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asked by robiulislamreayd
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4:37am Jul 17 from robiulislamreayd
  • jerk

    6:13am Jul 17 from chopr
  • ass

    12:37pm Jul 17 from chopr

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8:47pm Aug 16 from acmurrell34
  • Edelman Arob and Powell

    8:48pm Aug 16 from nfox580
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8:38pm Aug 16 from erodriguez20
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7:24pm Aug 16 from zenboozer
  • It's too late and time for you to get some sleep. I'm kidding I don't know I don't do mock drafts tbh I think they're stupid

    7:29pm Aug 16 from nfox580
  • ^ live draft isn't a mock draft. Maybe a server error. Try doing a set draft instead

    7:50pm Aug 16 from neewollah
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7:05pm Aug 16 from gaspasserri
  • Make it public

    7:17pm Aug 16 from nfox580
  • Dah!!

    7:18pm Aug 16 from purpleipod15
  • Under manage settings

    7:19pm Aug 16 from neewollah
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7:05pm Aug 16 from hai619
  • 4 team league?

    7:08pm Aug 16 from neewollah
  • ^ neewollah answer my email

    7:17pm Aug 16 from nfox580
  • Yes

    7:18pm Aug 16 from purpleipod15
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6:51pm Aug 16 from gaspasserri
  • ...crickets...

    8:37pm Aug 16 from neewollah
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6:39pm Aug 16 from emoney3280
  • Mccoy

    6:40pm Aug 16 from kep128
  • shady

    6:41pm Aug 16 from sflynn333
  • Any reason y McCoy?

    6:41pm Aug 16 from emoney3280
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6:33pm Aug 16 from largent8028
  • 12 or so

    6:36pm Aug 16 from neewollah
  • Or later

    7:18pm Aug 16 from purpleipod15
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6:31pm Aug 16 from redfish221
  • Sucks

    6:33pm Aug 16 from neewollah
  • Rodgers (3)

    D Cook (4)
    T Montgomery (7)
    Abdullah (8)
    Ingram (9)
    Peterson (11)
    J Stewart (12)

    Julio (1)
    D Adams (5)
    K Allen (6)
    M Bryant (10)

    Gronk (2)
    H Henry (13)

    Especially curious about vikingfans' trade ideas. Feel good about it. neewollah, nobody likes you.

    6:53pm Aug 16 from redfish221
  • I aim to please, but honestly ur team blows more than you do on a Saturday night

    7:01pm Aug 16 from neewollah
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6:22pm Aug 16 from FootballBabe26
  • My Team tab near the top- Edit Settings

    6:26pm Aug 16 from redfish221
  • redfish changes his team pic to kiddie porn

    7:03pm Aug 16 from neewollah
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4:06pm Aug 16 from mofizalam
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3:47pm Aug 16 from vikingfan301
  • depends on QB

    4:07pm Aug 16 from geauxsaintssanctify
  • ^ and if it's standard league, you'd be fine starting out with just one QB til that QB gets injured or is on a bye week in which u just drop a bench player for a new QB

    4:12pm Aug 16 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • My rule is if I spend a Round 5 or higher price on QB that's Because I only want to draft one.

    6:27pm Aug 16 from redfish221
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