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asked by tjj1205
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10:14am Sep 21 from tjj1205
  • Jesse James. Easily

    10:17am Sep 21 from ColinAhlen
  • James

    10:23am Sep 21 from drstrngluv69
  • I think james or ebron

    10:25am Sep 21 from Biermann93
  • James has a better chance at a big game than the others, only cause he has the better opportunity to draw targets.

    10:38am Sep 21 from Broncon8tor
  • Ebron, James may have had a highlight game, but Ebron got 2 RZ TDs in 2 games and will get these looks again in addition to the ones Doyle would get

    11:26am Sep 21 from tomfromgermany
  • james or ebron. doyle in indy is hurt now too

    11:58am Sep 21 from derekrob2
  • James or Ebron

    1:47pm Sep 21 from dperezdiego

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11:58pm Dec 10 from bigdocker69
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10:53pm Dec 10 from 15cstaven
  • If bears can get 22 points against the rams I don’t see why they could do that good against the packers. Although they won’t be getting interceptions from Aaron Rodgers. I’m just afraid of Chubb making Broncos D look like trash lol

    10:54pm Dec 10 from 15cstaven
  • Bears

    11:33pm Dec 10 from adityadabeast
  • Bears

    11:58pm Dec 10 from harveycl123
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9:33pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
  • Cousins vs. Mia. [18 proj. pts.]....Thanks all. God bless you & Merry Christmas *_*.....I'm a 17 pt.

    9:35pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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8:59pm Dec 10 from purpleipod15
  • yip

    10:46pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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8:44pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
  • They're 10-3 [Season started wk. 2, 2nd seed & tied for best record]. Renamed a 6-8 team LOSER new gen. Sadly we are raising a generation of LOSERS where everyones beautiful & smart & get 2 ft. tall participation trophys.

    10:20pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
  • I'm offended to be a part of that generation

    10:39pm Dec 10 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Stud Muffin...good to hear from you. You should be offended. Kids now don't know how to change a tire except to call AAA. It's the parents fault! This "Feel good", pc movement is destroying our country. Thankfully your parents seem to have done a good job with you. Taking you to church & home schooling you. God bless you son & Merry Christmas *_*.

    10:53pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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8:21pm Dec 10 from legend1849
  • Njoku. I'd probably keep Coleman too but it depends on your depth.

    10:40pm Dec 10 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Njoku

    10:59pm Dec 10 from bpr103
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8:10pm Dec 10 from purpleipod15
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7:38pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
  • You infused politics into the one lone remaining sport I watch. Call it CARMA [Whoops that was my beloved grandmother], Karma or whatever but crash & burn baby, crash & burn *_*.

    7:43pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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5:46pm Dec 10 from billyg15
  • Mike Davis, Justin Jackson, McGuire, C. Samuel, T. Gabriel? It is a deeper PPR league with 3 WRs to start instead of 2 and 2 additional RWT spots

    5:58pm Dec 10 from billyg15
  • I’d definitely get Samuels idk who to drop tho

    7:08pm Dec 10 from bhbaxter13
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5:30pm Dec 10 from billyg15
  • Half PPR scoring. Currently have Hill, K. Allen, Ridley, Tate at WR. And Kamara, Ingram, AP, Mixon, J. Wilson at RB. I would probably drop Tate if anyone. Is it worth getting one of these guys. If so who? Thanks for the feedback

    5:31pm Dec 10 from billyg15
  • Dont chase Henrys points, Pettis... Meh I dont think hes better than your WRs

    5:39pm Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Ok thanks for your input

    5:49pm Dec 10 from billyg15
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5:12pm Dec 10 from dirtybirdchamp1
  • RB (healthy), CB, LB, MLB. Besides that I don't know enough about the Falcons to make a fair judgement

    5:18pm Dec 10 from billyg15
  • A defense & a healthy rb.

    10:55pm Dec 10 from trailerguy1266
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4:27pm Dec 10 from QuxeG
  • Humphries

    4:40pm Dec 10 from Bumbleboy26
  • Donte pettis

    4:58pm Dec 10 from DJJOJO344
  • Dont replace sutton, hes the Denver no. 1 reciever

    4:59pm Dec 10 from sst79
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