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asked by nygbigblue10
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12:16am Sep 20 from nygbigblue10
  • Royal

    12:28am Sep 20 from onehandonya
  • Eddie "Casino" Royal

    12:31am Sep 20 from mrknight904
  • Edelman has a chance to get a TD every game, but Royal is taking that starting spot with Malcolm Floyd out so I'd say Royal.

    12:33am Sep 20 from chrgr43
  • royal

    12:45am Sep 20 from kokosavros
  • edleman

    5:01am Sep 20 from vikesallday2821
  • Royal.

    5:03am Sep 20 from danesanzenbacher1011

    6:35am Sep 20 from jackthebannana

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11:58pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I drafted, Big Ben, David Carr, T.J. Yeldon, Doug Martin, Allen Herns, Ronnie Hillman, John Brown, Amari Cooper, A.J. Green, Mike Nugent, Gronk and a couple other young players. Used Cinn. defense most of the year. I used a little draft strategy I found on the net but mostly, did my own thing. 11-3 is not to bad.

    12:08am Feb 10 from corvettemas69
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11:50pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I think Bosa would be the better option but I don't think the Texans will ever have a chance to get him.

    11:52pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
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11:43pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I think so from the results Brown has shown so far.

    11:44pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
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11:35pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I say no.

    11:36pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
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11:31pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I think Wentz or Goff to be the best picks.

    11:33pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
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11:19pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
  • I believe Zek!

    11:19pm Feb 9 from corvettemas69
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5:37pm Feb 9 from vikings91599
  • Not Likely
    He was 8 yards away in 2008

    5:49pm Feb 9 from then00bofalltrades
  • He still can do it

    5:55pm Feb 9 from vkshar
  • No

    6:24pm Feb 9 from purpleipod15
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5:33pm Feb 9 from vikings91599
  • Seahawks

    5:37pm Feb 9 from simbasmith
  • New York Jets

    5:47pm Feb 9 from then00bofalltrades
  • Cowboys

    5:55pm Feb 9 from vkshar
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4:14pm Feb 9 from vikings91599
  • Chris johnson

    4:19pm Feb 9 from desijeter
  • Same

    4:25pm Feb 9 from locknussmonster
  • Hmm.....

    How About Steve Smith? no? ok how about Greg Jennings? still no? ok, how about Reggie Wayne and Steven Jackson?

    5:11pm Feb 9 from then00bofalltrades
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2:27pm Feb 9 from vikings91599
  • Yes

    2:45pm Feb 9 from footballboss155
  • Yeah I'm a big Peyton fan but it's time for him to call it a career and what better way to go out

    2:50pm Feb 9 from gator64
  • yes because he sucks

    3:36pm Feb 9 from rydann
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1:24pm Feb 9 from gtbuckeye
  • I am not going to complain. Would you rather not have any questions to answer at all??? You can skip them too. I think the only reason I am not taking a break (or break forever being pissed at "Donkey" like I had said) I have been BORED!!!! No kids, cold weather, very bad local college basketball at Mizzou and SLU etc.

    1:51pm Feb 9 from purpleipod15
  • I kinda am, some pairs are just wrong and a waste of time and I've passed over many that make me smh, less questions for a few weeks is ok

    2:08pm Feb 9 from chopr
  • A little bit, a lot of the players I don't know

    2:51pm Feb 9 from gator64
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11:50am Feb 9 from jdfranklin309
  • I saw that he gave up in the 4th quarter

    12:05pm Feb 9 from then00bofalltrades
  • I agree half way through the 3rd quarter I was thinking that. I couldn't believe he just stood there when he fumbled either.

    12:30pm Feb 9 from gator64
  • I don't know about giving up...He was clearly frustrated and was not up to the task of guiding his team back...

    12:31pm Feb 9 from kllbjfamily
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