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asked by gilbertobernal
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6:16pm Nov 14 from gilbertobernal
  • Case

    6:35pm Nov 14 from vikingfan301
  • Jay

    9:22pm Nov 14 from kuhnk

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8:57pm Dec 16 from Djmsteinmann
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8:46pm Dec 16 from rflemire
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5:18pm Dec 16 from vikingfan301
  • Possibly, probably though so...

    5:22pm Dec 16 from aarondandurand
  • You are in a tough spot. But the bright side is Kamara is very inconsistent, Panthers D is alright, and you are not in a PPR league.

    8:21pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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5:16pm Dec 16 from vikingfan301
  • Nice going!

    5:22pm Dec 16 from aarondandurand
  • lol

    5:52pm Dec 16 from dolphins7374294
  • I had a dynamic duo of K. Allen and Tyreek Hill this week. about 4 points? 5?

    8:19pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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4:31pm Dec 16 from ncamano96
  • BC

    4:53pm Dec 16 from purpleipod15
  • Cooks

    5:06pm Dec 16 from sssssaaaaammmmm
  • cooks

    5:07pm Dec 16 from spete
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4:27pm Dec 16 from iank3rr
  • I loved it since Patriots lost and one opponent played him

    4:52pm Dec 16 from purpleipod15
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4:26pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I'm down 56.18 with Alvin Kamara, Brandin Cooks, Zach Ertz, Demario Davis, and Corey Graham left to play. They only have Christian McCaffrey. Do I have a chance to come back? 1 PPR

    4:32pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • yes

    5:09pm Dec 16 from spete
  • You have a very small chance, but you still have one

    8:21pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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3:39pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • 42 points now Gronk decided to get just a few points in the end of a miserable performance

    4:26pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • u

    5:12pm Dec 16 from spete
  • I think you got it. I would guess 20 from Brees. 20 from McCaffery and maybe 5 from Moore. These projections are reasonable and they can always get moore (pun intended).

    8:24pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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3:37pm Dec 16 from QuxeG
  • I had 7 bench players in double digits and outscore starters. Damien Williams (30), Robert Foster (20), Jalen Richard, DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick, Eddie Jackson, and Josh Allen. Thielen gave me a whopping 3.9 pts.

    4:36pm Dec 16 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • wow

    8:22pm Dec 16 from billyg15
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2:41pm Dec 16 from hossainali21002
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2:20pm Dec 16 from ncamano96
  • brandon cooks

    5:20pm Dec 16 from spete
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1:38pm Dec 16 from tvela
  • lindsay because he has proved himself that he is good

    5:23pm Dec 16 from spete
  • No clue. Can't really go wrong luckily.

    8:25pm Dec 16 from billyg15
  • Chubb ...has a steady QB/ roster/ Work load .
    Good OL too

    8:35pm Dec 16 from bhbaxter13