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asked by CincyFan4513
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11:41am Oct 15 from CincyFan4513
  • No harm in keeping him unless there is someone you need to have from the wire. You could always package him in a trade.

    11:47am Oct 15 from chillrays
  • ^ Don't keep more than 2 QBs though. If you have another backup drop him

    12:19pm Oct 15 from billyg15
  • i agree with chillrays, if u see someone on the waivers that u like, drop him, but if theres nobody u want keep him

    4:16pm Oct 15 from teamyles56
  • I agree with all the previous comments. Keep Winston until you find someone on waivers that could help you out at another position.

    4:52pm Oct 15 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Keep

    7:26pm Oct 15 from texasalldaway

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12:31am Nov 16 from sdow58
  • Landry

    12:33am Nov 16 from ClubSchroeder
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11:39pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
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7:23pm Nov 15 from Trigga58
  • no!

    7:25pm Nov 15 from dtoyz
  • definately not

    8:01pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
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7:11pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
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5:33pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
  • Take a deep breath then count to 10 [in your head] now exhale. repeat 2x more.

    6:07pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
  • It helped, Carson's back ;)

    6:34pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
  • I loved it! I started Jones. If it makes you feel any better Carson did score though.

    6:58pm Nov 15 from cannabisarsonist
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5:10pm Nov 15 from teejbes34
  • John Brown

    5:12pm Nov 15 from DaveGreg
  • Sanders or Brown

    5:29pm Nov 15 from cannabisarsonist
  • Emmanuel Sanders

    7:23pm Nov 15 from Trigga58
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5:07pm Nov 15 from indyswagg
  • Mo

    5:32pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
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4:53pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
  • Davante Adams

    4:54pm Nov 15 from packers1314
  • Agreed, Davante is more stable but seems to have a lower ceiling than Julio. So if you want stability and a pretty high floor then Davante

    5:10pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
  • I’d shoot for Adams, Hopkins, AB, or Michael Thomas.

    9:43pm Nov 15 from 15cstaven
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4:34pm Nov 15 from trailerguy1266
  • Well Conner and McCaffrey are must starters. David Johnson lost half his o line recently if I remember correctly but cook is versing a tough bears defense. Normally I’d wait to start a rb to see how well they’d do when there are o line changes but I think you’re forced to start david with cook having a terrible match up. So Conner McCaffrey and David I’d say.

    4:46pm Nov 15 from 15cstaven
  • Conner, McCaffery are must starts. I would go with DJ. They said they "finally" got him involved. And he came off a good week. Go with DJ

    4:49pm Nov 15 from billyg15
  • Wow that's a hell of a RB stable you got there - with the BYEs winding down you should trade one to shore up any roster weaknesses

    7:29pm Nov 15 from dtoyz
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4:09pm Nov 15 from zreik75
  • which will get more touches?

    4:11pm Nov 15 from tener2
  • Carson over Mack. Mack is against a very tough defence, Carson is in the clear lead role (look up notes on Carson, Davis and Penny, youll see). Also Id probably go with Corey Davis of the WRs, even though I like MVS potential. Corey has the biggest upside but their level is fairly equal on average

    4:13pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
  • Notes on Mike Davis* of course

    4:13pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
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4:07pm Nov 15 from steelerfanatic55
  • Rodgers.

    4:17pm Nov 15 from HudNuts82
  • Rodgers

    4:47pm Nov 15 from billyg15
  • Start Rodgers - every week - trade Mitch - this way you won't have to ask and you can shore up any roster weakness

    7:32pm Nov 15 from dtoyz
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4:00pm Nov 15 from zolt45
  • I honestly dont know... try go google it, Ive had the same problem with todays matches

    4:17pm Nov 15 from QuxeG
  • No you'll get his points for the week. Trade won't go thru til beginning of the week. Who are u trading for?

    4:19pm Nov 15 from HudNuts82
  • Ok thanks boys, Gordan and Sony Michel coming back

    5:07pm Nov 15 from zolt45
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