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asked by cowboysfrom805
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2:36pm Sep 24 from cowboysfrom805
  • Falcons

    2:36pm Sep 24 from fatal99
  • atl

    2:39pm Sep 24 from bryanjerkins
  • ATL and dont look back

    2:46pm Sep 24 from kingshiv

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6:34am Aug 22 from shadyshades
  • rb

    6:40am Aug 22 from matt29150
  • RB

    6:43am Aug 22 from ralph20
  • RB1

    6:44am Aug 22 from tvela
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6:29am Aug 22 from irishdaveg
  • Rb rb,
    Rb qb
    Qb wr

    6:35am Aug 22 from irishdaveg
  • QB,RB then WR

    6:36am Aug 22 from kcanwin
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6:21am Aug 22 from lifeinblackandgold
  • Starters: Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Andre Ellington, CJ Spiller, Cordarrelle Patterson
    BEN: Ryan Matthews, Jonathan Stewart, Pierre Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin, Vincent Jackson

    6:23am Aug 22 from lifeinblackandgold
  • A few folks in my league decided to BEN DEF and K, so DEN and S. Graham were the best available when I picked.

    6:24am Aug 22 from lifeinblackandgold
  • You're fine. You could use an RB 1 but the 2 studs you have at WR more then make up for your lack of an RB1. Your starters are good and your bench is solid. Denver's defense and Graham as your kicker are more then serviceable. I give this team an 8.5/10.

    6:34am Aug 22 from ralph20
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6:20am Aug 22 from derpsalad
  • yes

    6:27am Aug 22 from shadyshades
  • No, I don't think so. Thomas will be the best player available at that spot. I'd draft Thomas and then the best RB available in round 2

    6:36am Aug 22 from ralph20
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6:18am Aug 22 from jaredhockey42
  • M. Lynch

    6:26am Aug 22 from shadyshades
  • forte jones

    6:31am Aug 22 from devnc14
  • Forte and Jones

    6:36am Aug 22 from ralph20
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6:12am Aug 22 from eaglesas
  • crabby over fitz due to the QB's they got.

    6:19am Aug 22 from rivercitygambler
  • L. Fitzgerald

    6:28am Aug 22 from shadyshades
  • crabtree has too many WR to compete for receptions with

    6:29am Aug 22 from shadyshades
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6:06am Aug 22 from lilrabidpanda
  • he usually gets picked late 1st early if most the others in your league are forgoing the 1st round to keep...then you know.

    6:14am Aug 22 from rivercitygambler
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5:31am Aug 22 from tnwheels
  • Dont drop him if anything tey to trade

    6:19am Aug 22 from derpsalad
  • No, don't drop RG3 for McCown.

    6:37am Aug 22 from ralph20
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4:25am Aug 22 from albertoguakil1
  • Gio and green

    4:31am Aug 22 from matt29150
  • Gio and AJ

    5:01am Aug 22 from ryanscain
  • Gio and Green

    5:29am Aug 22 from mkeister199
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3:10am Aug 22 from rookiedrafter14
  • You have to go under mange your league on the website. First make sure it's online and able to join. Email NFL Customer Service for questions. They can delete the league.

    3:26am Aug 22 from drmel
  • Click on manage and go down to delete league

    3:30am Aug 22 from chillrays
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2:20am Aug 22 from bw00d
  • Every 30 yards is another point and Benjamin is the returner, and assuming Gordon is suspended 8+ games. Is he gonna make it to the #2 wr on the team? I don't believe in Austin or Burelson, and Hawkins idk about and reports on Benjamin are he's been great. But will he even make it off the bench?

    2:23am Aug 22 from bw00d
  • I'm feeling Andrew Hawkins this year. He even got drafted in my league. I'd go with that.

    2:49am Aug 22 from chillrays
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11:29pm Aug 21 from doz13r
  • he'll be a solid flex start.

    11:40pm Aug 21 from chillrays
  • He's still a big name but no longer a fantasy starter.

    11:41pm Aug 21 from crazygiantsfan4444
  • his year was 14 years ago

    1:01am Aug 22 from placrick
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