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asked by 11chong21
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2:48pm Sep 10 from 11chong21
  • no when he comes back he could get big points

    2:49pm Sep 10 from williamfield
  • No. Hold on to him; which is what I'm doing. He's worth it. Look what he did in week 1.

    3:32pm Sep 10 from ejones429
  • hold

    4:05pm Sep 10 from chillrays
  • for who

    6:32pm Sep 10 from werepires
  • drop him

    7:00pm Sep 10 from vikingsrulebaby16
  • Yes

    3:57am Sep 11 from notan

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4:51am Oct 25 from dnhtt11
  • Floyd

    4:58am Oct 25 from tburnisky
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4:39am Oct 25 from urrlacher54
  • Hang on to him

    4:40am Oct 25 from nieuws
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4:23am Oct 25 from tyler84james
  • The RBs I still have are Murray, L. Bell, Gio and I just added Joseph Randle. Jordy becomes my clear number one WR

    4:26am Oct 25 from tyler84james
  • Nice work.

    4:42am Oct 25 from tomstubbs3
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4:04am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
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4:02am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
  • True statement.

    5:02am Oct 25 from kgunandrun
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3:58am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
  • be mean and just be defient every one yOu all know pats divisin is good

    3:59am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
  • It's not a weak division at all. The weakest divisions are the AFC South and the NFC South. Even the 1-6 Jets were good enough to almost beat the Pats in New England. The division could come down to the wire between the Pats and the Bills. Even Miami has an outside chance too.

    5:00am Oct 25 from kgunandrun
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3:04am Oct 25 from rrgifford
  • Martin

    3:45am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • All of them.

    3:47am Oct 25 from muadib0137
  • martin, give havin one more week and keep cooks

    4:05am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
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3:03am Oct 25 from rrgifford
  • Hang onto Crowell

    3:04am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • hang on to some one else,

    4:05am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
  • Tate will b fine

    5:04am Oct 25 from havok4
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2:28am Oct 25 from mrpunkster
  • Good

    2:32am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • third to patriots and dolphines

    4:07am Oct 25 from bradyswager11111
  • Bills and Dolphins have the best chance. KC is in the next group of 3 or 4 teams with a good chance for big points.

    5:19am Oct 25 from kgunandrun
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2:16am Oct 25 from cburnz
  • Watkins

    2:16am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • I think I'm going Ingram the rest are injured

    2:17am Oct 25 from cburnz
  • Megatron will be a game time decision. If he can't go then start V-Jax,

    2:17am Oct 25 from jgarner650
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2:05am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • Cam

    2:05am Oct 25 from diegoortiz72
  • Dalton

    2:12am Oct 25 from jgarner650
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1:21am Oct 25 from kosraeanbigtymer
  • Yes

    1:24am Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • no

    1:57am Oct 25 from bpigg33
  • he is inactive this week at least

    1:57am Oct 25 from bpigg33
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