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asked by billyg15
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10:07am Dec 31 from billyg15
  • Funchess @ATL
    R. Matthews vs JAX
    K. Benjamin @MIA
    TJ Yeldon @TEN
    C. Davis vs JAX
    J. Grant(MIA) vs BUF
    D. Parker (Q) vs BUF
    A. Humphries vs NO

    10:09am Dec 31 from billyg15
  • Yeldon

    6:57pm Dec 31 from martinlk
  • benji

    12:12pm Jan 3 from Mutox2007

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4:02pm Jan 22 from purpleipod15
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9:23am Jan 22 from tvela
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12:27am Jan 22 from trailerguy1266
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1:53am Jan 21 from trailerguy1266
  • Raiders? Dolphins? Bills? Bucs? Who knows

    12:11pm Jan 21 from billyg15
  • I’ll go with Raiders

    4:27pm Jan 21 from nfox690
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1:52am Jan 21 from trailerguy1266
  • Wentz in Philly. Foles to Jacksonville

    12:08pm Jan 21 from billyg15
  • ^

    4:27pm Jan 21 from nfox690
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7:38pm Jan 20 from purpleipod15
  • What can I say? I am from St Louis!!! Also Jerry Jones is just as sleezy with his involvement in screwing St. Louis!!

    7:42pm Jan 20 from purpleipod15
  • I I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, have been since the 70’s, and I lost the playoffs by one game. I really am pretty disappointed.☹️

    8:06pm Jan 20 from Cowboyzeee
  • oh trust me i'll likely not watch anyway. only if ne cheaters lose. i'll record it.

    1:46am Jan 21 from trailerguy1266
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7:30pm Jan 20 from purpleipod15
  • the nfl needs to adopt ncaa rules where each team gets the ball at their opponents 25.

    1:57am Jan 21 from trailerguy1266
  • I agree with trailerguy1266

    5:17am Jan 21 from fballtrent
  • People gotta realize refs suck. I've accepted it a while ago so I don't surprised when they make crappy calls

    12:06pm Jan 21 from billyg15
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3:40pm Jan 20 from purpleipod15
  • I will

    3:48pm Jan 20 from CincySpartans
  • No

    4:15pm Jan 20 from ashasha
  • Hell yeah I would

    4:19pm Jan 20 from RJBOWNE
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3:35pm Jan 20 from purpleipod15
  • Tru but rams don’t suck

    3:48pm Jan 20 from CincySpartans
  • Call a wambulance it's another butthurt Saints fan.

    4:21pm Jan 20 from RJBOWNE
  • I really raged

    4:49pm Jan 20 from Drewski4a
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2:15pm Jan 19 from speedracer1014
  • I've got the chiefs and the rams

    2:15pm Jan 19 from speedracer1014
  • chiefs and saints

    2:21pm Jan 19 from bryanwarren
  • That's me just believe its time for a change, somehow chiefs will find way to defeat the GOAT

    3:25pm Jan 19 from dysondice
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2:14pm Jan 19 from speedracer1014
  • chiefs and saints

    2:21pm Jan 19 from bryanwarren
  • kc

    5:23pm Jan 19 from chopr
  • pats saints

    6:21pm Jan 19 from Cignacio
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10:36am Jan 18 from billyg15
  • rex ryan

    5:25pm Jan 19 from chopr
  • well...Not Sure...but, Darnold is not Peyton...They are liking the new DC...Hopefully he won't have to worry about all the injuries NY had last season...

    11:03am Jan 20 from tvela