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asked by cowboysfrom805
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2:36pm Sep 24 from cowboysfrom805
  • Falcons

    2:36pm Sep 24 from fatal99
  • atl

    2:39pm Sep 24 from bryanjerkins
  • ATL and dont look back

    2:46pm Sep 24 from kingshiv

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9:24pm Feb 26 from tvela
  • it's all about the dollars

    10:28pm Feb 26 from jgarner650
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9:20pm Feb 26 from tvela
  • They'll wish they hadn't.

    10:30pm Feb 26 from jgarner650
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7:50pm Feb 26 from hollowborn
  • Megaton

    8:11pm Feb 26 from beastmode48000
  • Megatron

    8:15pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
  • Megatron

    8:34pm Feb 26 from pker2000
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6:06pm Feb 26 from pker2000
  • In the Final 4 matches these were the results,

    QB bracket
    Rodgers defeats Manning 91/9
    Luck defeats Brady 77/23

    WR bracket
    Brown defeats Dez 83/17
    ODB defeats Nelson 64/36

    6:08pm Feb 26 from pker2000
  • With that said here are the championship matches,

    1.Rodgers vs 2.Luck
    1.Brown vs 3.ODB

    6:08pm Feb 26 from pker2000
  • Yes

    6:19pm Feb 26 from beastmode48000
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5:33pm Feb 26 from beastmode48000
  • Eagles

    5:34pm Feb 26 from lilcellhardy
  • He should retire

    5:35pm Feb 26 from pker2000
  • have to wait and see

    6:42pm Feb 26 from chopr
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5:25pm Feb 26 from beastmode48000
  • Good, he realizes his mistake and hopefully someone will play him.

    5:35pm Feb 26 from pker2000
  • Awful

    5:37pm Feb 26 from lilcellhardy
  • It is good...They shouldn't have put him the exempt list and let just suspended him.

    6:07pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
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3:54pm Feb 26 from footballdude1000
  • titans

    3:54pm Feb 26 from footballdude1000
  • Jags

    4:13pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
  • titans

    4:39pm Feb 26 from ultimateramsfan14
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1:44pm Feb 26 from ravensallpro2782
  • Dancing With Stars, Judge

    2:34pm Feb 26 from harryvan
  • I would guess, Browns, Jags or Titans...

    3:01pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
  • A team that needs a kick returner...

    3:41pm Feb 26 from tvela
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1:43pm Feb 26 from ravensallpro2782
  • Jacoby had 1 great catch, 70 yd TD over Rahim Moore. He Busted the rest o way.

    2:33pm Feb 26 from harryvan
  • He had some miffs on returns this year and the Ravens were ready to move on...Newsome likes to go after new projects.

    3:00pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
  • He didn't do much this year, so I don't have a problem with this. he is a great player though

    3:10pm Feb 26 from gopatsyadav6
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1:25pm Feb 26 from eh14
  • no

    1:26pm Feb 26 from ravensallpro2782
  • not really

    2:35pm Feb 26 from harryvan
  • No...He is doing the job that Andy Reid wants...

    2:58pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
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1:24pm Feb 26 from eh14
  • absolutely not . he sucks

    1:27pm Feb 26 from ravensallpro2782
  • sure....

    1:41pm Feb 26 from tvela
  • NO!

    2:23pm Feb 26 from titan2344
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1:22pm Feb 26 from eh14
  • thats not a question bud. more of a statement to put in the comments of someones question

    1:37pm Feb 26 from ravensallpro2782
  • okay.........

    1:45pm Feb 26 from tvela
  • Okay....every team hopes they find the next best player in the NFL....

    2:57pm Feb 26 from kllbjfamily
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