asked by jruzzin
Is Trading Doug Martin For Wes Welker and Steven Jackson a Good Trade?
9:11am Sep 19 from jruzzin
Yes 58% No 42%

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Where will Alfred Morris rank in rushing yards this season?
5:54pm Jul 30 from zion7
Should I trade TY Hilton and Jordy Nelson for Demaryius Thomas and Cecil Shorts?
4:29pm Jul 30 from pierovera
Yes 29% No 71%
should i trade l.fitzgerald for a.brown
4:11pm Jul 30 from pizzaspotzdotcom
yes 50% no 50%
patrick peterson, class act, who deserves more, perterson, or sherman whoclaims to be the best?
4:06pm Jul 30 from thodun1
  • peterson, has class,listen to his press conference, who would you rather your son model himself after

    4:07pm Jul 30 from thodun1
  • low class my ass

    5:53pm Jul 30 from ninjaeffie
Will Texans make playoffs
3:14pm Jul 30 from carson3d
Yes 18% No 64% Almost 18%
Chiefs offense
3:11pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
Arian Foster
3:11pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
A.J. Green
3:10pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
Cardinals defense
3:10pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
Carson Palmer
3:09pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
  • Sucks

    3:21pm Jul 30 from williamerichorn
Luke kuechly
3:08pm Jul 30 from jcpenney
Champ Bailey
3:08pm Jul 30 from jcpenney