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  • Help me please! Championship weekend and need big output as the underdog! Thanks a million

    11:09pm Dec 16 from skeetbwitty28
  • the way i see it, ingram has the lower floor, but higher ceiling. im talking anywhere from like 4-24 pts. Wheres Forsett i think is a solid 14-18. Play it safe or gamble, choice is yours.

    1:13am Dec 17 from craigjs91
  • I agree completely with what Craig said. Suppose I'm going to take the gamble and go with Ingram. Just too hard to pass up that matchup. Know Falcons held Bell last week to around 47 yrds, but rest of the year their run D had been terrible. Also , keep in mind Houston is at home, and they do have J.J.Wyatt on D in a must win game. Bitter rivals between Ravens and Texans. Also Keenum isn't that bad and even practiced with Andre when he held out early in season. I'm from Houston. Things to ponder.

    11:34am Dec 17 from diamondgman
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11:54am Dec 17 from michaelalonzo
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  • really

    9:23am Dec 16 from watsonfootball81
  • really seen what manning has done for me lately lucky to be in the final

    11:31am Dec 16 from mikeiam1
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11:53am Dec 17 from throwupthex8824
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11:53am Dec 17 from giangualano777
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11:53am Dec 17 from ekiob
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  • R. Wilson QB SEA
    A. Rodgers QB GB
  • J. Bell RB DET
    E. Lacy RB GB
  • T. Mason RB STL
    C. Anderson RB DEN
  • D. Thomas WR DEN
    B. LaFell WR NE
  • A. Brown WR PIT
    O. Beckham WR NYG
  • J. Graham TE NO
    J. Thomas TE DEN
  • K. Benjamin W/R CAR
    D. Hopkins W/R HOU
  • C. Parkey K PHI
    M. Prater K DET
  • Cardinals DEF ARI
    Bills DEF BUF
  • M. Ryan BN ATL
    J. Hill BN CIN
  • C. Ivory BN NYJ
    M. Bryant BN PIT
  • J. Stewart BN CAR
    J. Thompson BN DEN
  • K. Allen BN SD
    D. Robinson BN JAX
  • R. Mathews BN SD
    H. Douglas BN ATL
  • J. Randle BN DAL
    Giants BN NYG
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11:52am Dec 17 from eswilliams
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  • PPR

    11:53am Dec 17 from eswilliams
  • I say u guys are about even

    11:54am Dec 17 from jmoroney14