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asked by tomfromgermany
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2:08am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany
  • Maybe the open teams look like underdogs against the team, I want to play, there is no reason to quit before even getting started... I think they are all somehow balanced and all could make the league play offs... and there will still be injuries, suspensions, and you can make trades... and there is still a lot of talent on the waiver list that could emerge. My team has more players that missed more games last season due to injury than they played...and already 2 players out for the 1st 4 games

    2:14am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany
  • and for the league play-offs I would just like to ask, that the teams out of play-off contention would be open to trade players to the teams in the play-offs, just to have the best players on the play-off rosters... (of course you don't have to...)

    2:18am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany
  • Love the lord of the rings!

    6:18am Jul 12 from vikingfan301
  • so you're gonna join??? (please!!)

    6:38am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany
  • just named the league Lord of the Rings now ;)

    6:46am Jul 12 from tomfromgermany

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7:48pm Dec 11 from gus91
  • Williams - hearing Ware may sit - strong chance he sits

    8:20pm Dec 11 from jimmythebutcher
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7:19pm Dec 11 from hp1740
  • keep

    7:35pm Dec 11 from chopr
  • KEEP

    7:58pm Dec 11 from leplatt
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7:17pm Dec 11 from Nathan199617
  • allen

    7:40pm Dec 11 from chopr

    7:57pm Dec 11 from leplatt
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7:13pm Dec 11 from Nathan199617
  • Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Spencer Ware, Brandon Cooks, or Tyler Boyd

    7:15pm Dec 11 from Nathan199617

    8:00pm Dec 11 from leplatt
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6:31pm Dec 11 from 808uknow
  • Yes

    6:40pm Dec 11 from dos415

    7:05pm Dec 11 from Generalds
  • cool

    7:06pm Dec 11 from Generalds
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6:21pm Dec 11 from 808uknow
  • yes

    7:40pm Dec 11 from chopr
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5:29pm Dec 11 from trailerguy1266
  • Only if Gordon doesn't play

    6:25pm Dec 11 from dtoyz
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5:05pm Dec 11 from trailerguy1266
  • week 16

    5:18pm Dec 11 from scanon57
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4:55pm Dec 11 from billyg15
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4:35pm Dec 11 from calebrob
  • Andrew Luck

    4:52pm Dec 11 from Mattsihn
  • To be honest you can't go wrong with either because Wilson has a good matchup. I would stick with Luck however

    4:56pm Dec 11 from billyg15
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4:26pm Dec 11 from trailerguy1266
  • I would go with Uzomah. Also look for Ian Thomas

    4:34pm Dec 11 from billyg15
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4:24pm Dec 11 from footballguy8596
  • Keep Adams. Henry can't repeat that performance and Clement was moved to IR

    4:34pm Dec 11 from billyg15
  • adams

    7:37pm Dec 11 from Generalds
  • adams

    7:40pm Dec 11 from chopr