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  • Play em until he plays below 25 points

    4:33am Oct 11 from supasquadboyz
  • I would go with Brees against DET. You are guaranteed 20+

    11:22am Oct 11 from ikickedyourbutt
  • Deshaun has done too good not to play against a not so good Cleveland offense

    11:31am Oct 11 from xAJCx4
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  • Big Ben. Brees on the road vs. a good D spells trouble.

    10:57am Jun 29 from geco11
  • Big Ben against Cleveland is the better pick

    8:46am Aug 2 from patsfan251099
  • thanks

    3:25pm Aug 11 from beastmaode99
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  • Carr

    9:40am Jul 27 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • coin flip

    9:38am Sep 5 from izape
  • That Raider defense is baaaaad

    9:00am Sep 6 from und3rcov3reagle
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  • I want to say Big Ben But I can't deny Aaron Rodgers is the bomb

    4:03pm Jun 23 from steelers7redsox26
  • Ben is going to face Cleveland and Rodgers is going to face Seattle... So, I'm 100% on Big Ben.

    10:56am Jul 7 from ElyasNogueira
  • I say Big Ben week one. he's playing the browns and according to simulations, they still suck.

    3:23pm Jul 7 from WorstFantasyTeam07
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  • This is basically picking who to win. And as of right now, Smith has 51%. COME ON TEXANS!!!!!!

    5:10pm Oct 3 from linkperez
  • Smith.....yes Watson had a great game against my TITANS last week....but trust me KC Chiefs defense is way better,He may have a decent game but nowhere near what a did last week.

    6:11am Oct 4 from stympaman
  • Smith seems like the safer choice, Watson is more boom-or-bust. I'd check point predictions for your upcoming game, whether you can coast to a win or need to be aggressive to win

    9:21am Oct 4 from timp26
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  • Man when did we ever think that a rookie QB would ever be preferred over Brady? xD. Watson will crush the Browns

    10:43pm Oct 9 from freshprincetk
  • no

    5:44am Oct 10 from jsuperbowl
  • Deshaun "will mow cleveland's lawn" Watson

    7:12am Oct 10 from ayedrian
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  • GB was worst d in league against wr last yr they cant cover anyone plus they have trouble with running qbs and Pitt rons the ball 35 times a game Wilsonis the answer don't listen to all the Steeler fans

    9:45pm Aug 18 from 68gbgpa
  • Roethlisberger is unstartable away. Look at his home/away splits... Even against Cleveland the numbers don't look good. Healthy Russ over Roeth Away every time

    5:44am Aug 26 from burns626
  • Two things to consider

    1).- Antonio Brown
    2).- Its the browns.

    also GB's should improve when compared to last year.

    11:55am Aug 27 from prea
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  • I love Tyrod and I actually have the same two quarterbacks in my ESPN league. I would say Mariota for Week One. Last year Oakland struggled on defense until late in the season and the Vegas lines has the Tennessee game as a higher scoring game than the Buffalo game.

    10:19am Aug 16 from saintsfanatic80
  • I am picking Mariota. However the prospect of Taylor running with the ball, makes me wonder if he might come up on top in fantasy points for week 1.

    7:02am Aug 25 from darkwing007
  • Tyrod won't play-concussion

    8:29pm Sep 4 from lukacher
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  • I think Watson is a fluke considering he's taken advantage of struggling defenses, he will be tested against Seattle. I'd go with Smith because a home game against Denver allows him to rebound from the last two losses

    7:14am Oct 24 from greenbeans71195
  • Denver's defense isn't getting any kind of help from the offense. The offense can't run. They can't pass. Defense is going to wear down eventually

    8:34am Oct 24 from freshprincetk
  • Seattles defense is playing better, I go with Smith in a game in kansas over watson in a game in seattle.

    11:25am Oct 25 from daniigasoll
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  • watson is playing in seatle, never know how he will perform under that pressure. brees is the safer option, but ya kno, the nfl is kinda weird this year.

    11:11pm Oct 24 from thegucciman22
  • Watson has the higher ceiling, but Brees is the safer bet- but how do you go against Watson this year?

    8:36am Oct 25 from Minitron111
  • I agree that the NFL has been very weird this year. I would say that Brees is the safer option, but I haven't been very happy with his performance in the last two games. On the other hand, Watson is coming off of a Bye week so he might be more prepared to go against Seatle. It's a good question and I'm still very torn on who to start

    7:33am Oct 26 from jdog9107
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  • only reason i would think to start watson is because he is playing the browns

    3:09pm Oct 10 from kjacobss
  • Vikings have a good defense and slow down Aaron. Watson is playing the browns and they cannot stop QB's

    9:40am Oct 11 from rstempski
  • I agree, Watson's playing browns and they're not that good. This year. Some years they put up a good fight and this year thus far isn't it.

    6:00pm Oct 11 from jsmith211
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  • Denver's defense is getting no help at all. No one is afraid of the No Fly Zone anymore. Talented? Yes, absolutely. Worn out and beat up? Also yes

    12:28pm Nov 7 from freshprincetk
  • I normally wouldn't go against Brady, but Goff is playing out of his mind and Houston's D is giving up the 4th most fantasy points to QB's and 6th most to WR's, DEN is 18th and 29th respectively.

    4:24am Nov 8 from motherducker
  • Goff will definitely have more fantasy points. And this is coming from a lifetime Patriots fan! And motherducker is right Houston is giving up some big numbers to QB's

    12:42pm Nov 11 from jdog9107
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