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asked by youngjz303
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8:36pm Nov 10 from youngjz303
  • Morris 55% Anderson 45%

    8:50pm Nov 10 from kwiat07
  • morris

    9:28pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • Morris

    9:48pm Nov 10 from xseahawksfan12x
  • The run game will prob once again be taken away from Den. And CJ just isn't all that good, even in a great matchup against a terrible defense I'd have to go Morris. If he gets most of the work against this Atl def that just gave CMC (a white boy mind you) the rushing day of his young career, Morris will prob run for 354 and 4 td's. I am glad to see they still let white dudes play rb, and I want to see him do well, but not against MY team.

    12:51am Nov 11 from FreakinFalcons03
  • Morris

    8:15am Nov 11 from ikickedyourbutt
  • Anderson

    9:22am Nov 11 from billyg15

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2:14pm Dec 10 from dirtybirdchamp1
  • only needs HUGE o-line !!! lol

    2:21pm Dec 10 from casinoman16
  • right

    2:23pm Dec 10 from dirtybirdchamp1
  • they need a CB and a defensive line

    2:24pm Dec 10 from ashash100yardash
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9:27am Dec 10 from NflCasebolt
  • I've used this site for like 4 years and nothing's changed lol

    10:10am Dec 10 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • This is my 5th year and this is by far the worst season for this website. Blank pages 85% of the time i login. I have to close the page, wait about 10-20 mins, open it back up and cross my fuckin fingers....

    12:57pm Dec 10 from cannabisarsonist
  • it has been way worse for me as well

    2:03pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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9:16am Dec 10 from NflCasebolt
  • Im so ambivalent here. I hope fantasy wise that Vikings get out to a big lead so Cook gets carries and Thielen gets less work haha, but at the same time im a Seahawks fan. So maybe Ill root for a close game until seahawks win at the last drive. I do think itll be close though so it's tough to say who will win

    9:53am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Seattle seahawk will this...
    Go Hawks

    12:27pm Dec 10 from shybill2018
  • I hate to say it but prolly the vikings, I just think griffin and hunter are going to terrorize wilson

    2:06pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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7:50am Dec 10 from gjmc
  • ...points,standard scoring.I have R.Wilson & T.Lockett to play tonight versus my opponent who has R.Penny & Vikings DEF/ST left to play on MNF.Is the W obtainable for myself? Thanks team.

    7:53am Dec 10 from gjmc
  • I think so, Seahawks will score at least 2 touchdowns unless someone drugged their morning tea haha. Penny wont do much unless Carsons finger fucks up again. Lockett will probably score a touchdown cause he always does, Wilson seems on fire lately.

    9:55am Dec 10 from QuxeG
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6:54am Dec 10 from jetfan1521
  • qbs ryan dak luck
    rbs saquan cmc lindsy conner
    wrs ab d.adams cooper

    6:56am Dec 10 from jetfan1521
  • dak

    7:17am Dec 10 from bw2955
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3:52am Dec 10 from rflemire
  • No

    6:23am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • Maybe

    6:24am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • prolly not...I made a stupid move right before noon too but luckily I won by a point thanks to kittle going off

    2:08pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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3:51am Dec 10 from rflemire
  • Personally I hope Thielen fails, as im up 33 and hes got Thielen left, but Id say its likely Thielen scores 15-20 or so points. Diggs may too

    6:23am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Maybe

    6:24am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • yes

    7:23am Dec 10 from bw2955
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11:31pm Dec 9 from robertlopez51025
  • you

    12:08am Dec 10 from scottie90
  • you

    12:34am Dec 10 from ABMiami
  • oh come on Bobby your just bragging *_*.

    12:36am Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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11:15pm Dec 9 from trailerguy1266
  • I started Brees so... lol. Most QBs sucked arse this week

    10:38am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • lol 3 of the last 4 weeks my qbs scored less than 10 pts n less than 5 twice...but my team is ridiculous in that league so I still managed to win

    2:19pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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10:55pm Dec 9 from calebrob
  • Austin Hooper

    6:25am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • austin hooper

    7:27am Dec 10 from bw2955
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9:44pm Dec 9 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I can't believe the Steelers have now lost 3 straight!!!

    10:59pm Dec 9 from trailerguy1266
  • Im ever thankful as I played the Chargers defence and my opponent played steelers lol

    6:24am Dec 10 from QuxeG
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9:24pm Dec 9 from jhmcgrogan
  • Yeah this site sucks

    9:40pm Dec 9 from TheRealStudMuffin11