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asked by jcampbell89
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4:30pm Dec 7 from jcampbell89
  • Start Brees

    4:35pm Dec 7 from lp80vk
  • I would if I had him.

    4:36pm Dec 7 from enderdragon7
  • drew

    6:26pm Dec 7 from wyattcamo
  • no

    9:13pm Dec 7 from tvela
  • he’s a safe play... he won’t get you big points and he won’t lay an egg

    1:51pm Dec 8 from tfortexas17

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6:22am Dec 13 from QuxeG
Open Question
6:02am Dec 13 from maurice2222
  • Or Gus and Brate, no Samuels would be another combo I guess?

    6:03am Dec 13 from maurice2222
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5:11am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
  • Hell no

    5:26am Dec 13 from roebotron
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4:44am Dec 13 from browny44
  • Jones

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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4:00am Dec 13 from kepboys
  • Jackson

    4:06am Dec 13 from bstsmsss
  • Yes

    4:55am Dec 13 from nfox690
  • Ingram because Gordon might be active

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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3:09am Dec 13 from QuxeG
  • Henry

    3:46am Dec 13 from jhmcgrogan
  • Sorry I'm not on the Henry hype train. 1 great game in 3 yrs. Nyah I'd go with Carson he's good for about 12 pt's./gm.

    3:55am Dec 13 from trailerguy1266
  • Start Carson

    4:55am Dec 13 from nfox690
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11:39pm Dec 12 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • thielen is still young.. high level next two years. I would go for Hill over thielen, but if I most trade, I would be good with Michael Thomas or devante adams. mike evens maybe. otherwise, I would stick with Thielen.

    12:48am Dec 13 from salshaalan
  • Adams or Hill. Preferably Adams. Young and trustworthy. Has arguably the best QB in the nfl throwing to him. Although you might need to add something bc I wouldn’t trade Adams away for just thielen. Especially in a dynasty

    3:13am Dec 13 from 15cstaven
  • Keep Thielen

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:36pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Wilson. Threw 4 TD’s against SF 2 games ago. Although I’m trying to forget about that since I’m versing him this week.

    3:15am Dec 13 from 15cstaven
  • Luck

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:35pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Hoop

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:34pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Doubt he’ll get as many pts as he did last week, but I like his matchup and think he’ll get a pretty good amount of pts.

    11:40pm Dec 12 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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11:33pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Njoku

    12:44am Dec 13 from salshaalan
  • DN

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:24pm Dec 12 from saucedajr
  • Lsmar

    1:10am Dec 13 from bhbaxter13
  • Yeah Jackson.*_*.

    3:56am Dec 13 from trailerguy1266
  • Cammmmmmmmm

    5:14am Dec 13 from cjpersons26