

    12:33am Sep 20 from chrgr43
  • royal

    12:45am Sep 20 from kokosavros
  • edleman

    5:01am Sep 20 from vikesallday2821
  • Royal.

    5:03am Sep 20 from danesanzenbacher1011

    6:35am Sep 20 from jackthebannana

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5:14am Dec 19 from mrautomatik
  • NO

    5:17am Dec 19 from wardevil1995
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5:11am Dec 19 from justseeing
  • yes

    5:12am Dec 19 from destin2330
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4:17am Dec 19 from lostrasteados
  • Starters:
    QB Drew Brees v. ATL(13th worst to QB)
    RB1 Arian Foster v. BAL(Best against RB)
    RB2 Le’Veon Bell v. KC(10th best against RB)
    WR1 Julio Jones @ NO(6th worst against WR)
    WR2 TY Hilton @ DAL(6th best)
    TE Dwayne Allen @DAL(3rd worst against TE)
    FLEX Demaryius Thomas @CIN(2nd best against WR)
    Mike Evans v. GB(8th worst against WR)
    Steven Jackson v. NO(4th worst against RB)
    Josh Gordon @ CAR(12th worst)
    Roddy White @ NO
    Colby Fleener @ DAL(3rd Worst)

    4:18am Dec 19 from lostrasteados
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3:56am Dec 19 from pishkot1
  • luck

    3:58am Dec 19 from holdentuma
  • Luck

    4:14am Dec 19 from eacino52
  • Why

    4:21am Dec 19 from pishkot1
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3:43am Dec 19 from lostrasteados
  • Thoma

    4:21am Dec 19 from nfl462
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2:48am Dec 19 from mrautomatik
  • No

    4:20am Dec 19 from nfl462
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2:39am Dec 19 from bluxssie
  • JORD

    4:21am Dec 19 from nfl462
Open Question
2:18am Dec 19 from mrfoo2100
  • Good luck to you too as well. Kick @ss!!

    3:48am Dec 19 from lostrasteados
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1:20am Dec 19 from crazychristoph
  • And here I thought Belichick was the #1 coach to say a giant " F U !!! " to fantasy footballers ... I may need to reevaluate this thinking ...

    1:22am Dec 19 from crazychristoph
  • I guess fantasy football points are very low on the priority list of football head coaches in general. That brings us to the biggest flaw of fantasy football: this game gives next to no value to winning an actual football game.

    1:30am Dec 19 from tomstubbs3
  • Every member of the bear's coaching staff will be gone at the end of the year.. so to them what does it matter? Sucks if you own any bears players

    1:31am Dec 19 from chillrays
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11:36pm Dec 18 from texanscrazyfan
  • Once

    11:47pm Dec 18 from kllbjfamily
  • plenty but i always have a plan... you ALWAYS need to have a plan.

    12:01am Dec 19 from chillrays
  • Usually at least twice ... there's the initial change-up & then the adjusting due to injury / matchup considerations that I didn't immediately consider the first go around.

    12:31am Dec 19 from crazychristoph
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10:53pm Dec 18 from crazychristoph
  • RB3 it. Gonna go to Dez without Demarco in the picture, especially after the show he put on last week.

    10:56pm Dec 18 from pdurman
  • I say 'RB3 it' b/c my RB situation after Murray is pretty much a mess ... I've got Herron & Asiata (both already probably playing in RB2 and flex) Next up would be Randle, Gore, Vereen, or Pierre Thomas. My two WRs are Jordy & Calvin, going with Dwayne Allen for TE, Bills D and Parkey @ K.My odd-man out's Martavis Bryant, but I don't feel I can trust hiim at flex anymore. I could possibly pickup Latavius Murray, but he's up against the Bills ... anyone got thoughts? 2nd opinions would be helpful

    10:58pm Dec 18 from crazychristoph
  • IMO if Murray is out then it would become split backfield Randle/Dunbar in passing downs,ATL stopped L.Bell on ground last wk but not in air...They are the worst run def in the NFL Thomas might be good play at flex.

    11:27pm Dec 18 from bhbaxter13
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10:09pm Dec 18 from cannabisarsonist
  • mac-daddy

    10:16pm Dec 18 from fresh2deaf70
  • Hilton

    10:30pm Dec 18 from tito9305
  • T.y if he can play

    10:35pm Dec 18 from golf4life99
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