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Who should I start?
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  • Are people choosing Rodgers because the Bears have a better chance of keeping it a close game, requiring him to throw more? Or is it because Romo may suffer the same fate as Rodgers when he played Minnesota this week, going up big early and running the ball 41 times? A different reason perhaps?

    1:50pm Oct 28 from vanwiepaul
  • Rodgers still has down games though. Its not as if rodgers has outscored romo every week and im a vikes fan so I know how porous their secondary is. Chi towns not so much. Hard decision

    7:43am Oct 29 from kingdonald13
  • Why Rodgers? Why Romo? Romo is going against a worse defense... Rodgers has been more consistent... Just want some feedback to make a better decision.

    7:58am Oct 29 from newyears83
  • its because rodgers should never ever ever be benched i dont care who they're playing its nothing against romo who is a fantasy stud but manning brees and rodgers are untouchable

    1:56pm Oct 29 from jarretttortorella
  • Oh my gosh just say romo or rodgers!!!!!!

    5:01pm Oct 30 from jgatz32
  • DO NOT PICK ROMO! Despite Rodgers losing receivers and awesome matchups for Romo in week 6 and 7, Rodgers outperformed Romo both times. Don't doubt Rodgers.

    It doesn't matter that it is against the Vikings - Romo failed to perform in those two great matchups week 6 and 7. Go Rodgers.

    5:26pm Oct 30 from woca
  • ROMO

    9:56pm Oct 31 from thesanchizer

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Who should I start?
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  • Rodgers.

    11:19am Jun 26 from megatron8153
  • No choice.

    1:33pm Jun 26 from nileshellmers
  • Rodgers. Easy.

    7:17pm Jun 26 from giantsfan2125
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Who should I start?
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  • Kaep

    10:50pm Jun 7 from tvela
  • Dallas has the worst rushing de in the league(basically), and one of the worst d ever. Expect Kaep to go nuts, i wouldnt be surprised if he gets 40+ points, atleast 30

    6:30am Jun 8 from alexidu
  • Kaep

    6:33am Jun 8 from tommanning69
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  • Spilller

    10:38am Jul 12 from vikingfan49
  • Spiller

    11:30am Jul 12 from rigor973
  • gore

    8:45pm Jul 20 from dragonsx2
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  • Patterson.

    10:03am Jul 9 from azcardslover
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  • Gronk is too injury prone

    5:02pm Jul 12 from nfox580

    11:51am Jul 24 from vanwalter
  • lol wow they look alike...

    3:16pm Jul 28 from monkeystachmo99
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