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Tony Romo 2014 (Comments)
9:05pm Apr 20 from tvela
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who will get to the super bowl in the AFC
8:57pm Apr 20 from eaglevsjet
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who will make it to the super bowl
8:55pm Apr 20 from eaglevsjet
  • Seahawks

    8:56pm Apr 20 from tvela
If the Cleveland Browns trade for Kirk Cousins. Would he be the answer for them at QB?
8:34pm Apr 20 from chaddios
  • Possible

    8:52pm Apr 20 from buckthehusky
  • ya

    8:51pm Apr 20 from eaglevsjet
Marcus LattimoreĀ 2014 (Comments)
7:28pm Apr 20 from tvela
  • Improve

    8:52pm Apr 20 from buckthehusky
  • Will improve

    8:14pm Apr 20 from apgame
  • Was out his 1st yr in the NFL because of an injury. He was very good in college, 4th round draft pick. Possible tandem RB w/Gore. RB2 for now

    8:15pm Apr 20 from tvela
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drew brees this year has 11 dome games is that good for his fantasy value
7:27pm Apr 20 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Yea

    8:52pm Apr 20 from buckthehusky
  • I would say yes since he cant play worth a crap outside.

    7:48pm Apr 20 from jdizzle45
  • Ya alot

    8:14pm Apr 20 from apgame
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Who should I start?
7:27pm Apr 20 from aguilas0710
  • McCoy

    8:16pm Apr 20 from tvela
Best for Eagles?
7:25pm Apr 20 from aguilas0710
  • Kelvin Benjamin

    8:17pm Apr 20 from tvela
1st Pick?
7:22pm Apr 20 from aguilas0710
  • Blake Bortles

    8:17pm Apr 20 from tvela
Who should I start?
7:21pm Apr 20 from aguilas0710
  • 1
    D. Brees NO Avg (1.0)
  • 2
    C. Newton CAR (2.2)
  • 3
    M. Ryan ATL (3.0)
  • 4
    J. McCown TB (3.8)
better nfc south qb
7:02pm Apr 20 from mohamedmohamed
Who should I start?
6:34pm Apr 20 from norsman123
  • Megatron.

    7:10pm Apr 20 from megatron8153
  • Megatron

    7:17pm Apr 20 from tvela