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asked by hootonkhamun
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1:45pm Dec 31 from hootonkhamun
  • Gurley

    6:16pm Dec 31 from bhbaxter13
  • Gurley

    6:17pm Dec 31 from bhbaxter13
  • Wentz might be good. He's cheap but hes on ir. Keep wentz and/or gurley

    6:55pm Dec 31 from martinlk
  • Gurley for $54. Zeke is unreliable, and Wentz won't play the same.

    8:11pm Dec 31 from Caymill
  • It's not about the coach. I think Al Davis said it best when he said "its about the players 3 D's, Desire, Dedication and Determination". They didn't win Super Bowls because they were the best team in the league, but they had the most Desire, Dedication and Determination of any team playing Professional Football Those Years!

    7:42am Jan 1 from dino1inga
  • Gurley

    12:53am Jan 2 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Wentz and Gurley. Zeke wont have the pas to feed off odf

    7:03am Jan 2 from andysarah2k
  • Keeper Leagues are stupid.

    7:24am Jan 2 from nowaste
  • Wentz

    5:52pm Jan 2 from FakedFollower17
  • zeke

    12:10pm Jan 3 from Mutox2007
  • zeke

    5:42am Jan 4 from fattylatty
  • wentz gurley

    6:49pm Jan 6 from yazelmanovitch

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6:22am Dec 13 from QuxeG
Open Question
6:02am Dec 13 from maurice2222
  • Or Gus and Brate, no Samuels would be another combo I guess?

    6:03am Dec 13 from maurice2222
Open Question
5:11am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
  • Hell no

    5:26am Dec 13 from roebotron
Open Question
4:44am Dec 13 from browny44
  • Jones

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
Open Question
4:00am Dec 13 from kepboys
  • Jackson

    4:06am Dec 13 from bstsmsss
  • Yes

    4:55am Dec 13 from nfox690
  • Ingram because Gordon might be active

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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3:09am Dec 13 from QuxeG
  • Henry

    3:46am Dec 13 from jhmcgrogan
  • Sorry I'm not on the Henry hype train. 1 great game in 3 yrs. Nyah I'd go with Carson he's good for about 12 pt's./gm.

    3:55am Dec 13 from trailerguy1266
  • Start Carson

    4:55am Dec 13 from nfox690
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11:39pm Dec 12 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • thielen is still young.. high level next two years. I would go for Hill over thielen, but if I most trade, I would be good with Michael Thomas or devante adams. mike evens maybe. otherwise, I would stick with Thielen.

    12:48am Dec 13 from salshaalan
  • Adams or Hill. Preferably Adams. Young and trustworthy. Has arguably the best QB in the nfl throwing to him. Although you might need to add something bc I wouldn’t trade Adams away for just thielen. Especially in a dynasty

    3:13am Dec 13 from 15cstaven
  • Keep Thielen

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:36pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Wilson. Threw 4 TD’s against SF 2 games ago. Although I’m trying to forget about that since I’m versing him this week.

    3:15am Dec 13 from 15cstaven
  • Luck

    5:12am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
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11:35pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Hoop

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
Open Question
11:34pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Doubt he’ll get as many pts as he did last week, but I like his matchup and think he’ll get a pretty good amount of pts.

    11:40pm Dec 12 from TheRealStudMuffin11
Open Question
11:33pm Dec 12 from calebrob
  • Njoku

    12:44am Dec 13 from salshaalan
  • DN

    5:13am Dec 13 from cjpersons26
Open Question
11:24pm Dec 12 from saucedajr
  • Lsmar

    1:10am Dec 13 from bhbaxter13
  • Yeah Jackson.*_*.

    3:56am Dec 13 from trailerguy1266
  • Cammmmmmmmm

    5:14am Dec 13 from cjpersons26