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asked by cannabisarsonist
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8:26am Dec 31 from cannabisarsonist
  • In 2 leagues this year lost in semis in one and this week im down by 44 points in championship

    8:46am Dec 31 from timmyt871
  • Last 4yrs, played in total of 28 different leagues... with exception of this year (7 teams)... of the 21 prev, I have 11 Championships, 4 Runnersup, 3 3rds, 1 4th, 1 5th and 1 6th, Now with this yrs 7 teams... I am in 4 Championships, 2 Runnersup and 1 horrible 9th place.

    8:52am Dec 31 from navyjeff51
  • I’ve made the Championship every year, not multiple leagues, since I started in 07. Let’s blaze

    1:29pm Dec 31 from ne420
  • 3rd

    6:17pm Dec 31 from bhbaxter13
  • Last yr. I didn't do diddly. This yr. much better 1 championship in 10 team league, 1 champ in 12...TWELVE team league, several 3rds. & a 4th. I'm happy & congratulations sports ;-]...Happy New Year sports!!!

    7:15pm Dec 31 from trailerguy1266
  • Started good and then injuries happened. I guess there's always next year

    10:27am Jan 1 from gator64
  • 3 championships out of 4 teams, all 4 made playoffs

    2:45pm Jan 2 from SaintsChamp99

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2:25pm Oct 18 from NickRandall76
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2:22pm Oct 18 from chrismadrid10
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2:11pm Oct 18 from gus91
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2:10pm Oct 18 from gus91
  • Dion Lewis 100%

    2:12pm Oct 18 from Charliieetaylor
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2:07pm Oct 18 from yervaldo
  • Mack

    2:10pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
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2:00pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
  • no, this week against Saints he´ll bounce back

    2:15pm Oct 18 from yervaldo
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1:56pm Oct 18 from CincyFan4513
  • no

    1:57pm Oct 18 from cavdo6
  • No

    2:00pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
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1:54pm Oct 18 from kgmartin
  • Crabtree... most likely gonna be forced into a shootout

    2:01pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
  • Keke if you don feel comfortable with Crabtree

    2:01pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
  • callaway

    2:08pm Oct 18 from yervaldo
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1:40pm Oct 18 from albertoguakil1
  • Boyd... just read the analysis on him from the fantasy analysts, and going against the porous KC secondary out of the slot in KC, figuring to be playing from behind? He is the play. Emmanuel is alright this week too, but this figures to be a heavier run script considering the state of the Card rushing D

    1:54pm Oct 18 from nkhubbs
  • Agreed with the previous comment. Boyd sees a lot of targets, and the game between the Bengals and Chiefs could be very high scoring. Boyd is the way to go here.

    1:59pm Oct 18 from jkl1985
  • Boyd.. most likely will be in a shootout with a shit defense... Arizona isnt good either but has a better secondary than kcs

    2:02pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
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1:07pm Oct 18 from footballguy8596
  • Lutz has been better off this year with more opportunity.

    1:22pm Oct 18 from rocky764

    2:02pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
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1:01pm Oct 18 from footballguy8596
  • Keep lutz

    2:03pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz
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12:49pm Oct 18 from tmarcolina
  • yes

    12:53pm Oct 18 from gbonner34
  • yep

    12:57pm Oct 18 from 1Bolden7
  • Mhmm

    2:03pm Oct 18 from tommithunderz