asked by brody00aldo
7:32pm Sep 23 from brody00aldo

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4:34am Apr 29 from 47gap

    4:35am Apr 29 from 47gap
  • nope

    4:42am Apr 29 from chopr
  • They get last.

    7:20am Apr 29 from vikings91599
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7:06pm Apr 28 from tacticaltoots
QB 84% TE 16%
  • QB

    7:11pm Apr 28 from vkshar
  • back up RB

    7:14pm Apr 28 from chopr
  • QB but best is RB or WR

    7:16pm Apr 28 from purpleipod15
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6:52pm Apr 28 from tacticaltoots
RB 33% QB 4% WR 63% TE 0%
  • RB

    7:12pm Apr 28 from vkshar
  • wr

    7:16pm Apr 28 from chopr
  • RB, WR if better than RB's available

    7:25pm Apr 28 from purpleipod15
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6:19pm Apr 28 from dew75
Yes 9% No 57% 50 50 35%
  • Not sure

    6:23pm Apr 28 from vkshar
  • doesn't look like it

    6:47pm Apr 28 from jgarner650
  • nope

    7:16pm Apr 28 from chopr
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12:47pm Apr 28 from harryvan
  • jordy nelson

    12:54pm Apr 28 from avirox13
  • josh norman( when they play the giants ) LOL

    1:08pm Apr 28 from tes02
  • Why Jordy??

    1:13pm Apr 28 from vikings91599
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12:34pm Apr 28 from harryvan
  • washington

    12:47pm Apr 28 from tes02
  • skins

    12:56pm Apr 28 from avirox13
  • Vikings for sure.

    1:14pm Apr 28 from vikings91599
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12:32pm Apr 28 from harryvan
  • Very good question. I would say Tampa Bay, because their offense is loaded with weapons and their defense is decent and able to get even better. My second would be Jacksonville because Blake Bortles is getting better, Yelden is good, Robinson and Hurns are both great, and the addition of Chris Ivory shouldn't hurt.

    12:34pm Apr 28 from bardockwest

    12:46pm Apr 28 from tes02
  • giants

    12:56pm Apr 28 from avirox13
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11:54am Apr 28 from theshape24
  • Hard to say for sure as that is hush hush.

    12:02pm Apr 28 from purpleipod15
  • idk

    12:57pm Apr 28 from avirox13
  • maybe hargreaves

    2:35pm Apr 28 from blupit4724
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9:45am Apr 28 from tes02
yes 21% no 6% maybe 73% not at all 0%
  • Wait Until August And Find Out.

    9:46am Apr 28 from jacobochampaugh
  • The reason I say maybe is because the Rams actually have a decent WR lineup, they just haven't had a QB in a while. Tavon Austin almost had more rushing yards than Eddie Lacy last season, and way more than other dedicated RBs like Melvin Gordon and Ameer Abdullah, and he also had 700 receiving yards from a QB like Nick Foles. Kenny Britt was the WR50 last year, which isn't too hot, but once again, no QB and 50 means he outperformed the WR2 of 15 teams in the NFL. Bryan Quick is alright. It really depends on whether or not Goff works for Fisher's offense.

    10:37am Apr 28 from bardockwest
  • have to wait and see

    10:49am Apr 28 from chopr
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9:41am Apr 28 from nalmeida1294
Love 13% Like 10% Dislike 10% Hate 67%
  • HATE

    9:42am Apr 28 from tes02
  • Love

    9:49am Apr 28 from jacobochampaugh
  • hate

    10:40am Apr 28 from gator64
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5:14am Apr 28 from theshape24
  • #1 Jerry Rice

    5:57am Apr 28 from harryvan
  • Troy

    6:08am Apr 28 from vkshar
  • cj

    7:52am Apr 28 from jgarner650
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4:44am Apr 28 from footballboy50
Yes 26% No 74%
  • I doudt he will drop that far

    5:11am Apr 28 from theshape24
  • If hez available

    6:09am Apr 28 from vkshar
  • Probably not

    7:51am Apr 28 from purpleipod15
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