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asked by cowboysfrom805
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2:36pm Sep 24 from cowboysfrom805
  • Falcons

    2:36pm Sep 24 from fatal99
  • atl

    2:39pm Sep 24 from bryanjerkins
  • ATL and dont look back

    2:46pm Sep 24 from kingshiv

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8:43pm Oct 22 from murillo1
  • Marshall and mckinnon. Matt Ryan hasnt been hitting home plus they're playing in a different country against the best defense in the league (lions)

    8:44pm Oct 22 from cart2727
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8:42pm Oct 22 from druittsoldier
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8:39pm Oct 22 from caldwell36
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8:39pm Oct 22 from dallas170
  • M. Ryan
    T. Romo
    D. Sproles
    A. Ellington
    L. Miller
    J. Charles
    R. Hillman
    D. Bryant
    S. Smith
    S. Watkins
    C. Johnson
    D. Baldwin
    G. Olsen
    D. Bailey

    8:39pm Oct 22 from dallas170
  • No way

    8:40pm Oct 22 from twinkie4
  • Drop C Johnson for Tate

    8:44pm Oct 22 from minilanwin
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8:37pm Oct 22 from fgts
  • my bench is
    QB- Foles
    RB- Ingram, antone smith
    WR- desean jackson
    TE- Reed

    8:38pm Oct 22 from fgts
  • how confident do u fill about D allen this week. I just picked him up off waivers not sure to play him or not!!

    8:38pm Oct 22 from fattybisgoindown
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8:36pm Oct 22 from sfwinwest2010
  • sure

    8:39pm Oct 22 from fgts
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8:36pm Oct 22 from caldwell36
  • Can you make a trade for me

    8:38pm Oct 22 from caldwell36
  • trade Aj for lynch and if he doesn't accept then add beckham to it

    8:39pm Oct 22 from fgts
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8:35pm Oct 22 from ruhrohrayrice
  • maybe

    8:40pm Oct 22 from fgts
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8:33pm Oct 22 from druittsoldier
  • Not even close. Decker will remain number 1 easily. The real difficulty is predicting how big of a role he will have and when. Initially, I would safely assume that at least the first two games it won't be perfect, but I'm sure they will use him on special teams easily.

    8:36pm Oct 22 from jsroy7
  • I just traded him for calvin Johnson since he is hurt atm. Don't get too desperate like the guy I just mentioned.

    8:37pm Oct 22 from ruhrohrayrice
  • yea im thinking towards the backend of the season. It'll take him time to learn a new play book and get that chemistry with smith.

    thanks :)

    8:37pm Oct 22 from druittsoldier
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8:31pm Oct 22 from sfwinwest2010
  • Yes, while the sacks are down the pressures are up. His Oline is injured and not very good.

    8:42pm Oct 22 from tomgoodrow12
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8:30pm Oct 22 from ruhrohrayrice
  • Both will be determined by their teams need for recievers.

    8:34pm Oct 22 from jyoung57
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8:28pm Oct 22 from minilanwin
  • trade

    8:40pm Oct 22 from fgts