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asked by solembum
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8:37pm Dec 13 from solembum
  • Cook has a better match

    8:55pm Dec 13 from bollingmudslingers
  • Not me! Benching Jones per Gurley total shut down there last week.

    8:56pm Dec 13 from purpleipod15
  • ^

    9:14pm Dec 13 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Cinci gives up plenty of points to good Tight ends, and it's definitely a plus match up. He's also perhaps the safer play.

    Just to touch on what was said about benching Jones because of Gurley being shut down. I don't think it's that simple. The Ram's offense runs through Gurley, so that's your defense's primary objective. Goff's play made it worse. Playing Green Bay they are going to go after Rodgers hard. That said, Jones should have plenty of opportunities to make something happen.

    4:56am Dec 14 from bmagicfootball

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4:37am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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3:02am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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12:19am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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3:37pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Dynasty league

    3:38pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • The only name that came to mind was Mike Evans. I think any WR2 would work though

    5:22pm Mar 18 from billyg15
  • For some reason I see Diggs and Thielen's value dipping a little next year

    5:22pm Mar 18 from billyg15
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3:55pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • I think risers are like Godwin, juju, carr. And fallers might be Brown, McCoy, Big Ben. but who else?

    3:57pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • Riser (sort of even tho he's already good) Alvin Kamara. Faller = Bell.

    Also like Josh Allen as a riser this year along with Mark Ingram and OBJ. AB will prob fall and also Jarvis Landry.

    3:41pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Baker Mayfield probably finishes top 5 QB and OBJ and JuJu chance to finish #1. Same for Kamara at RB. Big Ben and his former targets AB Bell take a hit.

    7:49am Mar 16 from purpleipod15
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10:00pm Mar 6 from 0987steelers
  • Yes! I don't think he puts up top 5 WR #s again with Raiders. Get what you can!

    8:05pm Mar 12 from purpleipod15
  • ^ I agree. Realistically you could draft a WR like Thomas, Adams, etc. and a RB like Henry, Chubb, or Conner. AB may not have the same level of production. We just don't know

    3:54pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • Go for it. AB is hitting 30 on a terrible offense.

    3:38pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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5:14pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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9:35pm Feb 11 from tvela
  • no glad they did

    10:02am Feb 15 from chopr
  • Yes, very. They have Chubb.. what kind of message does that send? "You almost got 1000 yards rushing but we still want to bring in another great RB"

    5:12pm Feb 15 from billyg15
  • Believe it or not, that move and most moves Browns made are A to A+. They are at least divisional favorites. SB contenders if 2nd year leap for Mayfield. RB is a crucial depth position. The Browns took advantage of that.

    7:56am Mar 16 from purpleipod15
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7:53pm Feb 10 from tvela
  • i've had brown as a keeper for a couple years now i'm not sure, may move on to another player

    10:01am Feb 15 from chopr
  • brown i hope

    10:02am Feb 15 from chopr
  • brown

    12:50pm Feb 15 from Kevin111408
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7:51pm Feb 10 from tvela
  • Henry, Lindsay, Allen

    5:14pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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8:21am Feb 7 from NflCasebolt
  • lmao. Well top 100 is decided by peers/opponents. Guess they admire his comebacks and toughness..?

    5:14pm Feb 7 from billyg15
  • 2019 QB rankings I have Mahomes #1, Rodgers #2. Tom Shady out of top 200.

    4:24pm Feb 9 from purpleipod15
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9:13am Feb 4 from NflCasebolt
  • chargers and browns

    9:17am Feb 4 from owenblanchette
  • bears all the way

    9:59am Feb 4 from Gunter235
  • oh yea forgot to bring up the chargers

    10:11am Feb 4 from NflCasebolt
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