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asked by nfl100500
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8:16am Aug 16 from nfl100500
  • Yeah, if there isn't a better one you can pick up in free agency.

    8:26am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • keep him

    9:00am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • keep. He is the lead back on Carolina and as your backup RB? A huge steal in my opinion

    9:31am Aug 16 from rosscoleman
  • Keep him

    10:58am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • keep

    2:05pm Aug 16 from osudengaard
  • keep

    2:37pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • lead back Is Williams now .Drop him

    4:29pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333

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7:04pm Sep 2 from patrickstar42
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7:02pm Sep 2 from chocolatelover24
  • No, I'd keep Hill over Hyde.

    7:05pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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7:01pm Sep 2 from tito9305
  • Sounds pretty good are you recieving Charles?

    7:02pm Sep 2 from nfox580
  • Yes I would be receiving Charles

    7:04pm Sep 2 from tito9305
  • Oops I misread that on my first comment. No, I'd keep Martin and Cobb. Martin's in for a good year, along with Cobb.

    7:04pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:58pm Sep 2 from nfox580
  • No

    6:59pm Sep 2 from badanthony
  • So that should say accept and that should say good for me

    7:02pm Sep 2 from nfox580
  • Yes, I'd accept as long as you have other decent WRs.

    7:02pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:57pm Sep 2 from alecdhartman
  • No.

    7:05pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:57pm Sep 2 from howard02
  • A lil

    6:58pm Sep 2 from nfox580
  • Not really. It might actually be a smart move, depending on the rest of your team.

    7:03pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:55pm Sep 2 from patrickstar42
  • See if he'd do a 4th rd pick. If not then yes

    7:00pm Sep 2 from pats1120fan
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6:53pm Sep 2 from carrickrageous
  • Saints

    6:58pm Sep 2 from howard02
  • Saints but not by much cause Ryan has Julio and Roddy both healthy

    7:03pm Sep 2 from nfox580
  • Saints.

    7:05pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:48pm Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • If so any suggestions

    6:49pm Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • No, Jeffery will be a good option this year.

    7:03pm Sep 2 from biggestcardsfanseth
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6:47pm Sep 2 from juicethis
  • you think he will bite? he made me offer for luck first. current wr and qb on roster are WR: M.crabtree E.decker K.benjamin M.wheaton T.austin QB: luck and matty ice

    6:48pm Sep 2 from juicethis
  • Luck will have a great year, if not top 5 or easily a top 10 season. Yes, QBs are plentiful yet so are the WRs. I'd say keep Luck and try to dangle both Jackson/Decker/(someone else) for Bernard and Allen. Allen's stats will regress with Malcolm Floyd coming back from woeful '13 injury and you have plentiful of mouths to feed in SD (Woodhead, Mathews, Green, Gates). New OC Frank Reich's first gig as a coordinator; before that he was Whisenhunt's QB coach with no coordinator experiences,

    7:02pm Sep 2 from snotchy
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6:46pm Sep 2 from younghibachi20
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6:40pm Sep 2 from aallen07
  • I think he will put up better numbers than bush this year and he is 2-3 bush fumbles away from taking the starting job

    6:51pm Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • Bell is a good flex player

    6:59pm Sep 2 from howard02