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asked by SaintsChamp99
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2:21pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • QB- A. Luck
    RB- S. Barkley
    RB- L. McCoy
    WR- M. Thomas
    WR- T.Y. Hilton
    TE- D. Walker
    W/R- R. Penny
    Chargers Defense
    K- C. Boswell
    QB- M. Ryan
    RB- R. Freeman
    RB- J. Williams
    WR- S. Sheppard
    WR- R. Anderson
    WR- M. Sanu

    2:22pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • I traded for Matt Ryan if Luck gets injured or isn't ready. Not sure about having so many rookie RB's. Not sure what to do.

    2:23pm Jun 18 from SaintsChamp99
  • Good call trading for Ryan. Your back RBs scare me though. Denver, GB, and even Seattle will likely use committees. I think Shepard and/or Anderson will have trade value, but i’d wait since they’re probably under valued now, and one or two of those RB committees might become more clear. Also, if Luck looks good after a few weeks, you can trade one of your QBs.

    4:51pm Jun 19 from drudey80
  • Those RBs do scare me, too. Also, I think you are missing a true flex player.

    1:19pm Jun 20 from billyg15

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1:33pm Nov 19 from lovingbsl
  • Who has the best chances to win my 4 team league with my family?
    The Jacob Throwers(brother) 9-1
    The Returning Champion(me) 5-5
    Team Mommy(my mom) 4-6
    Tommy(dad) 2-8

    1:36pm Nov 19 from lovingbsl
  • The guy with the best win record also has my name, so im gonna go with him

    1:42pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
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1:29pm Nov 19 from monops19
  • You

    1:37pm Nov 19 from lovingbsl
  • You will, no doubt. sure Hill can do a 40 point performance and Hunt too but... its not likely

    1:43pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
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1:18pm Nov 19 from champjohn123
  • yes

    1:37pm Nov 19 from monops19
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1:14pm Nov 19 from lovingbsl
  • you

    1:37pm Nov 19 from monops19
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12:40pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
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12:37pm Nov 19 from Lukuh93
  • yes - depending on your WR/RB depth

    12:40pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
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12:06pm Nov 19 from wsu4ever
  • Definately - heres to hoping Hill scores 6-8 points like he has a few times before.

    12:41pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
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12:01pm Nov 19 from Stephenredbull
  • trubisky

    12:37pm Nov 19 from Lukuh93
  • Trubisky, did you see that atrocious pile of dung Wentz put up with this week?

    12:41pm Nov 19 from QuxeG
  • Wentz, take the L! Trubisky is the one to START!

    1:21pm Nov 19 from lovingbsl
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11:35am Nov 19 from bigfamilys
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11:23am Nov 19 from footballguy8596
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10:51am Nov 19 from bigfamilys
Open Question
10:33am Nov 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • What're my chances of Patrick Mahomes, Brandin Cooks, Ndamukong Suh, and Dante Fowler Jr. scoring a combined 76.93 pts in full PPR? I only need that many to get to 200 pts lol if I don't get it, this will be the first week I've scored less than 200 pts. I need 7 to win and they only have Robert Woods left so I'm guessing I'll win haha. I'm just worried about my streak of 200 pts ending. My team didn't perform well this week.

    10:38am Nov 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • its highly unlikely haha, but that seems like a luxury problem... Do you have Gurley, Connor, Adams and Hopkins or something on your team with all those points pilling up?

    12:43pm Nov 19 from QuxeG