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asked by wilsonjr38
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7:33pm Sep 13 from wilsonjr38
  • green,cobb,boldin

    7:33pm Sep 13 from chillrays
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    7:34pm Sep 13 from texansstink4
  • Green, Cobb, and definitely not Boldin. in six games agains the seahawks he got only 85 yards.... that should tell u something

    7:46pm Sep 13 from djkiddyc
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb.

    8:00pm Sep 13 from jdizzle45
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb

    8:00pm Sep 13 from bloocheese14
  • yes

    8:47pm Sep 13 from gotrice21
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    8:56pm Sep 13 from jimcorpex
  • Marlon Brown, Jerome Simpson, Brian Hartline

    9:05pm Sep 13 from itzbrian17
  • boldin, green, cobb

    9:15pm Sep 13 from rr007
  • green, cobb, and wallaace

    10:09pm Sep 13 from rakez

    10:40pm Sep 13 from slimshady188
  • Green is a lock every week as is Cobb....don't ever bench either of those two....The other 3 are more based on matchups. I would rank the other 3 with Jennings and Boldin neck and neck and Wallace the worst of the bunch. I would probably use Jennings more often than the other 3 - but when Crabtree returns, I would probably go with Boldin.

    12:17am Sep 14 from jhjermstad

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2:54am Sep 1 from jirik2001
  • If they are white, if the line is grey then they are on the bench

    3:36am Sep 1 from hyekevin
  • I mean real game rosters

    3:56am Sep 1 from jirik2001
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2:44am Sep 1 from moegoe
  • Well megatron for sure...probably the first three but keep Benjamin if you can

    3:38am Sep 1 from hyekevin
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2:23am Sep 1 from drcashen
  • no way

    2:27am Sep 1 from enarda73
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1:54am Sep 1 from grozzi
  • no.. cut prater and pick him up week 6

    2:00am Sep 1 from chillrays
  • No

    2:11am Sep 1 from highrevindpt
  • no

    2:44am Sep 1 from moegoe
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1:25am Sep 1 from feldhacker
  • QB Stafford, Wilson
    RB, Charles, Gio, Vereen, J Bell
    WR, Dez, Marshall, Keenan Allen, Cordarrelle Patterson, Justin Hunter
    TE, Gronk, Olsen
    K, Tucker
    D, Bengals, Texans

    1:27am Sep 1 from feldhacker
  • nice

    1:38am Sep 1 from omp49ers
  • standard or ppr?

    2:00am Sep 1 from chillrays
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1:15am Sep 1 from sundayfunday777
  • If I were the Dez owner, I personally wouldn't accept the offer. I'm not a fan of Johnson or Bell this season. I don't see much value in the trade unless the person with Dez can use some depth at WR and RB.

    1:32am Sep 1 from tito9305
  • trade. bell is dime a dozen. Johnson is done.

    1:43am Sep 1 from omp49ers
  • trade if you can in a second

    2:11am Sep 1 from highrevindpt
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12:36am Sep 1 from sundayfunday777
  • QBs Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers
    RBs Jamaal Charles, Zac Stacy, J.Bell, P.Thomas, J.stewart, M.Tolbert
    WRs A.Johnson, A.Jeffery, Decker, Cooper, B.Cooks
    TE Vernon Davis
    DEF Chiefs
    Kicker Dawson

    12:41am Sep 1 from sundayfunday777
  • sure. Is there an RB flex in this league? If so, you did really well. I give it an B+. Nice draft sir

    12:52am Sep 1 from chillrays
  • Yes there is a RB flex and it's a 10 man league, thanks man.

    1:04am Sep 1 from sundayfunday777
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12:17am Sep 1 from feldhacker
  • no... Graham is excellent but you're giving up too much for my blood. Just my opinion though

    12:53am Sep 1 from chillrays
  • Yeah that seems like too much of a reach imo.

    1:07am Sep 1 from tito9305
  • no

    2:45am Sep 1 from moegoe
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11:50pm Aug 31 from hendy33bull
  • Yes he will have value because he's tied to an explosive offense

    11:58pm Aug 31 from ralph20
  • I have this same problem its either him or freese for me

    3:39am Sep 1 from hyekevin
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11:13pm Aug 31 from ogretille
  • 4 man league?

    11:36pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
  • Trade?

    3:40am Sep 1 from hyekevin
  • no trades, 12 man team. everyone stayed away from rbs. kind of crazy. Foster and Bell just hung around. I couldnt pass on them. Foster in 5th round and Bell in 6th. with Fitz (4th round) and Welker (7th) as wrs Romo as QB and Reed as TE for my starters

    3:47am Sep 1 from ogretille
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10:18pm Aug 31 from sundayfunday777
  • Get a WR also

    11:16pm Aug 31 from fantasygames
  • No unless you absolutely need Johnson.

    11:21pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
  • yeah

    2:46am Sep 1 from moegoe
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10:12pm Aug 31 from sundayfunday777
  • Sure

    11:21pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
  • yes

    11:51pm Aug 31 from feldhacker
  • yeah why not

    12:54am Sep 1 from chillrays
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