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asked by wilsonjr38
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7:33pm Sep 13 from wilsonjr38
  • green,cobb,boldin

    7:33pm Sep 13 from chillrays
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    7:34pm Sep 13 from texansstink4
  • Green, Cobb, and definitely not Boldin. in six games agains the seahawks he got only 85 yards.... that should tell u something

    7:46pm Sep 13 from djkiddyc
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb.

    8:00pm Sep 13 from jdizzle45
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb

    8:00pm Sep 13 from bloocheese14
  • yes

    8:47pm Sep 13 from gotrice21
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    8:56pm Sep 13 from jimcorpex
  • Marlon Brown, Jerome Simpson, Brian Hartline

    9:05pm Sep 13 from itzbrian17
  • boldin, green, cobb

    9:15pm Sep 13 from rr007
  • green, cobb, and wallaace

    10:09pm Sep 13 from rakez

    10:40pm Sep 13 from slimshady188
  • Green is a lock every week as is Cobb....don't ever bench either of those two....The other 3 are more based on matchups. I would rank the other 3 with Jennings and Boldin neck and neck and Wallace the worst of the bunch. I would probably use Jennings more often than the other 3 - but when Crabtree returns, I would probably go with Boldin.

    12:17am Sep 14 from jhjermstad

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11:03am Jul 30 from getrektbyshrek
  • RB

    11:06am Jul 30 from chrisdaileyiscool
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11:00am Jul 30 from vikingfan187
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10:54am Jul 30 from liamsimms12
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10:42am Jul 30 from nflmogul308
  • Jonathon Stewart

    10:45am Jul 30 from patriotsredsox3000
  • stewart

    10:46am Jul 30 from vikingfan187
  • Stewart

    10:47am Jul 30 from shaneanddave
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10:42am Jul 30 from tpopick
  • Keep CJ

    10:44am Jul 30 from patriotsredsox3000
  • Anderson plus someone could probably get you D. Murray, Shady McCoy, Arian Foster or Matt Forte

    10:49am Jul 30 from shaneanddave
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10:40am Jul 30 from vikingfan187
  • Cobb and morris

    10:42am Jul 30 from chuckeatschicken
  • No

    10:42am Jul 30 from rhincheyjr
  • Keep what you have.

    10:43am Jul 30 from tito9305
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10:31am Jul 30 from tpopick
  • Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Cam Newton, Eli, Rivers

    10:33am Jul 30 from shaneanddave
  • I traded my cam newton for romo, so that might work

    10:34am Jul 30 from akulkarnii
  • agree shaneanddave

    10:34am Jul 30 from rgboy247
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10:07am Jul 30 from oo75
  • no

    10:09am Jul 30 from chopr
  • Yes! Luck may have a stellar season, but I see Newton having a breakout season free of injuries, with a great TE and rookie corp of WR. Lynch will be the workhorse, and with Graham as a lead blocker, I predict Lynch's biggest season yet.

    10:10am Jul 30 from iambrandonmichael
  • No with colts offence this season, luck will score

    10:10am Jul 30 from gethn
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9:41am Jul 30 from master3sean
  • np

    9:45am Jul 30 from rgboy247
  • Qb: Eli Manning
    RB: Jamaal Charles
    RB: Andre Ellington
    RB: Darren McFadden
    RB: Chris Ivory
    RB: Tre Mason
    WR: Demaryius Thomas
    WR: TY Hilton
    WR: Jordan Matthews
    WR: Torrey Smith
    WR: Steve Smith
    WR: Roddy White
    TE: Owen Daniels
    K: Dan Bailey
    D: Dolphins

    9:45am Jul 30 from master3sean
  • nice team try to make trades try to trade Eli,McFadden,Ivory,Mason,Matthews if (Bradford start week 1),Torrey Smith,

    9:48am Jul 30 from rgboy247
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9:26am Jul 30 from kevinwhite2015
  • nope

    9:34am Jul 30 from rgboy247
  • No

    9:39am Jul 30 from shaneanddave
  • no

    10:10am Jul 30 from chopr
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9:15am Jul 30 from oo75
  • Landry because he a sleeper

    9:18am Jul 30 from rgboy247
  • Landry. if PPR league. hes a catching machine

    9:19am Jul 30 from spadeshovel
  • Smith

    9:19am Jul 30 from afrojak01
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9:15am Jul 30 from oo75
  • Landry

    9:19am Jul 30 from rgboy247
  • landry

    9:22am Jul 30 from jdawg225
  • Smith

    9:22am Jul 30 from biangone43
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