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asked by cdinkins
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5:06pm Nov 14 from cdinkins
  • Maybe Funchess and Miller or McKinnon

    5:43pm Nov 14 from zeop
  • thanks

    5:57pm Nov 14 from cdinkins
  • As a Kareem Hunt owner, I’d want a top RB in return along with a solid bench player or better. It also depends on the team tho. Look for their biggest needs and attack it hard. Offer them prob ur best player of that position or something.

    6:06pm Nov 14 from 27kareemhunt27
  • If I had hunt I wouldn't want any of the players you just mentioned

    6:17pm Nov 14 from eljayyyy
  • Got him for McKinnon and Fuchess

    2:20pm Nov 17 from cdinkins

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12:17pm Oct 18 from nfox580
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11:23am Oct 18 from footballguy8596
  • Nope

    11:24am Oct 18 from AirballFM
  • No

    11:26am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • .

    12:11pm Oct 18 from Harleyweeks
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11:08am Oct 18 from segrueman34
  • QBs Cousins Rivers
    RBs gurley Mccaffery soney Michel Jordan Howard breida clement
    WRs diggs Edelman Davante Adams A Robinson Tyler Boyd
    Te Hooper
    K adam vinatieri
    D Ravens

    11:13am Oct 18 from segrueman34
  • Clement but do you really need him

    11:18am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • ^

    12:13pm Oct 18 from nfox580
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10:51am Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • They both get about the same amount of touches, but I’d go Clement better offense

    12:16pm Oct 18 from segrueman34
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10:51am Oct 18 from footballguy8596
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10:26am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • yes

    10:36am Oct 18 from beck1016
  • no

    10:44am Oct 18 from josepatino25
  • Keep Gordon trade him someone else and Edelman

    11:19am Oct 18 from segrueman34
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10:25am Oct 18 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I still like kamara and Theilen late in the season especially ppr

    10:27am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • Yeah me too, I was just thinking it could be a good idea to trade for younger players who are just as good. Idk, I may just keep my guys lol

    11:00am Oct 18 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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10:05am Oct 18 from NflCasebolt
  • omg Ingram

    10:15am Oct 18 from clarkebar1013
  • Ingram for the rest of the season

    10:28am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
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10:02am Oct 18 from herecomestheboom9
  • C.J. Mosley hasn’t been good and Williamson has been great the entire season. Should I add Williamson and drop Mosley or is Mosley to get better long term?

    10:03am Oct 18 from herecomestheboom9
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9:48am Oct 18 from hootonkhamun
  • Other RBs are Zeke, lamar miller, and derek henry. Other WRs are Julio, Robert woods, and Coutee.

    9:49am Oct 18 from hootonkhamun
  • yes cook might go into a comitee while odell is the #1

    9:53am Oct 18 from kronce
  • You’re putting yourself thin at rb

    10:29am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
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9:48am Oct 18 from spiderman12ify
  • davis, jones side
    wentz is a good qb but u can find streamers that put similar numbers and cooper is the defention of boom or bust
    meanwhile jones is a solid deep threat and davis gets a good target share

    9:55am Oct 18 from kronce
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9:46am Oct 18 from Champ9021