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asked by cowboysfrom805
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2:36pm Sep 24 from cowboysfrom805
  • Falcons

    2:36pm Sep 24 from fatal99
  • atl

    2:39pm Sep 24 from bryanjerkins
  • ATL and dont look back

    2:46pm Sep 24 from kingshiv

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4:09am Nov 25 from lightemup56
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4:00am Nov 25 from rahtchs2017
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3:48am Nov 25 from segginator
  • I think it depends who you have on your bench. I'm still starting him because I have no backup and while he is in a slump, it's not a terrible one. He's not throwing 4 picks or anything and I think it's worth it to hope for 30 and only end up with 15. But if you have a good backup then it may be smarter and safer to start them.

    4:05am Nov 25 from rahtchs2017
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3:47am Nov 25 from oakrai14
  • Bengals

    3:50am Nov 25 from lifl
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2:15am Nov 25 from trudgilljd
  • Carr, Dalton, CJ2K, Latavius Murray, Dez Bryant, Hurns, Starks, Michael Floyd

    2:17am Nov 25 from trudgilljd
  • Offer Dez for both. If a team needs a qb could offer Carr and starks/floyd for one of them

    2:38am Nov 25 from awatki12
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2:11am Nov 25 from clarkebar1013
  • QB: Palmer, Dalton
    RB: Adrian Peterson, Lamar Miller, TJ Yeldon, Ahmad Bradshaw
    WR: Randall Cobb, Brandon Lafell, John Brown, Vincent Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Kendall Wright
    TE: eifert
    K: Gano
    Defense: Chiefs

    Here is what I'm thinking
    QB: Palmer
    RB: Peterson & Miller
    WR: Cobb & Vince Jackson
    TE: eifert
    Flex: yeldon

    2:16am Nov 25 from clarkebar1013
  • Also, should I drop one of my WR and pick up another defense? The Bills and Steelers are available. or should I just roll with the Chiefs?

    2:25am Nov 25 from clarkebar1013
  • Roll with Chiefs. They're hot and have a pretty easy schedule

    2:39am Nov 25 from awatki12
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2:02am Nov 25 from dave0licious
  • Giants

    2:02am Nov 25 from awatki12
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1:39am Nov 25 from gorandersson
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1:08am Nov 25 from riches1990
  • Hurns

    1:11am Nov 25 from omarthekidrivas
  • I'm starting Hurns pretty confidently

    4:07am Nov 25 from rahtchs2017
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1:04am Nov 25 from omarthekidrivas
  • Need to give up better WR

    2:02am Nov 25 from awatki12
  • I think it's pretty fair. I'd take it

    4:07am Nov 25 from rahtchs2017
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11:52pm Nov 24 from omarthekidrivas
  • Other RBs are Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, and Matt Forte. Playoffs are week 15-17 in my league so Julio faces Josh Norman once in the playoffs.

    11:53pm Nov 24 from omarthekidrivas
  • great deal for you

    12:00am Nov 25 from zd777777
  • So I should get Julio? And trade away DeAngelo and Landry for him?

    12:08am Nov 25 from omarthekidrivas
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11:48pm Nov 24 from azfuego
  • QB: Eil Manning
    Blake Bortles
    RB: Todd Gurley
    Latavius Murray
    Deangelo Williams
    Darren McFadden
    WR: Dez Bryant
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Calvin Johnson
    TY Hilton
    Allen Hurns
    Stevie Johnson
    TE: Tyler Eifert
    K: Graham Gano
    DEF: Atlanta Falcons

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    11:51pm Nov 24 from azfuego
  • Lose the weight and start playing D. B-

    12:20am Nov 25 from namkrowsp