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asked by 11chong21
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2:48pm Sep 10 from 11chong21
  • no when he comes back he could get big points

    2:49pm Sep 10 from williamfield
  • No. Hold on to him; which is what I'm doing. He's worth it. Look what he did in week 1.

    3:32pm Sep 10 from ejones429
  • hold

    4:05pm Sep 10 from chillrays
  • for who

    6:32pm Sep 10 from werepires
  • drop him

    7:00pm Sep 10 from vikingsrulebaby16
  • Yes

    3:57am Sep 11 from notan

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3:22pm Aug 29 from slickrick71416
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3:06pm Aug 29 from 2katie2
  • I like gore's chances better at scoring a td week 1. I'd start murray every week after that.

    3:08pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:49pm Aug 29 from tash4ash
  • gore and stacy

    3:08pm Aug 29 from chillrays
  • ^^^ Ironically, these are the two rb's i'm facing week 1.. =(

    3:21pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:47pm Aug 29 from connorstafford
  • target 1-2 better WRs, otherwise your team is nice.

    2:55pm Aug 29 from placrick
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2:42pm Aug 29 from markstark
  • yes! that's why I wait on a tight end, just like I do with quarterbacks. I waited and got both kyle rudolph and dennis pitta.. both should have pretty solid years. I'll take it

    2:45pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:26pm Aug 29 from renwells44
  • Currently have Hyde and freeman.

    2:27pm Aug 29 from renwells44
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2:19pm Aug 29 from bdw4
  • he's the starter on my opponent's team week 1. damnit...

    2:42pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:18pm Aug 29 from peterpokalsky
  • the order u currently have them in

    3:00pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:14pm Aug 29 from milanfire1
  • drop freeman

    2:17pm Aug 29 from chopr
  • is that deangelo williams?

    2:40pm Aug 29 from chillrays
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2:08pm Aug 29 from ad29
  • 12 teams btw

    2:11pm Aug 29 from ad29
  • I like anything top 6 so i could get shady, charles, forte, ap, lacy or calvin

    2:13pm Aug 29 from chillrays
  • 4-6

    2:17pm Aug 29 from chopr
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2:07pm Aug 29 from komicj
  • I got, what I feel is the worst spot: #6. The best spot for me seems to be #4. You're guaranteed one of Petterson, McCoy, Charles or Forte, and get a chance at one of the top WR in the draft on the back-end.

    2:08pm Aug 29 from komicj
  • worst 9 best 2

    2:27pm Aug 29 from reid8bears
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2:06pm Aug 29 from dincogs82
  • yes because shorts is really injury prone.

    2:07pm Aug 29 from chillrays
  • yes

    2:18pm Aug 29 from chopr
  • Yes

    2:29pm Aug 29 from tito9305