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asked by 11chong21
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2:48pm Sep 10 from 11chong21
  • no when he comes back he could get big points

    2:49pm Sep 10 from williamfield
  • No. Hold on to him; which is what I'm doing. He's worth it. Look what he did in week 1.

    3:32pm Sep 10 from ejones429
  • hold

    4:05pm Sep 10 from chillrays
  • for who

    6:32pm Sep 10 from werepires
  • drop him

    7:00pm Sep 10 from vikingsrulebaby16
  • Yes

    3:57am Sep 11 from notan

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12:24am Aug 28 from xkevkaucher19x
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12:24am Aug 28 from browny44
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12:17am Aug 28 from salvibeast
  • my first time

    12:19am Aug 28 from salvibeast
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11:53pm Aug 27 from frisk427
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11:51pm Aug 27 from brianmorefield
  • espn

    11:55pm Aug 27 from tj110774
  • None I do my own projections.

    12:07am Aug 28 from cowboy1501
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11:49pm Aug 27 from brianmorefield
  • both. Too injury prone for both. Plus broncos backfield is too skilled

    11:51pm Aug 27 from zd777777
  • will beckham bust and cruz resurect?

    11:51pm Aug 27 from brianmorefield
  • yes

    11:56pm Aug 27 from tj110774
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11:27pm Aug 27 from oaklanddude
  • Your LM would have to use their LM tools & click "Reset draft" which will wipe out everybody's current rosters & your league will have to redraft.

    11:39pm Aug 27 from cowboy1501
  • if its a league manager league he should be able to reset it

    11:44pm Aug 27 from zd777777
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11:18pm Aug 27 from eh14
  • Given the fact that Robert Griffin doesn't fit the Redskins' offensive scheme I think they should but the odds are they won't only due to the fact of what the Redskins gave the Rams for the right to draft Robert Griffin back in 2012.

    11:23pm Aug 27 from cowboy1501
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11:15pm Aug 27 from cowboy1501
  • I have contacted fantasy support staff about this issue & they said & I quote:

    "Player designations (IR, SUS, etc) will reflect in our game when the player's teams have made their status official. Oftentimes, teams will delay this for reasons relating to real life football and roster management".

    11:19pm Aug 27 from cowboy1501
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10:53pm Aug 27 from drizkill
  • Depends on your other options

    11:00pm Aug 27 from megacron81
  • I would

    11:00pm Aug 27 from cowboy1501
  • if bell isnt healthy

    11:44pm Aug 27 from zd777777
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10:43pm Aug 27 from megacron81
  • Spiller

    10:44pm Aug 27 from drizkill
  • NO

    10:55pm Aug 27 from raiders4lyfe17
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10:42pm Aug 27 from meekhunsutp
  • Steve Smith

    10:44pm Aug 27 from arcaptainmorgan
  • wheat

    11:45pm Aug 27 from zd777777