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asked by forgive410
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2:10am Nov 11 from forgive410

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2:14pm Dec 10 from dirtybirdchamp1
  • only needs HUGE o-line !!! lol

    2:21pm Dec 10 from casinoman16
  • right

    2:23pm Dec 10 from dirtybirdchamp1
  • they need a CB and a defensive line

    2:24pm Dec 10 from ashash100yardash
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9:27am Dec 10 from NflCasebolt
  • I've used this site for like 4 years and nothing's changed lol

    10:10am Dec 10 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • This is my 5th year and this is by far the worst season for this website. Blank pages 85% of the time i login. I have to close the page, wait about 10-20 mins, open it back up and cross my fuckin fingers....

    12:57pm Dec 10 from cannabisarsonist
  • it has been way worse for me as well

    2:03pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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9:16am Dec 10 from NflCasebolt
  • Im so ambivalent here. I hope fantasy wise that Vikings get out to a big lead so Cook gets carries and Thielen gets less work haha, but at the same time im a Seahawks fan. So maybe Ill root for a close game until seahawks win at the last drive. I do think itll be close though so it's tough to say who will win

    9:53am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Seattle seahawk will this...
    Go Hawks

    12:27pm Dec 10 from shybill2018
  • I hate to say it but prolly the vikings, I just think griffin and hunter are going to terrorize wilson

    2:06pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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7:50am Dec 10 from gjmc
  • ...points,standard scoring.I have R.Wilson & T.Lockett to play tonight versus my opponent who has R.Penny & Vikings DEF/ST left to play on MNF.Is the W obtainable for myself? Thanks team.

    7:53am Dec 10 from gjmc
  • I think so, Seahawks will score at least 2 touchdowns unless someone drugged their morning tea haha. Penny wont do much unless Carsons finger fucks up again. Lockett will probably score a touchdown cause he always does, Wilson seems on fire lately.

    9:55am Dec 10 from QuxeG
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6:54am Dec 10 from jetfan1521
  • qbs ryan dak luck
    rbs saquan cmc lindsy conner
    wrs ab d.adams cooper

    6:56am Dec 10 from jetfan1521
  • dak

    7:17am Dec 10 from bw2955
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3:52am Dec 10 from rflemire
  • No

    6:23am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • Maybe

    6:24am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • prolly not...I made a stupid move right before noon too but luckily I won by a point thanks to kittle going off

    2:08pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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3:51am Dec 10 from rflemire
  • Personally I hope Thielen fails, as im up 33 and hes got Thielen left, but Id say its likely Thielen scores 15-20 or so points. Diggs may too

    6:23am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Maybe

    6:24am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • yes

    7:23am Dec 10 from bw2955
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11:31pm Dec 9 from robertlopez51025
  • you

    12:08am Dec 10 from scottie90
  • you

    12:34am Dec 10 from ABMiami
  • oh come on Bobby your just bragging *_*.

    12:36am Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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11:15pm Dec 9 from trailerguy1266
  • I started Brees so... lol. Most QBs sucked arse this week

    10:38am Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • lol 3 of the last 4 weeks my qbs scored less than 10 pts n less than 5 twice...but my team is ridiculous in that league so I still managed to win

    2:19pm Dec 10 from brett04favre
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10:55pm Dec 9 from calebrob
  • Austin Hooper

    6:25am Dec 10 from destwoyer
  • austin hooper

    7:27am Dec 10 from bw2955
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9:44pm Dec 9 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I can't believe the Steelers have now lost 3 straight!!!

    10:59pm Dec 9 from trailerguy1266
  • Im ever thankful as I played the Chargers defence and my opponent played steelers lol

    6:24am Dec 10 from QuxeG
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9:24pm Dec 9 from jhmcgrogan
  • Yeah this site sucks

    9:40pm Dec 9 from TheRealStudMuffin11