asked by jruzzin
9:11am Sep 19 from jruzzin
Yes 58% No 42%

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4:47pm Jul 3 from jerpeters
4:46pm Jul 3 from jerpeters
3:27pm Jul 3 from samaaron25
  • in this order
    1) Charles
    2) Bell
    3) Lynch
    4) Foster
    5) Lacy

    3:42pm Jul 3 from gator64
2:33pm Jul 3 from gavina
  • Rodgers

    2:37pm Jul 3 from bferguson1979
  • rodgers

    2:59pm Jul 3 from gator64
  • dude no how do you keep rodgers as a first round pick when leveon would be a 3rd rounder? this is a no brainer!!! keep Leveon!!!!

    3:11pm Jul 3 from ash1114
10:55am Jul 3 from anthonypizl
  • Packers

    1:42pm Jul 3 from jgarner650
9:49am Jul 3 from sjp5408
  • Kelce because kc doesnt really have any wr except for jermy maclin. so kelce will get a tons of passes thrown to him.

    9:56am Jul 3 from hai619
  • Bennett

    1:42pm Jul 3 from jgarner650
9:46am Jul 3 from jerpeters
  • Lynch and Rodgers

    10:56am Jul 3 from anthonypizl
  • Lynch won't make it to the 10th pick.

    11:29am Jul 3 from jerpeters
9:42am Jul 3 from jerpeters
  • B.

    1:43pm Jul 3 from jgarner650
9:22am Jul 3 from anthonypizl
  • AP, because he has something to prove.

    1:42pm Jul 3 from jgarner650
9:03am Jul 3 from stancepunk
6:13pm Jul 2 from aoneent1
Randle 67% Mathews 33%
  • randle

    8:32pm Jul 2 from chopr
  • Randle, right now he looks like the starter.

    9:05pm Jul 2 from jgarner650
5:28pm Jul 2 from kevinwhite2015
1 59% 2-3 41% 4-5 0% 5+ 0%
  • Jags are my 1 team but I find myself pulling for Tampa, Green Bay, NYG and the saints alot

    5:31pm Jul 2 from gator64
  • am a dolphin,tampa bay, and JAGSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    5:48pm Jul 2 from kevinwhite2015
  • 2 teams Eagles and Seahawks

    8:00pm Jul 2 from rgboy247
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