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asked by antone63
What does EXEMPT mean for a player's status?
8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
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  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

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I get Edelman and Wallace for Fitz. Who wins? Team in comments. 10 team standard
8:15pm Jul 30 from pats1120fan
  • Ryan
    Julius Thomas

    Pierre Thomas
    Torrey smith

    8:16pm Jul 30 from pats1120fan
With McCoy, Andre Johnson, and LeVeon Bell as my keepers what position do I draft in the first round
7:45pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • QB

    7:52pm Jul 30 from rorscachsutton
  • definitely not qb. Well... If you can Calvin or Demaryius in the first round do it. Otherwise.. maybe a top tier rb to go along with what you already have.

    7:54pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • Megatron if you can or another nice WR to go with Johnson.

    8:00pm Jul 30 from megatron8153
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Thoughts on Arian Foster this year? Will he stay healthy this year? Huge boom or bust? Be honest! Ty
6:55pm Jul 30 from vikingfan49
  • Bust

    7:09pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • He has something to prove for being a scrub for the last two seasons. Also the whole team is embarrassed about only winning two games last season. He's a good gamble to have on your team but hold your breath.

    7:13pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • Boom, nothing but upsode behind a good offside line. And lol at him sucking the last two seasons. He was hurt last year, but dominated the year before that.

    7:26pm Jul 30 from chcnick
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Should I keep nick foles, Randall Cobb, or LeVeon Bell
6:55pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • bell

    7:07pm Jul 30 from sworley63
  • cobb

    7:52pm Jul 30 from rorscachsutton
  • Bell is a safe bet

    7:53pm Jul 30 from chillrays
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Should I trade LeSean McCoy for a first round pick?
6:53pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • Or should I ask for more?

    6:58pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • well considering how he is a first rounder... its even?

    7:13pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • He's also on his last year of his contract with me so if I trade him he will be available it next years draft and I will get 2 first round picks this year for a potential keeper

    7:20pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
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should i pick andre johnson
6:43pm Jul 30 from baseblslmer714
  • yea but i would closer to round 5

    6:45pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • no

    7:41pm Jul 30 from justin1420
  • Round 4-5 and up.

    8:01pm Jul 30 from megatron8153
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qb rb wr wr te flex k d 6 bench players. how should i draft when i have 4th pick? Go for rbs or wrs
6:34pm Jul 30 from sals23
  • matt forte

    6:38pm Jul 30 from 72321
  • Rb

    6:54pm Jul 30 from brockjmcdaniel
  • rb

    7:13pm Jul 30 from chillrays
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Which side wins and why? Bush, Crabtree, and Roddy white, for Arian Foster and Alshon Jeffrey?
6:27pm Jul 30 from vikingfan49
  • I personally would rather have the bush, crabtree, white side because 3 is greater than 2. Idk, i just like that side better

    6:35pm Jul 30 from chillrays
  • bushside

    6:39pm Jul 30 from 72321
  • Trade was submitted, im getting foster, lets hope he stays healthy!!!

    6:40pm Jul 30 from vikingfan49
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Drew Brees and my 1st rd pick, for Russell Wilson, Brandon Marshall and there 1st rd pick Good idea?
6:18pm Jul 30 from kbone159
  • Whats the point in trading 1st round picks?

    6:22pm Jul 30 from jdizzle45
  • dont trade drew brees

    6:25pm Jul 30 from epicpatriots1257
  • good deal

    6:39pm Jul 30 from 72321
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If I trade Jamaal Charles, Dez, for LeSean, and Julio Jones, who wins the trade?
6:01pm Jul 30 from mackthetruck1
  • it really depends if charles can repeat his last season, and if julio can be as good as he was last season before his injury. I think it is a very even trade, two beast running backs and two beast recievers.
    Listen to your heart ;)))

    6:05pm Jul 30 from brolle96
  • Yeah, with Gonzo gone, that means more passes to Julio, and I think Dez will have a down year. RBs rarely repeat at #1

    6:08pm Jul 30 from mackthetruck1
  • Shady and Julio

    6:22pm Jul 30 from jdizzle45
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How can I improve my team after the draft?
5:49pm Jul 30 from sec426
  • Trades

    6:08pm Jul 30 from jdizzle45
  • trades. In rare cases on picking up free agents

    6:12pm Jul 30 from brolle96
  • trade

    6:39pm Jul 30 from 72321
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Should I trade Lynch for Bell? Team in comments
5:19pm Jul 30 from megatron8153
  • QB: Luck
    RB: Charles
    RB: Morris
    WR: Crabtree
    WR: VJax
    TE: Graham
    K: Gostkowski
    DEF: Cardinals
    Bench: Boldin
    Bench: DeAngelo Williams
    Bench: Cooks
    Bench: MJD
    Bench: Wayne

    5:22pm Jul 30 from megatron8153
  • I'm in your league man but the only reason I traded lynch was to get Charles. Don't do this trade. Lynch will show up soon

    5:23pm Jul 30 from patsfan1120
  • Yeah getting nervous about that. Not sure what I should do.

    5:24pm Jul 30 from megatron8153
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