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asked by SaintsChamp99
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2:21pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • QB- A. Luck
    RB- S. Barkley
    RB- L. McCoy
    WR- M. Thomas
    WR- T.Y. Hilton
    TE- D. Walker
    W/R- R. Penny
    Chargers Defense
    K- C. Boswell
    QB- M. Ryan
    RB- R. Freeman
    RB- J. Williams
    WR- S. Sheppard
    WR- R. Anderson
    WR- M. Sanu

    2:22pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • I traded for Matt Ryan if Luck gets injured or isn't ready. Not sure about having so many rookie RB's. Not sure what to do.

    2:23pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • Good call trading for Ryan. Your back RBs scare me though. Denver, GB, and even Seattle will likely use committees. I think Shepard and/or Anderson will have trade value, but i’d wait since they’re probably under valued now, and one or two of those RB committees might become more clear. Also, if Luck looks good after a few weeks, you can trade one of your QBs.

    4:51pm Jun 19 from drudey80
  • Those RBs do scare me, too. Also, I think you are missing a true flex player.

    1:19pm Jun 20 from billyg15

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11:14pm Nov 16 from ohabib210
Open Question
11:12pm Nov 16 from ohabib210
Open Question
11:10pm Nov 16 from ohabib210
  • Shut the fuck up already...

    11:39pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
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9:31pm Nov 16 from Stephenredbull
  • yes i would if I were you, Aaron Jones has obviously taken over the snaps ever since TY has left and his numbers prove it. Kittle has proven to be a threat with all three QBs the niners have cycled through. The stats do not lie.

    9:37pm Nov 16 from Fabsangel
  • I would make that trade. Jones is going to roll and Kittle will be a top TE option rest of year.

    9:53pm Nov 16 from bigebu
  • Im only saying yes because of Jones. He alone will out-score Kittle.

    11:03pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
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9:13pm Nov 16 from footballguy8596
  • Texans

    9:17pm Nov 16 from billyg15
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8:29pm Nov 16 from trailerguy1266
  • Yes

    8:32pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
  • As a GB lifer i hope not. Hes not that bad. our defense is what fucks us every god damn time. As much as i love Tramon Williams, hes plays so lazy. He lets plays happen that another DB could have stopped.

    8:34pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
  • Yes, because he refused to play his best RB until it was too late. They would probably have won a few games earlier if they would have fed Jones the ball... I never usually root for someone to lose their job, but this is a billion dollar business, and his bad decision virtually cost the Packers this year

    8:46pm Nov 16 from nkhubbs
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7:40pm Nov 16 from redfish221
  • Engram...

    7:55pm Nov 16 from tvela
  • Random question; how different is PPR vs regar league? Other than thee obvious points per reception? Is only points based? Is the coin flip between recievers? Im askinh cause ive been playing fantasy for 5 years, and i wanna try out a PPR league.

    8:09pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
  • To me, PPR is more user-friendly, as in, more players are available that will actually score points. I think it's best used in semi-serious, a-few-competitors-mixed-with-amateurs leagues. I prefer standard myself, but with any league, just find out what gets points and then pick up the players who do those things!

    8:22pm Nov 16 from redfish221
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7:10pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
  • My other RBs are Mcaffery, jones (who crushed it!) and Alex Collins.

    7:18pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
  • Coleman

    7:24pm Nov 16 from Insertrandomname
  • Coleman...

    7:57pm Nov 16 from tvela
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7:07pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
  • It only functions sporadically for me anymore.
    Last year it was fine all season.

    7:08pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
  • For some reason on my phone, the “answers” option always comes up blank. Annoying as shit...

    7:11pm Nov 16 from cannabisarsonist
  • My Profile always comes up blank, no matter what browser or computer I use.

    7:51pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
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6:04pm Nov 16 from CincyFan4513
  • Amari Cooper for sure. Ingram can definitely pop off but hes limited because of Kamara's usage. Cooper is the safer choice. Cooper has been getting crazy high targets since he joined the Cowboys and Atlanta gives up 3rd most points to receivers this season. They trash. Look for Cooper to pop off. top 15 play this week.

    6:24pm Nov 16 from aznxeskimo
  • Ingram. Even with Kamara there, Ingram still ran for over 100 yards.

    6:30pm Nov 16 from DrewVreese
  • Plus, Cooper is unreliable and inconsistent.

    6:30pm Nov 16 from DrewVreese
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5:57pm Nov 16 from footballguy8596
  • Anthony Miller.

    6:32pm Nov 16 from DrewVreese
  • Reynolds..... better schedule...but he has a bye next week..

    8:14pm Nov 16 from tvela
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5:14pm Nov 16 from trailerguy1266
  • Arizona, the Raider offense is horrible.

    5:53pm Nov 16 from poct1960
  • AZ vs. Oak.

    6:38pm Nov 16 from DrewVreese
  • Cards...

    8:16pm Nov 16 from tvela
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