asked by brody00aldo
Should I add Ryan Tannehill and drop Terrelle Pryor
7:32pm Sep 23 from brody00aldo

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Should i Trade DeAngelo Williams - RB, CAR or Andre Ellington - RB, ARI for Alfred Morris - RB,WAS?
10:24pm Jul 24 from madmax16
  • Keep Morris

    10:48pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Who will win the AFC East this year?
9:55pm Jul 24 from krshuart01
Patriots 64% Bills 0% Dolphins 9% Jets 27%
Be real, who will win the AFC North this year?
9:52pm Jul 24 from krshuart01
Steelers 27% Ravens 9% Bengals 64% Browns 0%
Which K would you rather have on your team if you were NFL coach?
9:24pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Which defense would you rather have if Seahawks is gone?
9:22pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Chiefs 10% Panthers 60% Bengals 20% Cardinals 10%
Which WR would you rather have on your team if you were NFL coach?
9:20pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Which QB would you rather have lead your team if you were NFL coach?
9:18pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Best flex player? (Comments)
9:15pm Jul 24 from tvela
Crabtree 56% Harvin 44% Ridley 0%
  • I think Crabtree's going to have a solid year this year, but it all depends on how scoring is done in your league. If return yards count, then Harvin might be a better alternative in some weeks given the matchups

    10:20pm Jul 24 from cxhawks84
Which coach would you prefer coaching your team if you were in the NFL?
9:07pm Jul 24 from nfox580
  • Carroll

    9:16pm Jul 24 from tvela
Who has more potential?
9:00pm Jul 24 from nikakirk
  • Manziel and Bridgewater

    9:03pm Jul 24 from nfox580
  • Bortles

    9:16pm Jul 24 from tvela
I have two kickers and two defense. Should I drop one of each and pick up a WR and TE?
7:30pm Jul 24 from athul127
Yes 82% No 18%
  • Yes drop them

    9:17pm Jul 24 from tvela
  • It depends on how badly you need the WR's, u dont want to be stuck on your kicker's and defense's bye week looking for someone to fill their spot or if the have a bad matchup.

    10:27pm Jul 24 from madmax16
In the pre-season Redskins vs. Patriots. Who will win?
6:59pm Jul 24 from zion7
Redskins 37% Patroits 63%
  • Pats, not that it really matters

    7:11pm Jul 24 from zgamer200
  • Its the preseason it doesnt matter but i go pats

    9:42pm Jul 24 from nfox580