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asked by willaby06
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5:01pm Dec 7 from willaby06
  • definitely.. i always try and counter a teams number 1 wr with their qb. go with ben

    5:03pm Dec 7 from blim26
  • Yep big ben

    5:04pm Dec 7 from bfloresk9
  • kirk

    5:24pm Dec 7 from RyanRaiders2010
  • yeah go ben

    6:25pm Dec 7 from wyattcamo
  • Big Ben..

    9:13pm Dec 7 from tvela

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3:20am Jul 17 from 1717chargers
  • QB:Philip Rivers
    RB:Leonard Fournette, SaquonBarkley
    WRs: Aj Green, Doug Baldwin
    TE: Zach Ertz
    W/R: Demaryius Thomas
    K: Justin Tucker
    Def: Saints

    BN:Marshawn Lynch
    BN:Pierre Garcon
    BN:Sterling Shepard
    BN:Dion Lewis
    BN:Aaron Jones
    BN: Charles Clay

    3:20am Jul 17 from 1717chargers
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8:31pm Jul 16 from WizMagicasta
  • And will he perform better than in Pittsburgh?

    8:31pm Jul 16 from WizMagicasta
  • He will perform great anywhere no matter what Pittsburgh in my opinion needs to try harder to keep him there who knows where he'll go either way no matter where he goes he'll be a difference maker a lot of teams have a set RB already but I feel like a lot of teams would rush to get him it's the same with Dez Bryant he should be on a team right now

    9:27pm Jul 16 from nfox580
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7:07pm Jul 16 from redskinschristian
  • Go to your league homepage and look at the URL at the top. The numbers are the ID

    7:46pm Jul 16 from chillrays
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5:56pm Jul 16 from tjj1205
  • Kamara. He already proved himself in the NFL

    6:26pm Jul 16 from billyg15
  • kamara

    6:27pm Jul 16 from nfltraveler
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4:48pm Jul 16 from tjj1205
  • thomas from the saints

    5:01pm Jul 16 from och005
  • Well immediately two names come to mind. Alvin Kamara and Antonio Brown. I would go with Kamara. He gets plenty of yards through the ground and through the air. And PPR adds to it as well. With Brown, you get plenty of yards, but only through the air. I would go with Kamara

    5:03pm Jul 16 from billyg15
  • Whoever is left outta Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJ, Brown, and Kamara

    5:52pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
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1:54pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
  • I'm not a Bell owner but i'm just surprised that the Steelers and Bell cannot come to terms on a long term deal. Bell is more than likely being greedy, but when you play RB and you have a high injury risk playing that position, you have no choice but to demand as much money as possible. The Steelers would be fools to let a talent like Bell go....

    2:05pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
  • They already are fools they did the same stupid shit to bell last year

    3:51pm Jul 16 from nfox580
  • All I'm trying to do is picture Bell on another team. It doesn't work

    4:34pm Jul 16 from billyg15
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12:47pm Jul 16 from WizMagicasta
  • yes

    12:56pm Jul 16 from nfltraveler
  • after Hard Knocks the Bucs were everybody's darlings.... and then they totally underperformed.... I don't see, why you should expect more...

    1:15pm Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • Yes

    3:25pm Jul 16 from chillrays
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12:38pm Jul 16 from WizMagicasta
  • most possibly

    12:56pm Jul 16 from nfltraveler
  • Its like the Odell hype. way too much but he still is a good player

    4:32pm Jul 16 from billyg15
  • He should do well

    5:53pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
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11:12am Jul 16 from patsnation1215
  • Kamara all day. Barkley will have a good year, but I don't think he is an RB1. Probably an RB2. But he is way overvalued for fantasy

    11:14am Jul 16 from billyg15
  • you won't get Kamara at 7...but I'd pick Gordon over Barkley as well

    12:21pm Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • ^ Actually tom my only draft I did so far Kamara fell to me at 7, some guy took Barkley at 5

    12:26pm Jul 16 from billyg15
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9:01am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • is it me, is it the fact, that the teams are set? It would now be a 6 team league... so there his high fantasy value in the teams already, yet there is so much left on the waiver wire (only 90 picks made...) and noone said you are not allowed to pursue trades to get players you like better .... there is still a lot of space to work your teams over...

    9:09am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • "there his high" = there is high

    9:17am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • Ok so I wasn't really interested in the 8 team one, I had no idea you changed it to 6 teams. I would be interested in taking either hipster reloaded OR the one with Brees, Roethlisberger, Hunt, Gordon...etc. Reply with what I need to do to join

    11:40am Jul 16 from billyg15
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7:05am Jul 16 from segrueman34
  • first two games, sharing snaps with J. Williams as RB, depending on his performance might RB1.... but coach McCarthy said earlier this preseason, they consider using him as "hybrid" which means, he could be slot receiver on eraly downs, when Williams and Jones share snaps and be the 3rd down RB

    7:35am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • eraly=early

    7:35am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
  • I would not mind having him on the bench on a fantasy roster... and see, how the Packers use him... if there's no upside to expect get someone from the waiver wire... but I would have to have 2 starting RBs and ideally a valuable flex player... so that I can sit it out

    7:39am Jul 16 from tomfromgermany
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5:08pm Jul 15 from billyg15
  • QBs Rivers, Roethlisberger
    RBs Kamara, Cook, Howard, Ingram
    WRs Baldwin, M. Jones, Crabtree, Hogan, Fuller.
    TEs Graham, Burton
    K Gould
    DEF Saints.

    5:10pm Jul 15 from billyg15
  • WRs kinda need work

    6:23pm Jul 15 from nfox580
  • I would package Rivers and Ingram and see if you can get an upgrade at QB. Maybe a Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees or a Matthew Stafford. I wouldn't feel very good about relying on Rivers and Big Ben week to week. Also trade Burton, you don't need two TEs when you have Graham. Package Burton and Marvin Jones and get an upgrade at WR. Like a JuJu, DT, Diggs, etc etc

    6:23pm Jul 15 from vikingfan301
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