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asked by wilsonjr38
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7:33pm Sep 13 from wilsonjr38
  • green,cobb,boldin

    7:33pm Sep 13 from chillrays
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    7:34pm Sep 13 from texansstink4
  • Green, Cobb, and definitely not Boldin. in six games agains the seahawks he got only 85 yards.... that should tell u something

    7:46pm Sep 13 from djkiddyc
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb.

    8:00pm Sep 13 from jdizzle45
  • Green, Boldin, Cobb

    8:00pm Sep 13 from bloocheese14
  • yes

    8:47pm Sep 13 from gotrice21
  • Green, cobb, boldin

    8:56pm Sep 13 from jimcorpex
  • Marlon Brown, Jerome Simpson, Brian Hartline

    9:05pm Sep 13 from itzbrian17
  • boldin, green, cobb

    9:15pm Sep 13 from rr007
  • green, cobb, and wallaace

    10:09pm Sep 13 from rakez

    10:40pm Sep 13 from slimshady188
  • Green is a lock every week as is Cobb....don't ever bench either of those two....The other 3 are more based on matchups. I would rank the other 3 with Jennings and Boldin neck and neck and Wallace the worst of the bunch. I would probably use Jennings more often than the other 3 - but when Crabtree returns, I would probably go with Boldin.

    12:17am Sep 14 from jhjermstad

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10:55pm Aug 20 from bigdaddydewayne25
  • I drop Green or Rudolph but im holdin on to Reed

    10:57pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
  • Green - not even close

    10:57pm Aug 20 from glennking1959
  • Green

    10:57pm Aug 20 from tito9305
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10:44pm Aug 20 from tito9305
  • the one getting ball cobb and tate

    10:47pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
  • ball cobb and tate

    10:56pm Aug 20 from bigdaddydewayne25
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    11:44pm Aug 20 from chillrays
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10:36pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
  • healthy and ready to go

    10:56pm Aug 20 from manninglover979
  • high ceiling wr2

    10:57pm Aug 20 from bigdaddydewayne25
  • Aderallready

    12:09am Aug 21 from wittyoxymoron
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10:30pm Aug 20 from aaron398
  • ball

    10:57pm Aug 20 from bigdaddydewayne25
  • murray

    10:59pm Aug 20 from manninglover979
  • i like them both.

    12:04am Aug 21 from chillrays
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10:12pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • Id do it

    10:14pm Aug 20 from redbirds12
  • Yes!

    10:17pm Aug 20 from jrarnold06
  • standard league I wouldn't do but ppr I would

    10:17pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
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10:08pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
  • tough call

    10:09pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • gio all the way

    10:15pm Aug 20 from redbirds12
  • Close. I'd go with Gio. Either one of those would be a good choice really.

    10:15pm Aug 20 from tito9305
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9:58pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • And which WR should I go for?

    9:59pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • Lacy and AP is a nice one two punch. If you can get a top 5 wr for lacy, I'd do it.

    10:06pm Aug 20 from chillrays
  • keep lacy, unless you can get one of the top 3 or 4 wr

    10:08pm Aug 20 from kmac1510
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9:44pm Aug 20 from 85bearsrule
  • Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham!

    9:50pm Aug 20 from dlocken204
  • Bell and DT

    10:02pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • Or Manning and Bell

    10:02pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
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9:26pm Aug 20 from mturpie
  • Yea... probably a good idea

    9:27pm Aug 20 from chillrays
  • I don't think that would be a bad thing

    10:58pm Aug 20 from fattybisgoindown
  • Yee yt? ee

    12:12am Aug 21 from wittyoxymoron
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9:26pm Aug 20 from chillrays
  • Funny how Spiller and Bell were one of the focal points on here yesterday. Lol

    9:44pm Aug 20 from tito9305
  • yea really. =)

    9:45pm Aug 20 from chillrays
  • And after all I said about Bell, I passed on him in the 2nd round and took Spiller in the 5th today in a draft.
    Oh the irony haha

    9:51pm Aug 20 from tito9305
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9:19pm Aug 20 from mturpie
  • QB: RGIII, Jay Cutler
    RB: Montee Ball, Gio Bernard, Toby Gerhart, Trent Richardson, Ronnie Hillman, Jeremy Hill, Mark Ingram
    WR: Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Cordarrelle Patterson, Mike Wallace
    TE: Julius Thomas, Martellus Bennett
    Defense: Bengals
    K: Matt Prater

    9:21pm Aug 20 from mturpie
  • You need a better No. 1 QB and RB, drop Hillman and try trading Gerhart, Ball, and Harvin or Patterson for a RB like Lynch or Bell.

    9:49pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
  • Sorry, nice team, 7

    9:49pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
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9:13pm Aug 20 from gmendomination
  • I was faced with this situation in round 2 in my 10 team standard league. I picked Marshall over Jones. Marshall has the 4th best strength of schedule and Jones has the 25th best for WRs. Plus Marshall is healthier. That just my 2 cents.

    9:17pm Aug 20 from chillrays
  • Brandon Marshall

    9:26pm Aug 20 from mturpie
  • Julio Jones

    10:04pm Aug 20 from feldhacker
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