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asked by 11chong21
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2:48pm Sep 10 from 11chong21
  • no when he comes back he could get big points

    2:49pm Sep 10 from williamfield
  • No. Hold on to him; which is what I'm doing. He's worth it. Look what he did in week 1.

    3:32pm Sep 10 from ejones429
  • hold

    4:05pm Sep 10 from chillrays
  • for who

    6:32pm Sep 10 from werepires
  • drop him

    7:00pm Sep 10 from vikingsrulebaby16
  • Yes

    3:57am Sep 11 from notan

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1:39pm Aug 27 from lailanaim
Open Question
1:08pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • QB-Carr Cousins RB-Mccoy D. Murray Foster WR-Green Marshall Balswin Crabtree Sanu TE-Reed Bennett K-Gost D-LA

    1:12pm Aug 27 from beestonators
  • RB depth

    1:17pm Aug 27 from redfish221
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12:50pm Aug 27 from squillen0912
  • I've heard that you can't.

    12:52pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • idk man

    12:57pm Aug 27 from vikingfan301
  • Not that I know of.

    12:59pm Aug 27 from weilian
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12:42pm Aug 27 from samjose
  • hmm maybe but then i'd try to trade dak

    12:49pm Aug 27 from zd777777
  • Big risk, big reward. I wouldn't drop Taylor, though.

    12:54pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • keep tyrod

    12:57pm Aug 27 from vikingfan301
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12:34pm Aug 27 from aborgo157
  • 9, 2

    12:35pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • 8-10, 2

    12:50pm Aug 27 from zd777777
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12:24pm Aug 27 from eh14
  • He'd have to be playing as a Top10 QB because that's what Romo is when he's in the game. I'm more and more able to admit that yes, he's injury prone, but if he starts the day healthy, you gotta play him.

    12:31pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • However, if he IS playing like a Top 10 guy, man, I'd hate to make that decision. Generally, though, the Cowboys are known for loyalty to their players, so I doubt Dak would keep the job, but it's football...Anything is possible.

    12:38pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • Romo is not a top 10 qb, dak could be good. Preseason doesn't matter worth an add if you have Romo.

    12:40pm Aug 27 from jreece208
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12:24pm Aug 27 from coletrain559
  • Drop

    12:40pm Aug 27 from matt12200
  • I'd keep him. The way I see guys coming back from injury is, if it's okay and considered a good move to grab some rookie who's fourth on the depth chart because "He'll be the starter by Week 6," which may or may not happen, what's the difference of that and keeping a guy who absolutely will play significant snaps when he gets back?

    12:59pm Aug 27 from redfish221
  • Depends on your RB situation, and who's open.

    1:00pm Aug 27 from weilian
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12:06pm Aug 27 from jamescrowley
  • **** Prescott! (COWBOYS SUCK!!!) GO WITH BROCK! (GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!)

    12:16pm Aug 27 from linkperez
  • Sorry. Too biased. But Prescott is instantly overrated, and Brock is underrated. Better under than over (in my opinion)

    12:17pm Aug 27 from linkperez
  • Same as this guy ^^^, but the other way. I'm Cowboys fan, and haven't seen enough Good from Osweiler to have faith in him, so I'd grab the guy I want to root for. Prescott does have speed, and generally running QBs have a safe floor, but we'll see he can avoid all the rookie mistakes...

    12:43pm Aug 27 from redfish221
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11:58am Aug 27 from winofomoh
  • Bench

    12:01pm Aug 27 from eh14
  • Trade immediately

    12:02pm Aug 27 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • too late to trade him now

    12:04pm Aug 27 from zachfaria12
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11:57am Aug 27 from klassen05
  • He's elite when he's not injured

    12:02pm Aug 27 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • exactly ^

    12:58pm Aug 27 from vikingfan301
  • He and Prescott seem to have a good QB-WR connection.

    1:02pm Aug 27 from weilian
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11:54am Aug 27 from vickrules03
  • Idk maybe manziel

    12:02pm Aug 27 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • Depends who you have.

    1:04pm Aug 27 from weilian
Open Question
11:49am Aug 27 from benhbelisle
  • My team
    RB Bell, Charles, CJ Anderson, Gore, and D. Lewis.
    WR Cooper, Benjamin, Coleman, T. Smith, and K. White.

    11:49am Aug 27 from benhbelisle
  • no

    12:51pm Aug 27 from zd777777
  • Heck yeah, why wouldn't you?

    1:08pm Aug 27 from redfish221