asked by brody00aldo
Should I add Ryan Tannehill and drop Terrelle Pryor
7:32pm Sep 23 from brody00aldo

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Trade Marques Colston, Joique Bell, and Brent Celek for Julio Jones? Please answer.
10:28pm Jul 27 from feldhacker
Yes 82% No 18%
How many players should I draft before taking a QB?
10:28pm Jul 27 from druittsoldier
3 58% 4 17% 5 0% 6 25%
Rank from best to worst
10:15pm Jul 27 from dcboyze081
  • Bell, Murray, Johnson, Wilson

    10:17pm Jul 27 from feldhacker
are sacks overrated
9:11pm Jul 27 from hobowitha5hotgun
yes 13% no 88%
will Andrew Luck be a top 3 qb this year?
9:09pm Jul 27 from thegermanginger23
Should I trade Kyle Rudolph and Reggie Wayne for Colin Kaepernick?
7:50pm Jul 27 from 1eagles448
Yes 25% No 75%
Who wins? I get Ryan Matthews, he gets R. Rice.
6:33pm Jul 27 from zion7
Me 68% Them 16% Even 16%
Who's better
6:03pm Jul 27 from rainbowboa7
Best RB corp??
5:55pm Jul 27 from brownbear84
Was trading Andre Ellington for Ray Rice & Randall Cobb a good trade?
5:46pm Jul 27 from rg3raven
Yes 52% No 48%
  • My starting RBs are Arian Foster & Shane Vereen, starting WRs Demaryius Thomas, Cordarrelle Patterson (with Cobb at Flex).

    5:47pm Jul 27 from rg3raven
  • beast trade

    5:48pm Jul 27 from brolle96
Team 1 is getting megatron. Team 2 is getting demaryius Thomas.who is getting the better deal?
3:40pm Jul 27 from samosa13
Do you think dropping Andre Brown and picking up Cecil Shorts is worth the risk?
2:20pm Jul 27 from cshine18
Yes 65% No 21% Too close to call 15%
  • Yes, unless you have Foster and are keeping Brown as a handcuff.

    2:31pm Jul 27 from drudey80