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3:39am Oct 21 from omgeveryone9
yes 100% no 0%
2:49am Oct 21 from crazychristoph
  • Feel free to leave comments - it's a 10 team league - atm, I'm tied for first at 5 - 2, but of the three, my points for are lower than the other two. Gore's been hitting a brick wall lately, I think mostly b/c Vernon's been injured/in a funk, Vereen may be the starter for NE, but I don't trust their coach to keep him there - for all I know, Brandon Bolden'll get 20 fantasy points this week over there, McKinnon's a new addition, and looking good, but Minn is ... well ... just plain awful to put much faith in any given player this year.

    2:55am Oct 21 from crazychristoph
1:09am Oct 21 from jdailey33
YES 91% NO 9%
12:09am Oct 21 from kllbjfamily
  • drop andre holmes. keep the rest

    12:14am Oct 21 from doubled82
12:01am Oct 21 from rimhoff12
Yes 63% No 38%
  • I'd probably wait for a week when his numbers are back up and try trading him.

    3:23am Oct 21 from crazychristoph
9:36pm Oct 20 from gryspiess
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8:45pm Oct 20 from tomskillz28
  • QB: M. Ryan, Flacco
    RB: Murray, Bradshaw, Lynch, Sproles
    WR: Green, Brown, Maclin, Welker
    TE: V. Davis, Cameron
    K: Vinatieri
    DEF: Eagles, Packers

    8:47pm Oct 20 from tomskillz28
  • if you get Wilson your team will be solid

    10:21pm Oct 20 from fgts
  • I'd keep the Eagles D only and go trading at QB .... maybe you can work the Packers D into a trade or drop for a good waiver pickup.

    3:29am Oct 21 from crazychristoph
8:44pm Oct 20 from mkm0329
  • Cincy plays a stingy Baltimore defense. The way they played against the Colts makes me a little wary of that offense

    9:11pm Oct 20 from freshprincetk
  • Yeah, but AJ may be back this week - some think that'll mean a loss of pts for Sanu, but I think it would free him up for more opportunities in the game - assuming Green's back for this Sunday

    11:04pm Oct 20 from crazychristoph