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asked by kb24cc7
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2:07am Oct 21 from kb24cc7
  • never

    2:17am Oct 21 from disgruntle
  • ^

    3:10am Oct 21 from nfox580
  • No

    5:25am Oct 21 from snakeeyesjay
  • no

    5:50am Oct 21 from brett04favre

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11:52am Dec 14 from zeop
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11:33am Dec 14 from robertlopez51025
  • Jags are playing against redskins-- insta start

    11:38am Dec 14 from german2662
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10:10am Dec 14 from QuxeG
  • Anyone else in the same awful situation?

    10:15am Dec 14 from QuxeG
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9:45am Dec 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • maxxxx 15

    9:54am Dec 14 from NickA14
  • 9

    9:56am Dec 14 from ptitvera
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9:29am Dec 14 from QuxeG
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8:46am Dec 14 from teus97
  • dak hasna better matchup

    9:01am Dec 14 from canyongrand16
  • like cam newton but start Dak prescott

    9:08am Dec 14 from johnnie1966
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7:55am Dec 14 from saucedajr
  • Prescott

    8:12am Dec 14 from heismanhopeful65
  • I don’t like Daks matchup at all.. I’d go Ryan here

    8:24am Dec 14 from bhbaxter13
  • Dak

    8:37am Dec 14 from moogurnsey
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7:45am Dec 14 from kgmartin
  • and Cam a bum shoulder!

    7:46am Dec 14 from kgmartin
  • Tough one... BAL kinda splits carries 3 ways w/Jackson and Cam’s bum shoulder kinda helps Samuel/Thomas w short recs. ID go Dixon for td value.

    7:51am Dec 14 from bhbaxter13
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7:13am Dec 14 from QuxeG
  • Humphries or Stills

    7:16am Dec 14 from pats10006
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7:02am Dec 14 from jcudzil22
  • Was definately a possibility. Chiefs may well also lose to Seahawks next week

    7:03am Dec 14 from QuxeG
  • No way

    7:35am Dec 14 from iank3rr
  • i definitely thought it was a possibility but then gordon, allen, and ekeler were out so i didnt think they would

    8:48am Dec 14 from teamyles56
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6:58am Dec 14 from jcudzil22
  • Neither, Peterman all the way

    7:02am Dec 14 from colbearbro17
  • Brees. Carolina forgot their defence existed

    7:03am Dec 14 from QuxeG
  • Brees

    7:17am Dec 14 from pats10006
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6:15am Dec 14 from QuxeG
  • I started him ;)

    6:16am Dec 14 from justtestit
  • started him

    6:23am Dec 14 from HandeggBaller
  • Benched Williams for Pettis who I now see is injured...

    6:35am Dec 14 from bhbaxter13
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