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asked by cdinkins
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5:06pm Nov 14 from cdinkins
  • Maybe Funchess and Miller or McKinnon

    5:43pm Nov 14 from zeop
  • thanks

    5:57pm Nov 14 from cdinkins
  • As a Kareem Hunt owner, I’d want a top RB in return along with a solid bench player or better. It also depends on the team tho. Look for their biggest needs and attack it hard. Offer them prob ur best player of that position or something.

    6:06pm Nov 14 from 27kareemhunt27
  • If I had hunt I wouldn't want any of the players you just mentioned

    6:17pm Nov 14 from eljayyyy
  • Got him for McKinnon and Fuchess

    2:20pm Nov 17 from cdinkins

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8:57pm Dec 16 from Djmsteinmann
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8:46pm Dec 16 from rflemire
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5:18pm Dec 16 from vikingfan301
  • Possibly, probably though so...

    5:22pm Dec 16 from aarondandurand
  • You are in a tough spot. But the bright side is Kamara is very inconsistent, Panthers D is alright, and you are not in a PPR league.

    8:21pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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5:16pm Dec 16 from vikingfan301
  • Nice going!

    5:22pm Dec 16 from aarondandurand
  • lol

    5:52pm Dec 16 from dolphins7374294
  • I had a dynamic duo of K. Allen and Tyreek Hill this week. about 4 points? 5?

    8:19pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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4:31pm Dec 16 from ncamano96
  • BC

    4:53pm Dec 16 from purpleipod15
  • Cooks

    5:06pm Dec 16 from sssssaaaaammmmm
  • cooks

    5:07pm Dec 16 from spete
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4:27pm Dec 16 from iank3rr
  • I loved it since Patriots lost and one opponent played him

    4:52pm Dec 16 from purpleipod15
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4:26pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I'm down 56.18 with Alvin Kamara, Brandin Cooks, Zach Ertz, Demario Davis, and Corey Graham left to play. They only have Christian McCaffrey. Do I have a chance to come back? 1 PPR

    4:32pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • yes

    5:09pm Dec 16 from spete
  • You have a very small chance, but you still have one

    8:21pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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3:39pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • 42 points now Gronk decided to get just a few points in the end of a miserable performance

    4:26pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • u

    5:12pm Dec 16 from spete
  • I think you got it. I would guess 20 from Brees. 20 from McCaffery and maybe 5 from Moore. These projections are reasonable and they can always get moore (pun intended).

    8:24pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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3:37pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • I had 7 bench players in double digits and outscore starters. Damien Williams (30), Robert Foster (20), Jalen Richard, DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick, Eddie Jackson, and Josh Allen. Thielen gave me a whopping 3.9 pts.

    4:36pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • wow

    8:22pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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2:41pm Dec 16 from hossainali21002
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2:20pm Dec 16 from ncamano96
  • brandon cooks

    5:20pm Dec 16 from spete
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1:38pm Dec 16 from tvela
  • lindsay because he has proved himself that he is good

    5:23pm Dec 16 from spete
  • No clue. Can't really go wrong luckily.

    8:25pm Dec 16 from billyg15
  • Chubb ...has a steady QB/ roster/ Work load .
    Good OL too

    8:35pm Dec 16 from bhbaxter13