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  • Trade Away Receive
  • K. Rudolph TE MIN
    G. Bernard RB CIN
  • R. Mathews RB PHI
    S. Shepard WR NYG
11:27am Oct 21 from saskrugby
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  • Shady McCoy is out w/ a hammy...

    1:39pm Oct 20 from dadofsteel
  • Flex option start. Doug Martin is out too and Rodgers had like 30 touches last game but Gillislee looks like a better back. This is tough!

    3:47pm Oct 20 from gbouziden
  • Start Rodgers.

    8:30am Oct 21 from imjeremy
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  • now that mccoy is out, possibly for a few weeks, you got to add gillislee

    4:31pm Oct 20 from dennypam
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  • Why?

    2:58pm Oct 19 from sidwadv
  • M. Stafford QB DET
    M. Ryan QB ATL
  • M. Gordon RB SD
    L. Bell RB PIT
  • D. Murray RB TEN
    L. McCoy RB BUF
  • O. Beckham WR NYG
    J. Jones WR ATL
  • J. Nelson WR GB
    A. Robinson WR JAX
  • H. Henry TE SD
    C. Fleener TE NO
  • T. Coleman R/W/T ATL
    B. Cooks R/W/T NO
  • A. Vinatieri K IND
    J. Tucker K BAL
  • Cardinals DEF ARI
    Vikings DEF MIN
  • R. Wilson BN SEA
    D. Martin BN TB
  • D. Baldwin BN SEA
    S. Ware BN KC
  • M. Forte BN NYJ
    B. Roethlisberger BN PIT
  • J. Ajayi BN MIA
    J. McKinnon BN MIN
  • J. Reed BN WAS
    J. Edelman BN NE
  • Packers BN GB
    Bills BN BUF
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11:26am Oct 21 from jwanderson198
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11:25am Oct 21 from ace368