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asked by wilsonjr38
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7:33pm Sep 13 from wilsonjr38
  • green,cobb,boldin

    7:33pm Sep 13 from chillrays
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    7:34pm Sep 13 from texansstink4
  • Green, Cobb, and definitely not Boldin. in six games agains the seahawks he got only 85 yards.... that should tell u something

    7:46pm Sep 13 from djkiddyc
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb.

    8:00pm Sep 13 from jdizzle45
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb

    8:00pm Sep 13 from bloocheese14
  • yes

    8:47pm Sep 13 from gotrice21
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    8:56pm Sep 13 from jimcorpex
  • Marlon Brown, Jerome Simpson, Brian Hartline

    9:05pm Sep 13 from itzbrian17
  • boldin, green, cobb

    9:15pm Sep 13 from rr007
  • green, cobb, and wallaace

    10:09pm Sep 13 from rakez

    10:40pm Sep 13 from slimshady188
  • Green is a lock every week as is Cobb....don't ever bench either of those two....The other 3 are more based on matchups. I would rank the other 3 with Jennings and Boldin neck and neck and Wallace the worst of the bunch. I would probably use Jennings more often than the other 3 - but when Crabtree returns, I would probably go with Boldin.

    12:17am Sep 14 from jhjermstad

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2:51pm Jul 6 from oakrai14
  • Foster, i think Forte's production will drop off slightly. Foster's only problem is staying on the field, but i see Foster as top 3-5 if he plays 16 games... I see Forte being somewhere around 8-12... just my opinion...

    2:56pm Jul 6 from rockout365
  • Foster and grab Blue as handcuff.Forte will drop a bit in carries but may see a rise in targets and will be less likely to get hurt but Foster when healthy racks up the yards.

    3:00pm Jul 6 from aoneent1
  • Foster

    3:00pm Jul 6 from nfox580
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2:42pm Jul 6 from aoneent1
  • Yeah i would

    2:42pm Jul 6 from vikingfan187
  • Would have to drop Josh Hill (TE/NO)

    2:42pm Jul 6 from aoneent1
  • Any other opinions?I dont know much about Hill other than he had 5 tds but not a lot of REC or YDS.Is he just another middle of the road TE?Replaceable off wire for Kelce bye week?

    2:48pm Jul 6 from aoneent1
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2:20pm Jul 6 from awwwpickles
  • RB try for Gordon, Ingram or Jennings
    WR Floyd, Tate or M Bryant maybe
    I'd keep him and let him build up value 1st not sure he's worth much yet

    2:25pm Jul 6 from gator64
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2:05pm Jul 6 from diehardcoltsfan202
  • go to my team at the top and select edit settings then you'll see logo's or you can upload one

    2:09pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • agree^^^

    2:20pm Jul 6 from thebatman8181
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2:01pm Jul 6 from thepinklucy
  • Last year he was really TD dependent. I had him and it was either 10ish points or 3-4. This year I don't think he's gonna get the same amount of targets, receptions, yards, etc as the Colts now have Andre Johnson, a better running game with Gore, and they drafted a wide reciever. I would go with Fleener if you really want a Colts TE, but in general I would consider Fleener and Allen to both be weak TEs. I would only use either as cover for a bye or an injury

    2:05pm Jul 6 from joshmandude
  • possibly a nice steal I picked him up last season when Vernon Davis was sucking well worth it he could sneak his way into the top 5 tight ends this season with Luck

    2:05pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • also im in a 20 team league sooo

    2:19pm Jul 6 from thepinklucy
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2:00pm Jul 6 from vikingfan187
  • yeah I would good deal for you

    2:06pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • I wouldn't. Forte and Lynch are both getting older so they both have questions about injuries and if they will hit a wall at some point. I consider them to be about equal at this point for their fantasy value. Coleman is unproven, but he has a chance to be the #1 in Atlanta so he has good upside. I would keep Forte and Coleman if I have them (which I do).

    2:07pm Jul 6 from joshmandude
  • yes

    2:20pm Jul 6 from erikbg7
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1:58pm Jul 6 from vikingfan187
  • My Team

    1:58pm Jul 6 from vikingfan187
  • yes

    2:00pm Jul 6 from diehardcoltsfan202
  • yes matt forte is to old

    2:00pm Jul 6 from kidbreath
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1:55pm Jul 6 from jmciiijmc
  • if you mean enter a draft go to your league homepage and click on enter the draft link I think you can get in 30 minutes prior to your actual draft time

    1:59pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • When you make the league you set up a time and date

    2:01pm Jul 6 from diehardcoltsfan202
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1:55pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • I don't think him or many of the better backs will be there by my 3rd Rd pick

    1:56pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • it all depends whos there i would get a stud WR

    2:05pm Jul 6 from thepinklucy
  • His one year wonderness is a concern but I would go with him and a top end WR. You are going to have to get another RB soon though as Forsett could end up being a bust

    2:09pm Jul 6 from joshmandude
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1:48pm Jul 6 from awwwpickles
  • Kelce

    1:54pm Jul 6 from vikingfan187
  • Kelce I think will have a good year and be a top 5 tight end but I feel like Daniels is safer with Peyton

    2:07pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • Kelce

    2:22pm Jul 6 from erikbg7
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1:32pm Jul 6 from awwwpickles
  • Qb Ryan Tannehill
    Rb Eddie Lacy & Jonathan Stewart
    Wr OBJ & Julio Jones
    Te Travis Kelce
    W/r Carlos Hyde
    K Adam Vinatieri
    Def Packers
    Bench Cam Newton, Fred Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, TJ Yeldon, Dorial Green-Beckham, & Allen Robinson

    1:33pm Jul 6 from awwwpickles
  • you couldn't make the draft C'mon man lol I'd want an upgrade at back try to trade 2 of these Stewart, Hyde and Yeldon for a back like Anderson, Forsett or Hill someone like that but overall nice team you got lucky

    1:37pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • ^^^Yea ik i was gonna be there but my grandma fell so i had to run and help out with that

    1:39pm Jul 6 from awwwpickles
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12:51pm Jul 6 from thepinklucy
  • no I don't think so I'd love to see it because I'm not a fan of his and can't stand the cowboys but if he's back by week 1 he'll be fine but if a holdout lasted until after week 1 there could obviously be issues

    1:03pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • no, at most it will be one game. Boys will be throwing a bit more without Murray in the backfield.

    1:09pm Jul 6 from andrewgriesser
  • @Gator64 i agree i hate the cowboys but i did draft Dez

    1:55pm Jul 6 from thepinklucy