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asked by 11chong21
Should I drop Shane Vereen since he's on mandatory IR?
2:48pm Sep 10 from 11chong21
  • no when he comes back he could get big points

    2:49pm Sep 10 from williamfield
  • No. Hold on to him; which is what I'm doing. He's worth it. Look what he did in week 1.

    3:32pm Sep 10 from ejones429
  • hold

    4:05pm Sep 10 from chillrays
  • for who

    6:32pm Sep 10 from werepires
  • drop him

    7:00pm Sep 10 from vikingsrulebaby16
  • Yes

    3:57am Sep 11 from notan

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Is Matt Forte better than Eddie Lacy and REggie Bush?
1:49pm Jul 29 from markus49er
  • I think he is better than both of them.

    1:49pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Greg Jennings going to have a great career in Minnesota or is he going to be bad in Minnesota?
1:48pm Jul 29 from markus49er
  • I think he will have somewhere near 850 and 900 yards reciving and 5-8 TD's.

    1:49pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Will Aaron Rodgers come back and be NFL M.V.P?
1:47pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Will Tavon Asrtin do better, worse, or the same as last year?
1:46pm Jul 29 from markus49er
  • I think a little better but not so much better maybe 600 yards recivving and 5 TD's.

    1:50pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Will Percy Harvin eplace Golden Tate or will he be missed?
1:45pm Jul 29 from markus49er
  • I think Golden Tate was very underrated and he will be missed a lot in Seattle.

    1:50pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Do you think Jeremy Maclin will play Week 1 of Regular Season?
1:44pm Jul 29 from markus49er
Will Alfred Morris have a bounce back year? Or will he just hav ea bad year like last year.
1:43pm Jul 29 from markus49er
  • Granted Morris had a better year the year before last (his break out year) but last year wasn't terrible (I put most of the blame on RG3) its typical Morris, Alf is a pure inside, two-down runner perfectly suited for a zone-blocking scheme. You're not getting a record-breaking, fantasy-MVP season from Alf, but he's not likely to bust either, he's Mr. consistent.

    1:50pm Jul 29 from bigdaddybd311
How much will Miles Austin not being in Dallas impact their passing attack?
1:42pm Jul 29 from markus49er
what record at the end of the season will the jets have?
1:24pm Jul 29 from jojo1414
  • 10-6

    1:24pm Jul 29 from jojo1414
  • 9-7

    1:41pm Jul 29 from grandpaitchy
Do you think Josh Gordon will win his appeal? Do you think he should be picked up as a sleeper?
1:10pm Jul 29 from blkvkng79
Would you trade jimmy graham and andre ellington for matt forte and jordan cameron?
12:58pm Jul 29 from wellsy97
  • In no world

    12:59pm Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
  • Jimmy graham by himself is just about worth the other two why'd you throw in dre on top of that

    1:00pm Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
  • heck no

    1:01pm Jul 29 from steelfame
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Are there draft picks that will be starters immediately, and therefore fantasy pick worthy?
12:55pm Jul 29 from hjohn
  • There are several RB's who are worth picking up. But none of them are higher than a low-level RB2.

    1:43pm Jul 29 from grandpaitchy