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asked by cowboysfrom805
Which defense do I start this week Atlanta Falcons or St. Louis Rams?
2:36pm Sep 24 from cowboysfrom805
  • Falcons

    2:36pm Sep 24 from fatal99
  • atl

    2:39pm Sep 24 from bryanjerkins
  • ATL and dont look back

    2:46pm Sep 24 from kingshiv

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If you were trading Larry Fitzgerald who would you try to get?
6:22am Jul 25 from picklesweasels
  • eddie lacy, montee ball or cobb

    6:32am Jul 25 from brolle96
Should I trade RG3, McCoy, Morris and Heath Miller for Brees, Forte, Spiller and Cameron. PPR league
6:06am Jul 25 from dund0n
  • if its not a dynasty i think i would do that trade. forte and mccoy are interchangable brees is a better qb morris will outplay spiller and cameron is a better te. so really is a pretty good trade for both sides

    6:13am Jul 25 from spcanderson
  • I'm taking that trade. Very similar value though.

    6:24am Jul 25 from jabarch
  • equal trade

    6:33am Jul 25 from brolle96
should i drop the rams defence and get the ravens defence or stick with the rams
6:01am Jul 25 from matic04
  • Stick with the Rams for now. Though Ravens should have a very good defense as well.

    6:06am Jul 25 from grandpaitchy
  • yes

    6:12am Jul 25 from jasongscott80
  • Rams

    6:32am Jul 25 from bluebeachball
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I have #8 pick in 10tm standard. Calvin then Dez/Rb? Peyton then Rb/Wr? Rb then Wr? Lots of options.
3:37am Jul 25 from johnsorenson10
  • Calvin-Dez, Dez-Thomas, Calvin-Thomas

    3:41am Jul 25 from hanau
  • Calvin/Graham - Montee Ball. Then Cobb/nelson/fitzgerald in round 3

    4:29am Jul 25 from brolle96
  • calvin then jimmy graham

    5:43am Jul 25 from dude2263
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Who is a better fantasy QB this year Cam Newton or Nick foles?
12:20am Jul 25 from to415
  • Newton. Can score with his feet. consistant since bein drafted

    12:35am Jul 25 from ckaiser88
  • Cam

    12:37am Jul 25 from chillrays
  • Foles... Newton just has 2 many quest at WR

    3:42am Jul 25 from hanau
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I just traded Dez, R. Mathews, and Hopkins for A. Brown, Bush, and sanders. 12 team dynasty league
12:03am Jul 25 from patsfan1120
  • Who won?

    12:03am Jul 25 from patsfan1120
  • I'll just play it safe and say it's an even trade.

    12:17am Jul 25 from chillrays
  • Dez is a td magnet. Mathews is pretty good. Just injuries. Brown reception magnet. Bush better overall.

    12:20am Jul 25 from ckaiser88
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Any advice for first time auction drafting?
12:00am Jul 25 from thejohnnyhuynh
  • Stay back for first couple plyers and let people spend their wad on AP, McCoy and then get your players

    3:43am Jul 25 from hanau
  • agreed ^

    4:55am Jul 25 from brolle96
  • People will grossly overpay for players in the first couple of rounds. You will have to overpay as well in order to pick up a couple to top-tier players, but try to target the ones who offer the best value.
    When you nominate players in the first rounds, nominate the ones you do not want and think people will overpay to get. That way they spend their money early and can't fight you off the players you actually want.

    6:12am Jul 25 from grandpaitchy
Should I trade Sammy Watkins for DeAndre Hopkins and Chiefs Def? I would have to drop Bills Def.
11:53pm Jul 24 from eidlaug
  • Thats tough. But I would. Hopkins is more experienced. Bills kiko alonso is out for season

    12:23am Jul 25 from ckaiser88
  • yeah do it

    2:18am Jul 25 from chillrays
  • No-

    3:42am Jul 25 from hanau
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What are everybody's opinions on my team name being "Eat My Dust"?
10:51pm Jul 24 from theleigonofboom
  • I have none

    10:58pm Jul 24 from chopr
  • Common name. Kind of corny tbh

    11:05pm Jul 24 from tito9305
  • anybody else have any other good ideas im stuck?

    11:08pm Jul 24 from theleigonofboom
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Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans, or Robert Woods, who'd you go with for final WR bench spot???
10:32pm Jul 24 from tito9305
  • Neither

    10:44pm Jul 24 from nfox580
  • Mike evans

    10:48pm Jul 24 from champmoney24
  • Evans

    10:54pm Jul 24 from tiz99
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Thoughts on Bengals Defense??
10:12pm Jul 24 from tito9305
  • solid play

    10:18pm Jul 24 from chillrays
  • Top 5 defense??

    10:18pm Jul 24 from tito9305
  • they did good last year but their defensive coordinator is now at minnesota so a new look on defense this year

    10:21pm Jul 24 from mattyiceforthewin2
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bench julian edelman and start Reggie Wayne ?
9:48pm Jul 24 from foxcastillo
  • not a chance! reggie wayne will be fighting for playing time

    9:53pm Jul 24 from scombs9274
  • Nope

    9:59pm Jul 24 from patsfan1120
  • No

    10:12pm Jul 24 from tito9305
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