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asked by tvela
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12:16pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Down. It will be like the Giants backfield!!!

    1:00pm Apr 18 from purpleipod15
  • Down!!! There are 3 RBs there right now and all of them have a roll.

    1:08pm Apr 18 from lfredhawks12
  • who knows with the pats

    8:42am Apr 19 from chopr
  • That depends on why they took Gillislee, if they are compensating for potentially letting go of LeGarrete Blount then probably up. If they picked him up as a safety net for picking up Rex Burkhead then probably down because I see Burkhead turning more heads

    8:15pm Apr 19 from smumpy
  • No idea

    12:40pm Apr 20 from vikings91599
  • Down

    6:05pm Apr 20 from felipe2003
  • Don't go ripping my giants

    4:03pm Apr 21 from newyorkfanone

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8:52pm Dec 17 from slinkbc89
  • yeah

    9:01pm Dec 17 from mets55
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8:37pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • Losers never win! LOL!

    8:43pm Dec 17 from ne420
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7:48pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
  • Nope you lose big! LOL!

    8:31pm Dec 17 from ne420
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6:42pm Dec 17 from mrautomatik
  • It’s Possible.

    7:26pm Dec 17 from eljayyyy
  • Tuff to say.. good news tho, TB will be wo Lavonte David

    7:42pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • If it was PPR I would guarantee it. But that’s tough. I say 4 catches for 32 yards

    7:54pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
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5:49pm Dec 17 from perrymaster3
  • M. Wallace vs Colts
    C. Kupp @ Tenn
    J. Nelson vs Min
    N. Agholor vs Oak
    T. Williams @ Jets
    K. Wright vs Cle

    Thanks in advance!

    5:53pm Dec 17 from perrymaster3
  • Same boat. I'm thinking about M Bryant,Agholor or Goodwin

    5:54pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • Agholor or Kupp

    6:27pm Dec 17 from andrewvb1
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5:02pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
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4:41pm Dec 17 from ttrusaw
  • Nope

    4:49pm Dec 17 from ne420
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4:39pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
  • They win big LOL!

    4:40pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • Really

    4:41pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
  • Stupid answer to a stupid question.

    4:50pm Dec 17 from ne420
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3:39pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • Gurley's got 42 and the 4th quarter just started lol

    3:39pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • 61

    4:09pm Dec 17 from tvela
  • Would you start Alfred Morris or Rod Smith

    4:14pm Dec 17 from jeep68
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1:49pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
  • who wins i meant but i ran out of characters

    1:56pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
  • Should be close but I say loss

    3:00pm Dec 17 from ethanle120
  • Burk and brien went out too yikes

    4:40pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
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1:29pm Dec 17 from brooksy49ers
  • you for sure

    1:45pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
  • You good

    2:53pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
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12:48pm Dec 17 from gus91
  • No

    1:02pm Dec 17 from duane5252