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asked by dallen78
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5:51pm Oct 11 from dallen78
  • id say john brown

    5:54pm Oct 11 from bigjake06
  • depends if you need a wr or rb more

    6:18pm Oct 11 from ss125
  • Get Brown

    7:23pm Oct 11 from billyg15
  • davis if you do, but probably a wash

    7:58pm Oct 11 from derekrob2
  • What do you need on your team

    8:45pm Oct 11 from tvela
  • Brown

    9:11pm Oct 11 from TheRealStudMuffin11

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11:24am Dec 9 from QuxeG
  • Oh look at that, adds a fumble to his shit performance.

    11:45am Dec 9 from QuxeG
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10:45am Dec 9 from billyg15
  • Richard vs PIT
    Pettis vs DEN
    ARob vs LA Rams
    L. Fitzgerald vs DET
    M. Williams vs CIN

    10:46am Dec 9 from billyg15
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10:09am Dec 9 from calebrob
  • Jackson - better matchup and should get a lot of carries. I can also see them using him in the passing game

    10:47am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:50am Dec 9 from kepboys
  • engram

    9:59am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:48am Dec 9 from SirJakob
  • 4?

    10:02am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:42am Dec 9 from chriskymm
  • Chargers vs a backup QB

    10:47am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:38am Dec 9 from youngjz303
  • Landry

    9:41am Dec 9 from dtoyz
  • moore

    9:42am Dec 9 from yervaldo
  • moore

    9:59am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:27am Dec 9 from yervaldo
  • Evans

    9:41am Dec 9 from dtoyz
  • Evans

    9:42am Dec 9 from RTK88
  • evans

    9:59am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:26am Dec 9 from kepboys
  • Humphries!

    9:34am Dec 9 from dtoyz
  • Hump

    9:43am Dec 9 from RTK88
  • humpr

    9:59am Dec 9 from billyg15
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9:21am Dec 9 from zreik75
  • I'd be more likely to start moore. He has a higher floor imo. Shepard still seems to boom or busty to trust in that situation

    9:23am Dec 9 from ghost2314
  • Moore has the big-play advantage and the better QB

    9:43am Dec 9 from dtoyz
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9:14am Dec 9 from ghost2314
  • Matt Ryan.. look for him to regress to the mean in a high scoring game.. Wilson does get priority in the end zone but that being said he won't throw as many passes as Ryan... Ryan high floor play--Wilson high ceiling play with Wayne's out and kendricks questionable

    9:19am Dec 9 from tommithunderz
  • You're a god. Been struggling all week with this. Ryan was my gut call. And I'm a falcons fan to the end, wanted to make sure it wasnt me thinking with my fandom and not my winning hat lol

    9:21am Dec 9 from ghost2314
  • Good luck I need th W today too if I win im in 3rd if I lose im in 5th...

    9:28am Dec 9 from tommithunderz
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9:13am Dec 9 from youngjz303
  • I think wilson will have the highest floor because he wont share as many touches with alfred morris as the rest of their guys with their respective other backs.

    9:17am Dec 9 from ghost2314
  • Stick with Adams - you've been using him for the last month right? Why take a chance now on a couple of no-names - too risky

    9:44am Dec 9 from dtoyz
  • wilson

    10:00am Dec 9 from billyg15