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asked by forgive410
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2:16am Nov 11 from forgive410

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8:53pm Oct 18 from hyekevin
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8:41pm Oct 18 from gus91
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8:25pm Oct 18 from ColinAhlen
  • I thought both were good plays tonight. I benched Bears and grabbed the wrong one!!!

    8:32pm Oct 18 from purpleipod15
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8:16pm Oct 18 from footballguy8596
  • Keep both if possible

    8:54pm Oct 18 from hyekevin
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6:37pm Oct 18 from ss125
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6:33pm Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • QB-Trubisky
    WR-Mike Evans
    Rodgers (BYE)
    Lockett (BYE)
    Keke Coutee
    Marlon Mack

    6:34pm Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • play brees, even with the tough matchup

    6:54pm Oct 18 from greg444
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6:30pm Oct 18 from Dolphan17101990
  • Don't necessarily need him but thought he could be a good player to stash on the bench

    6:31pm Oct 18 from Dolphan17101990
  • No

    6:44pm Oct 18 from Footballman2714
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6:27pm Oct 18 from trailerguy1266
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6:23pm Oct 18 from imytopak
  • Hyde, Dallas is good against rbs

    6:29pm Oct 18 from ss125
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6:13pm Oct 18 from Goat12brasy
  • Drop both and pick some else... D'onta freeman

    6:16pm Oct 18 from flyingpaninis
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5:39pm Oct 18 from brooksy49ers
  • HYes it is Landry is taking over get cole Beasley

    5:43pm Oct 18 from sdepaolo
  • I Agree

    6:03pm Oct 18 from josiahdolph
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5:11pm Oct 18 from AlonzoB3
  • Kettle

    5:12pm Oct 18 from 25kc
  • I think it's George Kittle, He didn't have much of a game last week, so watch for him to bounce back this week, i bet he'll get you 15-18 Points

    6:09pm Oct 18 from josiahdolph
  • I’d go cj I like the volume he will be getting

    6:48pm Oct 18 from Goat12brasy