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asked by nfl100500
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8:16am Aug 16 from nfl100500
  • Yeah, if there isn't a better one you can pick up in free agency.

    8:26am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • keep him

    9:00am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • keep. He is the lead back on Carolina and as your backup RB? A huge steal in my opinion

    9:31am Aug 16 from rosscoleman
  • Keep him

    10:58am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • keep

    2:05pm Aug 16 from osudengaard
  • keep

    2:37pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • lead back Is Williams now .Drop him

    4:29pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333

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8:50am Mar 30 from eh14
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8:45am Mar 30 from eh14
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8:42am Mar 30 from eh14
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5:25am Mar 30 from harryvan
  • Decreasing numbers, age, money - who knows exactly? But I agree that it is a shame, considering that even someone like Trent Richardson got work...

    7:05am Mar 30 from traintes
  • cause he can't get it done anymore

    8:17am Mar 30 from chopr
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6:02pm Mar 29 from noahco2019
  • Eagles

    6:13pm Mar 29 from eacino52
  • On the Surface: BUF

    6:13pm Mar 29 from harryvan
  • Bills

    7:02pm Mar 29 from kgunandrun
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9:13pm Mar 28 from eh14
  • fine how it is

    10:20pm Mar 28 from chopr
  • Yes

    5:17am Mar 29 from rasmusm20
  • nah

    7:52am Mar 29 from gopatsyadav6
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9:12pm Mar 28 from eh14
  • like the idea of the ball on the 1 yd line for the 2 points

    10:20pm Mar 28 from chopr
  • I don't like them

    7:59am Mar 29 from matthicks2428
  • 15yd line kick

    12:13pm Mar 29 from tvela
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7:51pm Mar 28 from cremadad
  • Im back after a lot of time

    7:51pm Mar 28 from cremadad
  • Sure...............

    7:52pm Mar 28 from benallstars
  • I guess

    9:24pm Mar 28 from jdizzle45
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6:33pm Mar 28 from ceschenerlein
  • 32

    7:21pm Mar 28 from frankie2102
  • No but he could potentially be top 15 easily

    7:35pm Mar 28 from pbeddi01
  • Absolutely not. He's too old and the Colts will still throw a lot. I agree he could be top 15 though

    9:21pm Mar 28 from jdizzle45
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3:35pm Mar 28 from benallstars
  • Tough but I think packers. They seem a lot better

    7:35pm Mar 28 from pbeddi01
  • Just remember it's at Denver

    8:03pm Mar 28 from benallstars
  • But honestly Manning needs to call it quits, he's had a good career, he's too old, he chokes too much, no offence though. So if Denver were to finish the following season with a winning record, then I'd trade up in the draft to get a QB

    8:05pm Mar 28 from benallstars
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11:34pm Mar 27 from eh14
  • Not yet. But he will be going down a little bit

    12:18am Mar 28 from kllbjfamily
  • What? No

    3:56am Mar 28 from harryvan
  • no but a late round pick

    7:42am Mar 28 from kidbreath
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11:31pm Mar 27 from eh14
  • I like the way it is. If anything add two more teams for each side and still have a bye week for one and two

    12:20am Mar 28 from kllbjfamily
  • Expand? Add more Wildcards? I dunno..

    4:08am Mar 28 from harryvan
  • i like the way it is now

    8:42am Mar 28 from ultimateramsfan14
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