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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

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2:01am Sep 2 from swagger2429
  • Andre Williams you mean.. and no. Decker is more valuable. If you absolutely must make a move, drop cooper for him.

    2:03am Sep 2 from chillrays
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12:27am Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • Ryan. His WRs are just better until they are injured.

    12:52am Sep 2 from jaspergreyjoy
  • Ryan, that's an easy one

    1:14am Sep 2 from chillrays
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12:19am Sep 2 from only1bigc
  • Chokes in playoffs.... I love having him on my fantasy team if I have any doubt about my starting qb I bring him off my bench and most of last year he was my starter

    12:28am Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • He should be, I like him a lot

    1:14am Sep 2 from chillrays
  • Never the best QB in his own division, and Eli Manning.

    1:56am Sep 2 from snorklebunny
Are you the best Fantasy coach?
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12:16am Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • yes

    12:52am Sep 2 from jaspergreyjoy
  • ya

    12:52am Sep 2 from dangas
  • yes

    1:15am Sep 2 from chillrays
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12:10am Sep 2 from moegoe
  • I believe cooks is going to be good but I wouldn't drop any of those guys for him if your looking for someone else try trading those guys I'm sure you could bundle up those guys and initiate a trade with someone who needs depth at WR

    12:32am Sep 2 from sundayfunday777
  • Drop Decker, pick up Benjamin.

    1:58am Sep 2 from snorklebunny
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12:04am Sep 2 from tampasbuddie
  • no

    12:52am Sep 2 from jaspergreyjoy
  • no

    1:15am Sep 2 from chillrays
  • no

    1:59am Sep 2 from snorklebunny
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11:30pm Sep 1 from slickrick71416
  • both are fine. I like crabtree's matchup better. I might have told someone else before Allen but it doesn't matter, I think they both have good games.

    11:40pm Sep 1 from chillrays
  • I like both.. honestly not an easy option. Crabtree reliable but SF offense apparently looking dodgy. Allen has a tough matchup.. up in the air

    12:12am Sep 2 from moegoe
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10:24pm Sep 1 from trekker34
  • Not a huge fan of SEA's matchup with GB (probably high scoring). PIT is playing CLEV and PHI against JAX? Both could get multiple INT's and even TD's. Thoughts?

    10:26pm Sep 1 from trekker34
  • Seattle with struggle a bit going against Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay but theyll still do good

    10:26pm Sep 1 from nfox580
  • Seattle's defense will do fine

    10:34pm Sep 1 from tito9305
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10:15pm Sep 1 from rudyrockwilder
  • I really like him, he did amazing things last year when he had the opportunity, he will take gates spot no doubt... If not this year than next year forsure

    10:40pm Sep 1 from sundayfunday777
  • Agree with sundayfunday.. Green will become the man @SD but let's see how he goes in the 1st round

    12:13am Sep 2 from moegoe
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10:15pm Sep 1 from mturpie
  • QB: Russell Wilson, RG3
    RB: Montee Ball, Giovani Bernard, Toby Gerhart, Mark Ingram, Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, Andre Williams, Ronnie Hillman
    WR: Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Cordarrelle Patterson
    TE: Julius Thomas, Kyle Rudolph
    D/ST: Bengals
    K: Dan Bailey

    10:17pm Sep 1 from mturpie
  • is this ppr or standard?

    10:19pm Sep 1 from chillrays
  • QB position is concerning, I would try to acquire Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton

    10:19pm Sep 1 from rudyrockwilder
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10:12pm Sep 1 from pepesuarez
  • only if he scores. Unless your league is set up to where you get points on return yardage.

    10:14pm Sep 1 from chillrays
  • Only if you run SEA D/ST

    12:53am Sep 2 from jaspergreyjoy
  • he could be in an idp league like me

    1:15am Sep 2 from chillrays
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10:10pm Sep 1 from vonsteubon85
  • shady... easy schedule

    10:15pm Sep 1 from chillrays
  • What chillrays said

    10:17pm Sep 1 from nfox580
  • McCoy

    10:19pm Sep 1 from tito9305