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asked by vikingfan301
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2:25pm May 19 from vikingfan301
  • Russel if it's a standard scoring league without any changes.
    Brees if it's the 6-4 scoring system.
    Rodgers if it's higher than that, but you could argue he would also be viable in the 6-4 system as a 3rd round pick.

    2:39pm May 19 from chalupamaster
  • I would be happy with Rus in the seventh

    3:50pm May 19 from LavenderCas
  • Luck(5-6)

    4:11pm May 19 from tvela
  • Brees over Luck but that range is good for both.

    5:29pm May 19 from redfish221
  • AR

    10:50pm May 19 from chopr

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6:33am Dec 12 from QuxeG
  • cook

    6:36am Dec 12 from owenblanchette
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5:54am Dec 12 from Colts1993rgj
  • Doubt Melvin Gordon will play, so... There's your answer.

    7:02am Dec 12 from QuxeG
  • ^latest reports from yesterday afternoon are saying it’s more likely, so.... that’s why I am asking the question in the first place

    7:05am Dec 12 from Colts1993rgj
  • only gurley has been better than gordon whens he's played and a toss up for the other 2 but I'd go chubb cuz he's basically been a guaranteed 80 yds n a TD since starting

    7:11am Dec 12 from brett04favre
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5:10am Dec 12 from cjpersons26
  • Vikings. Even though there's not a very good chance it's the NFL and anything can happen. It would be cool if they won there first ring.

    5:14am Dec 12 from cjpersons26
  • ^did you just post and then answer your own question? Also, the Vikings are NOT a contender

    6:03am Dec 12 from Colts1993rgj
  • Chiefs

    7:18am Dec 12 from jhmcgrogan
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5:00am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
  • chubb and jones

    5:02am Dec 12 from owenblanchette
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4:45am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
  • Mahomes, he's always a better option

    4:50am Dec 12 from alava
  • But LAC has a stouter D & Phi. secondary is weak?

    5:02am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
  • PM

    5:14am Dec 12 from cjpersons26
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3:40am Dec 12 from iank3rr
  • No.

    4:05am Dec 12 from flamablespatula
  • no

    5:15am Dec 12 from cjpersons26
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2:36am Dec 12 from footballguy8596
  • Keep him

    2:48am Dec 12 from etienne98
  • keep

    3:27am Dec 12 from Klausjuergen
  • keep unless he's out next week

    5:15am Dec 12 from cjpersons26
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2:22am Dec 12 from hossainali21002
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1:13am Dec 12 from 1havke42
  • nope...phi. has a weak secondary.

    4:46am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
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11:43pm Dec 11 from KingSuti
  • Edelman easily

    11:50pm Dec 11 from 15cstaven
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9:12pm Dec 11 from Nathan199617
  • yes

    9:13pm Dec 11 from trocliam99
  • yippers

    4:49am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
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8:48pm Dec 11 from Octavis17

    8:52pm Dec 11 from leplatt
  • I would pick up Prescott or Allen

    9:13pm Dec 11 from Nathan199617
  • Definitely Dak for the playoffs!

    4:49am Dec 12 from trailerguy1266
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