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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

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11:17pm Oct 21 from dookiedfa
  • No

    11:18pm Oct 21 from letsgo1723
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11:15pm Oct 21 from sundayfunday777
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11:08pm Oct 21 from dmarshall91
  • I have Tom Brady, Tannehill and Carr for QB. For WR I have Dez, Patterson, DeAndre Hopkins, Kendall Wright, and Davante Adams.

    11:09pm Oct 21 from dmarshall91
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11:02pm Oct 21 from cerealnmilk
  • i wouldnt

    11:05pm Oct 21 from nate41297
  • yes

    11:06pm Oct 21 from russjacob
  • yes

    11:13pm Oct 21 from alaverdman13
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11:02pm Oct 21 from dook1985
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10:59pm Oct 21 from 1niner91
  • heck ya!!! Because AJ is still hurt and Dez is producing!

    11:02pm Oct 21 from nate41297
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10:48pm Oct 21 from utoy24
  • Mccoy, mckinnon and hillman.

    11:03pm Oct 21 from dook1985
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10:37pm Oct 21 from sundayfunday777
  • eagles and mason

    10:40pm Oct 21 from cartmen101202
  • Dont drop Cardinals D. and i would stay with eagles D this week But try to drop someone else for Mason is you really want him

    10:41pm Oct 21 from mattmorales15
  • I would drop a def.

    11:04pm Oct 21 from dook1985
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10:37pm Oct 21 from mjones72
  • yess cuz Brees throws to stills more!!!!!!!

    10:38pm Oct 21 from cartmen101202
  • I am thinkin the same thing man. I am slowly starting to lose hope in Cooks.

    10:40pm Oct 21 from mattmorales15
  • i dropped him in 1 of my leagues already, and have waiver claims in 2 others with him being the one i am dropping so yes

    11:16pm Oct 21 from alaverdman13
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10:30pm Oct 21 from fball4lyfe
  • Try and trade or drop for a position you need to upgrade

    10:33pm Oct 21 from codyphilly
  • Try to trade

    10:35pm Oct 21 from mattmorales15
  • Try to trade

    10:38pm Oct 21 from kllbjfamily
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10:25pm Oct 21 from funnysid
  • I've had Ball all season and he has done nowhere near Hillman's performance. Even if Ball Starts again, I think Hillman will still get more than plenty of carries, enough so that I have full confidence in that and dropped Ball.

    10:32pm Oct 21 from manfreakez87
  • Ball won't do anything

    10:34pm Oct 21 from codyphilly
  • I think hillman is going to be starting. And ball will be back up.

    11:05pm Oct 21 from dook1985
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10:22pm Oct 21 from seanzy24
  • M Floyd is safe option.

    10:24pm Oct 21 from funnysid
  • I would pick up OBJ, since Cruz is out for the year, and Donnell has fumbling issues of late.

    10:28pm Oct 21 from wyvol
  • Floyd

    10:34pm Oct 21 from codyphilly
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