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asked by wilsonjr38
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7:33pm Sep 13 from wilsonjr38
  • green,cobb,boldin

    7:33pm Sep 13 from chillrays
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    7:34pm Sep 13 from texansstink4
  • Green, Cobb, and definitely not Boldin. in six games agains the seahawks he got only 85 yards.... that should tell u something

    7:46pm Sep 13 from djkiddyc
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb.

    8:00pm Sep 13 from jdizzle45
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb

    8:00pm Sep 13 from bloocheese14
  • yes

    8:47pm Sep 13 from gotrice21
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    8:56pm Sep 13 from jimcorpex
  • Marlon Brown, Jerome Simpson, Brian Hartline

    9:05pm Sep 13 from itzbrian17
  • boldin, green, cobb

    9:15pm Sep 13 from rr007
  • green, cobb, and wallaace

    10:09pm Sep 13 from rakez

    10:40pm Sep 13 from slimshady188
  • Green is a lock every week as is Cobb....don't ever bench either of those two....The other 3 are more based on matchups. I would rank the other 3 with Jennings and Boldin neck and neck and Wallace the worst of the bunch. I would probably use Jennings more often than the other 3 - but when Crabtree returns, I would probably go with Boldin.

    12:17am Sep 14 from jhjermstad

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6:30pm Jul 31 from dund0n
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5:58pm Jul 31 from usmcsemperfi3
  • If you need WR help. How did you get both McCoy and AP?

    6:06pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • ^^^^ right that's what I'm wondering too....

    6:26pm Jul 31 from tito9305
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5:22pm Jul 31 from tolbert35pound
  • ask me a week ago, the answer is no. Apparently overnight every expert on the planet has him going top 10 in the drafts. So yes... is the answer.

    5:28pm Jul 31 from chillrays
  • He is only gonna end up healthy for maybe 8 games and he isn't that amazing to begin with, so no

    5:38pm Jul 31 from soco1025
  • Absolutely, just as long as that line can stay healthy and make a hole for him. He works very well in tight areas fighting for yards. He makes big plays from time time. I feel a good season coming for him.

    5:39pm Jul 31 from killicam6
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4:40pm Jul 31 from cyrusdiaz1825
  • eagles

    4:42pm Jul 31 from diwal
  • cowboys

    5:01pm Jul 31 from cowboysfanva04
  • Redskins

    5:07pm Jul 31 from tito9305
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4:26pm Jul 31 from tannerdw2
  • knowshon moreno

    5:01pm Jul 31 from cowboysfanva04
  • Hyde, more upside

    5:05pm Jul 31 from chillrays
  • Hyde.

    5:12pm Jul 31 from bigbluecardinal21
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4:12pm Jul 31 from tannerdw2
  • Charles, until they can prove otherwise he is the ENTIRE team. As long as he's healthy he's monsterous.

    4:15pm Jul 31 from blkvkng79
  • McCoy for the reason blkvking79 stated... Charles is the entire team and is more likely to get hurt because of it. Same with Peterson... McCoy catches passes and Foles is proven.

    4:16pm Jul 31 from cjtorres7786
  • They're all studs and about even imo. It really just comes down to personal preference. I prefer McCoy

    4:17pm Jul 31 from ralph20
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4:03pm Jul 31 from moneyman22
  • yes

    4:05pm Jul 31 from edpatriots12
  • no

    4:10pm Jul 31 from ultimateramsfan14
  • No
    Lynch is a gamble if he's healthy Yes but if he's injured no. Right now its a no but accept the trade if he gets healthy

    4:11pm Jul 31 from 3than98
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3:57pm Jul 31 from tdev27
  • no go Quarter Back

    3:59pm Jul 31 from cyrusdiaz1825
  • Yes

    4:01pm Jul 31 from alecbot12
  • Olsen has a better qb

    4:01pm Jul 31 from alecbot12
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3:56pm Jul 31 from 92cheesehead
  • Olsen has a better QB

    4:01pm Jul 31 from alecbot12
  • Cameron. More relied on with Gordon out.

    4:02pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • Hard to say. I think Cameron because Gordon will most likely be suspended and they have no other options in Cle. Cam still has decent WR's he can throw to before Olsen.

    4:06pm Jul 31 from blkvkng79
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3:20pm Jul 31 from cjtorre7786
  • Ehh. I guess so. Only if you have a really nice WR core outside of DT. Jackson is a low end WR1 depending on how many team are in your league. What's your whole WR core look like?

    3:21pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • Maclin, Tate and Nelson outside of percy and sanders... I make money in the RBs with Charles, Murray, Gerhart and Bernard with Jordan Cameron at TE

    3:24pm Jul 31 from cjtorre7786
  • No

    3:25pm Jul 31 from edpatriots12
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3:11pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • One spot left. Must be active, respectful and at the Draft tonight at 10:00 EST.

    3:11pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • what do you do in the draft, and how long will it run?

    3:12pm Jul 31 from jojo1414
  • and what are dynasty leagues?

    3:13pm Jul 31 from jojo1414
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3:00pm Jul 31 from pats1120fan
  • Charles

    3:01pm Jul 31 from jeremysmileystarks
  • Charles.

    3:12pm Jul 31 from megatron8153
  • TBH I would pick Lacy, I'm not a believer in Charles and since he is carrying the team, he's likely to get beat up. Lacy is newer and isn't carrying the team.

    3:26pm Jul 31 from cjtorre7786
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