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asked by bfloresk9
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8:45pm Nov 10 from bfloresk9
  • No

    8:48pm Nov 10 from kwiat07
  • no

    9:27pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • Depends on ur WRs

    9:48pm Nov 10 from xseahawksfan12x
  • I'd prob consider it if you have good wr depth. Green is a special dude, but he does have a brutal rest of season schedule. It's the opposite for Freeman. Again, it depends on your roster, but I would prob do it personally.

    12:34am Nov 11 from FreakinFalcons03
  • no

    9:23am Nov 11 from billyg15

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11:47am Dec 17 from 11111giants11111
  • He wins

    12:29pm Dec 17 from Bumbleboy26
  • You win.

    12:39pm Dec 17 from koolvee72
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9:14am Dec 17 from studoubleu
  • U

    9:37am Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • kamara

    11:32am Dec 17 from thesethers
  • U

    11:45am Dec 17 from GHOSTYXY
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8:41am Dec 17 from ashash100yardash
  • yes or no

    8:42am Dec 17 from ashash100yardash
  • Yes

    8:55am Dec 17 from Slowbr0
  • aaron rodgers

    11:33am Dec 17 from thesethers
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8:37am Dec 17 from ABMiami
  • They do

    8:38am Dec 17 from domfos04
  • I wouldn't feel very good given the roll that McCaffery is currently on.

    9:03am Dec 17 from bigebu
  • I'm up by 28.5 pts w/my opponent having just run cmc and I'm quite nervous

    9:22am Dec 17 from brett04favre
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7:16am Dec 17 from trailerguy1266
  • Henry

    8:16am Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • aaron jones

    11:34am Dec 17 from thesethers
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6:49am Dec 17 from bkfries32
  • cam newton

    8:13am Dec 17 from banana1man
  • Newton

    8:37am Dec 17 from ABMiami
  • christian

    11:35am Dec 17 from thesethers
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5:31am Dec 17 from 15cstaven
  • I don’t think I really care as much that I made it to the championship. I’m just really proud of the team I built and how far I’ve brought it after being given the worst team in my league after someone drafted it, to maybe the best team in the league. Not to sound cocky but I did a great job at trading and played the waivers just right. Idec if I win the championship. But if I do I get a big ass trophy and $200 lol

    5:35am Dec 17 from 15cstaven
  • Oh I am! I think 5 of my 6 NFL league teams won this wk. The loss b/c Thielen only got me 1.9 pts.! I am really proud of my 8th seed LOSER new gen. Sissys for their resounding victory. My "Playful Pixies" won the league and were the highest scoring team [1,661.48 pts/14games].

    7:26am Dec 17 from trailerguy1266
  • We are one week behind but I made the semi finals up 101 vs Brees and I have Marshawn Lattimore playing.

    9:39am Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
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3:48am Dec 17 from scottie90
  • yes

    4:05am Dec 17 from JakeRen88
  • Aww kick back with a 6 pack & a fat cigar & savor your victory *_*.

    7:35am Dec 17 from trailerguy1266
  • I like your thinking.

    7:48am Dec 17 from scottie90
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12:47am Dec 17 from 15cstaven
  • Maybe the colts?

    1:26am Dec 17 from 15cstaven
  • Colts

    3:32am Dec 17 from Dwagner1976
  • Browns, everyone likes a Browns win

    3:44am Dec 17 from QuxeG
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12:24am Dec 17 from robertlopez51025
  • Yeah for sure. Really just comes down to Saints' game plan

    2:04am Dec 17 from Jemerson727
  • yes yes yes

    3:32am Dec 17 from Dwagner1976
  • Ovcouselolp

    3:52am Dec 17 from Saintsfan19191919191
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8:57pm Dec 16 from Djmsteinmann
  • Yes

    11:08pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • yes

    3:59am Dec 17 from sssssaaaaammmmm
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8:46pm Dec 16 from rflemire
  • if PPR you maybe in better shape if Ian gets targeted by a lot by Cam. Good Luck.

    12:28am Dec 17 from hawksx75x
  • no,too inconsistent!!

    3:42am Dec 17 from Dwagner1976