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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

    7:16am Nov 20 from dbarnes58
  • If i start Josh Gordon with exempt status i will get credit for his points correct??

    7:44am Nov 20 from dbarnes58

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4:49am Aug 26 from dantonucci
  • QB Tyrod Taylor
    RB Jamaal Charles
    RB Jeremy Hill
    WR Antonio Brown
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    TE Greg Olsen
    Flex Brandin Cooks
    K Dan Bailey
    DST Rams

    Tony Romo
    Frank Gore
    James White
    Rashad Jennings
    Spencer Ware
    Jordan Matthews

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    4:52am Aug 26 from dantonucci
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3:45am Aug 26 from patsfan1120
  • Gurley

    3:50am Aug 26 from shaneanddave
  • Gurley

    4:23am Aug 26 from jaycrizzy
  • Gurley

    4:37am Aug 26 from chrisdaurio
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2:59am Aug 26 from oakrai14
  • RBs - E Elliott, D Murray, M Gordon, L Blount, I Crowell
    WRs - D Hopkins, K Allen, A Cooper, J Landry, C Coleman, T Austin, R Matthews

    3:07am Aug 26 from oakrai14
  • i wouldnt because you cant just find somebody with his skill

    3:14am Aug 26 from utterfamily
  • Keep Hopkins

    3:43am Aug 26 from patsfan1120
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10:29pm Aug 25 from filegb
  • Depends on league. Julio if ppr. In standard, it comes down to personal preference. It is harder to find rbs close to point value of first rounders, whereas second round wrs are usually not much worse than first round wrs

    10:34pm Aug 25 from nygiants1187
  • Gurley

    10:42pm Aug 25 from redfish221
  • All the above.....1st-RB

    11:11pm Aug 25 from tvela
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10:16pm Aug 25 from filegb
  • Since they both play the same position, it's probably better to make the safe pick of Johnson

    10:20pm Aug 25 from shel78
  • johnson

    10:21pm Aug 25 from tridom
  • I'd go DJ

    11:02pm Aug 25 from bhbaxter13
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9:34pm Aug 25 from 10thirty08
  • I don't like it

    9:58pm Aug 25 from nfox580
  • I hate it too!!!!!

    10:09pm Aug 25 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • I always use the internet.

    10:43pm Aug 25 from redfish221
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9:14pm Aug 25 from mattyicee7
  • yeah he did do well

    9:25pm Aug 25 from vikingfan301
  • Especially in keeper leagues, I would take him as my rb3 right after DJ and Gurley. With Romo and Dez out there to spread the field out the Cowboys should be a dangerous offense

    9:29pm Aug 25 from gcitysoulja
  • He did good

    10:11pm Aug 25 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
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9:09pm Aug 25 from nflbeast108
  • Parker

    9:11pm Aug 25 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • park

    9:25pm Aug 25 from vikingfan301
  • sanu is a lock for the wr2 spot in atl, but Parker has a much higher upside. With how stills has been playing in the pre season Parker might be lose quite a few snaps

    9:30pm Aug 25 from gcitysoulja
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8:47pm Aug 25 from kep2
  • Tom Brady
    Ezekiel Elliot
    David Johnson
    Jordy Nelson
    Sammy Watkins
    Coby fleener
    Carlos Hyde
    Eric decker
    Donte moncrief
    Matt jones
    Devante Parker
    Blake Bortles
    Jay ajayi

    8:47pm Aug 25 from kep2
  • sure

    9:08pm Aug 25 from chopr
  • Yeah

    9:11pm Aug 25 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
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8:44pm Aug 25 from johnkohlmorgen
  • I see 0 points in your future...
    What's your team?

    9:04pm Aug 25 from redfish221
  • not so good

    9:08pm Aug 25 from chopr
  • Better than Cleveland!!!!

    9:12pm Aug 25 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
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8:27pm Aug 25 from nflbeast108
  • I think Stills eats up a bigger chunk than we all expect. I'd grab Henry.

    8:30pm Aug 25 from redfish221
  • yes

    9:09pm Aug 25 from chopr
  • do it

    9:26pm Aug 25 from vikingfan301
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8:18pm Aug 25 from gcitysoulja
  • It's still early in the story, but I'd go more Aaron Rodgers. He's looking really good. Like, Really good. But there is no QB controversy in Dallas. Romo will finish his career as a starter, and Dak will be even better and shock the league in a couple/few years.

    8:27pm Aug 25 from redfish221
  • (Not that there was ever a QB controversy in was just weird that a 3rd rounder, making less than $1 mil, usurped a big money QB . However, the Cowboys organization is 100% behind Romo, so I don't see that scenario playing out...Carroll has a great eye for talent, and made a huge statement as a new coach when he selected Wilson as the starter).

    9:02pm Aug 25 from redfish221
  • too early to tell

    9:08pm Aug 25 from chopr
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