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7:32pm Sep 23 from brody00aldo

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4:30pm Sep 28 from kommoto292
  • Rb=d.murray, d.johnson, s.ware
    Wr=K.benjamin, a.cooper, k.white, d.bryant

    4:35pm Sep 28 from kommoto292
4:30pm Sep 28 from speaktrue
yes 67% no 33%
4:28pm Sep 28 from decash9
4:16pm Sep 28 from deltonic
Yes 60% No 40%
  • RB - Le'Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Carlos Hyde, Christine Michael, Doug Martin

    TE - Gary Barnidge

    4:17pm Sep 28 from deltonic
3:35pm Sep 28 from sundancesix
Yes 50% No 33% Add Decker 17%
  • Ryan has faced Bucs, Raiders, and Saints Defense, let that sink in, his next 3... panthers, seattle, denver, everyone with ryan is trying to sell high before his numbers fall off. Don't fall for that!

    3:38pm Sep 28 from mcmac87
3:25pm Sep 28 from jakeagu23
  • Trade for Latavius Murray

    3:32pm Sep 28 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • ^

    4:25pm Sep 28 from acedman
  • J. Hill, i. Crowell

    4:38pm Sep 28 from kommoto292
2:58pm Sep 28 from dan7422
Landry 50% Freeman 50%
  • Freeman

    3:32pm Sep 28 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
2:56pm Sep 28 from jc12345678910
  • Wentz. How many QBs do u know of that played FCS football and was drafted second overall AND THEN plays like a top NFL QB????? Lol

    3:33pm Sep 28 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • Who's the most sustainable? Dak never used Dez, has a great oline, and a solid running game, as well as reliable receivers. Wenzhou has yet to face a real pass rush and seaman has a low ceiling and poorer oline

    4:37pm Sep 28 from kommoto292
2:50pm Sep 28 from wavy300
Yes 28% No 72%
  • It was one bad game

    2:51pm Sep 28 from heismanhopeful65
  • Don't drop him

    2:52pm Sep 28 from thekingad
  • No

    3:34pm Sep 28 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx