asked by brody00aldo
7:32pm Sep 23 from brody00aldo

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12:09am Oct 25 from romodallas9
Yes 50% No 50%
11:38pm Oct 24 from bennydajet
  • Add Nick Foles to your team!

    11:42pm Oct 24 from kylet643
  • I like the CIN-JAX matchup.

    12:03am Oct 25 from jgarner650
Are you the best NFL.com Fantasy coach?
11:00pm Oct 24 from timmyh2007
10:19pm Oct 24 from romochamp10
  • 1750-2000... he'll wear down as the season progresses.

    10:27pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
9:57pm Oct 24 from bigmacryan
  • McCoy is playing Arizona. He's also the best out of the three.

    10:05pm Oct 24 from romochamp10
  • def mccoy better player and match up

    10:23pm Oct 24 from adeln
  • Arizona is a horrible match up... Forsett has best matchup

    12:14am Oct 25 from kgiantstocks14
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9:36pm Oct 24 from adiosci
HELLL YESS!!! 67% NO 33%
9:09pm Oct 24 from tanishtheballer
yes 82% no 18%
  • murray will wear down as the season goes on

    9:37pm Oct 24 from timmyh2007
  • Yes. Foster is worn out from over 1,200 career carries.

    10:30pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
  • Doesn't matter I think it's a toss up...

    12:15am Oct 25 from kgiantstocks14
8:45pm Oct 24 from mrautomatik
  • I have both in two two leagues and I'm starting the lions.

    9:24pm Oct 24 from steeltownbeast
7:54pm Oct 24 from lunchbox870621345
  • Wright

    8:01pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
7:53pm Oct 24 from youngjz303
  • Boldin

    8:02pm Oct 24 from jgarner650
  • maybe i should add Randle, I feel like 49ers gonna be up by alot so that means run a lot more.

    8:03pm Oct 24 from youngjz303
  • what you guys think?

    8:06pm Oct 24 from youngjz303
7:53pm Oct 24 from gengenba
Mason 60% Gio 40%
  • Mason

    8:01pm Oct 24 from jgarner650