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asked by trailerguy1266
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1:53am Jan 21 from trailerguy1266
  • Raiders? Dolphins? Bills? Bucs? Who knows

    12:11pm Jan 21 from billyg15
  • I’ll go with Raiders

    4:27pm Jan 21 from nfox690
  • bills

    2:50pm Jan 27 from saxaphone1
  • If Hunt does not land at Bears, Ingram very well could.

    4:11pm Jan 27 from purpleipod15

    12:39am Jan 29 from leannrussell
  • Oakland Raiders

    4:17pm Jan 30 from savageperson21100
  • Raiders or Bucs

    6:06pm Jan 30 from sssssaaaaammmmm
  • Browns

    4:17pm Feb 3 from brownie4ever57

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8:04pm Feb 20 from purpleipod15
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5:14pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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9:35pm Feb 11 from tvela
  • no glad they did

    10:02am Feb 15 from chopr
  • Yes, very. They have Chubb.. what kind of message does that send? "You almost got 1000 yards rushing but we still want to bring in another great RB"

    5:12pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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7:53pm Feb 10 from tvela
  • i've had brown as a keeper for a couple years now i'm not sure, may move on to another player

    10:01am Feb 15 from chopr
  • brown i hope

    10:02am Feb 15 from chopr
  • brown

    12:50pm Feb 15 from Kevin111408
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7:51pm Feb 10 from tvela
  • Henry, Lindsay, Allen

    5:14pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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4:28pm Feb 9 from purpleipod15
  • It made the list of top 20 games of the season. and AFC championship got #1 lol

    5:15pm Feb 15 from billyg15
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8:21am Feb 7 from NflCasebolt
  • lmao. Well top 100 is decided by peers/opponents. Guess they admire his comebacks and toughness..?

    5:14pm Feb 7 from billyg15
  • 2019 QB rankings I have Mahomes #1, Rodgers #2. Tom Shady out of top 200.

    4:24pm Feb 9 from purpleipod15
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9:13am Feb 4 from NflCasebolt
  • chargers and browns

    9:17am Feb 4 from owenblanchette
  • bears all the way

    9:59am Feb 4 from Gunter235
  • oh yea forgot to bring up the chargers

    10:11am Feb 4 from NflCasebolt
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7:18pm Jan 29 from oharad59
  • Patriots

    7:49pm Jan 29 from koltsteiert
  • Patriots

    7:50pm Jan 29 from TomBradyfan15015
  • the non cheaters i hope

    8:30pm Jan 29 from chopr
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4:55pm Jan 28 from sangkook19
  • TODD

    12:37am Jan 29 from leannrussell
  • Pats D

    6:30pm Jan 29 from purplripod14
  • Woods

    8:01pm Jan 30 from ern7777
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8:04pm Jan 27 from purpleipod15
  • Have skills competition still, just like other sports!!

    8:17pm Jan 27 from purpleipod15
  • Yes I don't watch the Pro Bowl anymore.... I do like the skills competition !

    10:14am Jan 28 from tvela
  • o yea

    12:31am Jan 29 from leannrussell
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9:23am Jan 22 from tvela
  • No! Last 2 minutes of game should be played from spot of pass interference. It will not happen because NFL sucks!!!!

    11:36am Jan 26 from purpleipod15
  • No. Goodell would get more criticism.

    3:03pm Jan 29 from billyg15
  • no

    8:36pm Jan 29 from chopr
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