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asked by ChefCook33
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3:54pm Feb 22 from ChefCook33
  • they should

    11:34pm Feb 22 from chopr
  • PLEASE! I don't want the Colts to have ANY opportunity to get him

    4:59pm Feb 23 from linkperez
  • they should, but knowing them they probably wont. I think the Colts take him

    4:21pm Feb 26 from billyg15
  • No

    5:58pm Feb 26 from jdizzle45
  • No

    6:00pm Feb 26 from jdizzle45
  • Yes

    6:43pm Mar 11 from Jforte72
  • Yes

    3:36am Mar 12 from bhbaxter13
  • The Browns have to take him at number 1!

    1:46pm Mar 13 from greenyard99
  • yes

    12:14am Mar 14 from bryanwarren
  • yes

    2:14am Apr 2 from hennyboy25

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9:24pm Dec 9 from jhmcgrogan
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6:28pm Dec 9 from QuxeG
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5:03pm Dec 9 from robertlopez51025
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4:24pm Dec 9 from womackis
  • T.Lockett

    4:36pm Dec 9 from benb2007
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3:54pm Dec 9 from VikingsSkoler
  • kicker+kareem hunt

    4:45pm Dec 9 from SirJakob
  • *=

    4:49pm Dec 9 from SirJakob
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2:35pm Dec 9 from QuxeG
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1:42pm Dec 9 from iank3rr
  • I would consider it yes.

    2:13pm Dec 9 from billyg15
  • Depends who youd drop him for?

    2:35pm Dec 9 from QuxeG
  • no

    2:38pm Dec 9 from etyoung72
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12:40pm Dec 9 from brooksy49ers
Open Question
10:45am Dec 9 from billyg15
  • Richard vs PIT
    Pettis vs DEN
    ARob vs LA Rams
    L. Fitzgerald vs DET
    M. Williams vs CIN

    10:46am Dec 9 from billyg15
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10:09am Dec 9 from calebrob
  • Jackson - better matchup and should get a lot of carries. I can also see them using him in the passing game

    10:47am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:50am Dec 9 from kepboys
  • engram

    9:59am Dec 9 from billyg15
Open Question
9:48am Dec 9 from SirJakob
  • 4?

    10:02am Dec 9 from billyg15
  • for the season

    4:41pm Dec 9 from SirJakob