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asked by nfl100500
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8:16am Aug 16 from nfl100500
  • Yeah, if there isn't a better one you can pick up in free agency.

    8:26am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • keep him

    9:00am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • keep. He is the lead back on Carolina and as your backup RB? A huge steal in my opinion

    9:31am Aug 16 from rosscoleman
  • Keep him

    10:58am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • keep

    2:05pm Aug 16 from osudengaard
  • keep

    2:37pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • lead back Is Williams now .Drop him

    4:29pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333

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7:46pm Oct 31 from azbirdgang84
  • yes

    7:46pm Oct 31 from tjsteelers17
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7:44pm Oct 31 from riches1990
  • Try Hill, Gio is out and he will get touches

    7:48pm Oct 31 from odyseus1960
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7:34pm Oct 31 from riches1990
  • QB Andrew Luck
    QB Russell Wilson
    RB M.Lynch
    RB A.Bradshaw
    RB Ben Tate
    WR AJ Green
    WR Brandon Lafell
    WR Odell Beckham
    WR Michael Floyd
    WR Mike Evans
    TE Greg Olsen
    TE Martellus Bennett
    K Adam Vinateri
    DEF Texans
    DEF Browns

    7:34pm Oct 31 from riches1990
  • Browns Defense or Texans

    7:38pm Oct 31 from bravesfan99
Are you the best Fantasy coach?
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7:30pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • I do

    7:39pm Oct 31 from bravesfan99
  • Same here

    7:55pm Oct 31 from 3ach39
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7:25pm Oct 31 from mellymel123
  • The word here in Buffalo is that he thinks he can be back week 10. Week 11 is a safer bet though. That will be one month of recovery, which was the initial estimate. Fred has always been a quick healer, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was back week 10.

    7:36pm Oct 31 from kgunandrun
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7:21pm Oct 31 from moegoe
  • QB: Luck, Romo; best waiver wire option is Palmer
    RB: Lynch, Bradshaw, Morris, Oliver, Hillman
    WR: Megatron, Vjax, Garcon, Cooks

    7:22pm Oct 31 from moegoe
  • No Luck is to good!

    7:32pm Oct 31 from winn18
  • Whle Luck is good, Jordy, TY and Megatron are an unbelievable trio going into the stretch. If Romo is hurt, you will have to use Palmer so you will lose about 10 points a game there. The WR corps will more than make up for that loss.

    7:40pm Oct 31 from odyseus1960
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7:17pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • Who's your other TE?

    7:19pm Oct 31 from damian0s
  • Jimmy Graham

    7:19pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • drop Reed

    7:23pm Oct 31 from moegoe
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7:16pm Oct 31 from wriestsix
  • Wait

    7:17pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • Brandon LaFell & Terrance Williams are my starting WR's. Mark Ingram @Flex

    7:18pm Oct 31 from wriestsix
  • wait..

    7:23pm Oct 31 from moegoe
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7:15pm Oct 31 from mrautomatik
  • Yes, the Colts defense (despite that horrendous performance last week, is pretty good, especially vs. WR.) Although Keenan Allen is inconsistent, I think it is the right choice in this situation. I would also wait acouple weeks for Odell. Besides TDs he's done really nothing.

    7:19pm Oct 31 from alexlord
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7:13pm Oct 31 from moegoe
  • QB: Luck & Romo; waiver wire options are Tannehill & Palmer
    RB: Lynch, Bradshaw, Oliver, Morris, Hillman
    WR: Garcon, Cooks, Vjax, Megatron
    TE: Olsen

    7:15pm Oct 31 from moegoe
  • I would make that trade. You are OK if Romo is not hurt. You could play Palmer safely, but with less production than Romo.

    7:19pm Oct 31 from odyseus1960
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7:08pm Oct 31 from alaverdman13
  • My other RB is mathews who I will use for bye weeks at 11 and 12 for murray and leveon bell. And currently I own Denver D but weeks 14-16 arent too promising other than against buffalo. Thoughts?

    7:09pm Oct 31 from alaverdman13
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7:07pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • QBs:

    Andrew Luck
    Matthew Stafford


    Matt Forte
    Mark Ingram
    Andre Ellington
    Ronnie Hillman
    Rashad Jennings
    Branden Oliver


    Antonio Brown
    A.J. Green
    Golden Tate
    Donte Moncrief


    Dwayne Allen

    7:07pm Oct 31 from alexlord
  • Good team. Keep it that way

    7:16pm Oct 31 from moegoe
  • ^ Thanks!

    7:19pm Oct 31 from alexlord
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