asked by darnell26
12:10pm Jun 2 from darnell26
0-20 33% 21-50 39% 51-75 24% 76-100 4%
  • I'm calling eagles or rams

    6:00am Jul 15 from camtal

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4:09pm Nov 16 from vman0420
Wilson 35% Rodgers 65%
4:09pm Nov 16 from townekook
Punt 18% Pass 59% Run 24%
2:55pm Nov 16 from henry5266
Fair 50% Unfair 50%
  • If you can get MT for Woods and Brieda, JUMP ON IT!!!!! That's a steal!!!

    7:56pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
  • If I was the side who got Thomas and you'd dare proposing me this kind of trade, the least I Can Do would be thinking that you really Need a good psychiatrist

    1:16am Nov 17 from simone211190
9:57am Nov 16 from kitchelt
Yes 53% No 47%
7:18am Nov 16 from ak1977
7:17am Nov 16 from Hubbas2708
  • 30-50? Seems like quite a bit to me. If you drafted well there's no reason to have to make that many changes - except kickers and defenses of course

    5:45pm Nov 16 from dtoyz
  • I'm well above 50! Injuries have KILLED me this year! Between Devonta Freeman, Joe Mixon, Leonard Fournette, Marlon Mack, Sony Michel, and AJ Green, I've been very busy making moves and losing.

    8:02pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
5:36am Nov 16 from wsclayton
Titans 26% Ravens 68% Dolphins 5%
  • ravens playoff schedule is tough

    2:04pm Nov 16 from treflenna
  • NOT the Ravens, their playoff schedule is killer!! KC, TB, LAC....no thanks!!!
    I have the Ravens now, but I'm dropping them after the Raiders next week.
    I'll pass on @ATL in week 13 too.

    7:59pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
6:47pm Nov 15 from heismanhopeful65
3:51pm Nov 15 from vman0420
  • I wish Graham stayed on the Saints

    4:50pm Nov 15 from billyg15
  • Especially this year!

    7:34pm Nov 15 from dtoyz
2:20pm Nov 15 from billyg15
A 21% B 58% Even 21%
1:42pm Nov 15 from billyg15
Mixon 76% Lindsay 24%