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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

    7:16am Nov 20 from dbarnes58
  • If i start Josh Gordon with exempt status i will get credit for his points correct??

    7:44am Nov 20 from dbarnes58

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8:41pm Nov 28 from bschwartzman3
  • 4

    8:44pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • 8

    8:45pm Nov 28 from nfox580
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8:38pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • Sure, all depends if theres a team that wants to take a pr hit by signing him lol

    8:39pm Nov 28 from seanzy24
  • no doubt

    8:40pm Nov 28 from changeisgood59
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8:36pm Nov 28 from joec86
  • Revis will be on Cobb. Browner and another DB will double Nelson. Basically the same scheme the Pats used against the Lions.

    8:38pm Nov 28 from freshprincetk
  • Agreed with freshprincetk

    8:39pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
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8:35pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • Go with Bernard. Foster is supposed to come back this week, keep an eye on that. But, they're still playing a horrible Titan run defense. They're not gonna overload Foster with all the work coming off an injury. Definitely not West, he's gonna play behind Crowell. Plus their playing against a really good Buffalo run defense.

    8:43pm Nov 28 from joec86
  • He's better than West, got a good match up and Foster is coming back so Blue is irrelevant

    8:44pm Nov 28 from bschwartzman3
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8:28pm Nov 28 from bschwartzman3
  • 4

    8:35pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • With Haden on him? 2 rec 16 yds

    8:40pm Nov 28 from seanzy24
  • Sammy got how many points in an INDOOR stadium on a fast turf and against the sad Jets? Uhhhh 3 catches for 35 yards? Yeah, expect no more than 15 yards. You cannot say home field advantage will be huge in this game because Joe Haden is going to be on Sammy's ass the entire game.

    8:45pm Nov 28 from freshprincetk
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8:26pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • NYG over JAX
    BUF over CLE
    STL over OAK
    BAL over SD
    HOU over TEN
    ARI over ATL
    IND over WAS
    MIN over CAR
    CIN over TB
    PIT over NO
    GB over NE
    DEN over KC
    MIA over NYJ

    8:30pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • Agree or disagree with most of my picks? I also picked dal and sf and Det to win and only Detroit won out of those 3 teams

    8:30pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • I agree with all of your picks except I think Panthers might beat the Vikings other than that I agree with all

    8:32pm Nov 28 from nfox580
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8:20pm Nov 28 from njackson650
  • He never was a solid option in the first place

    8:21pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • No

    8:28pm Nov 28 from leocrrnz
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8:18pm Nov 28 from njackson650
  • Crowell

    8:25pm Nov 28 from percyharvin1
  • the Crow

    8:26pm Nov 28 from dct54
  • Crowell is the starter

    8:30pm Nov 28 from joec86
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8:17pm Nov 28 from freshprincetk
  • Cobb

    8:27pm Nov 28 from dct54
  • Cobb

    8:41pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
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8:13pm Nov 28 from njackson650
  • Can we say neither?

    8:15pm Nov 28 from freshprincetk
  • Romo

    8:27pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • romo

    8:28pm Nov 28 from dct54
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8:10pm Nov 28 from beastmode48000
  • Chargers

    8:12pm Nov 28 from angola1
  • Tough one. Baltimore has its weakness in the secondary and San Diego is doing what San Diego does best. Start off strong and then fizzle out as the playoffs come near. If I had to choose though, I'm leaning towards Baltimore because Forsett is going to grind out yards and move the chains

    8:13pm Nov 28 from freshprincetk
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8:09pm Nov 28 from nfl462
  • Not me

    8:12pm Nov 28 from angola1
  • I hate you

    8:12pm Nov 28 from nfl462
  • That's good

    8:12pm Nov 28 from nfl462
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