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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

    7:16am Nov 20 from dbarnes58
  • If i start Josh Gordon with exempt status i will get credit for his points correct??

    7:44am Nov 20 from dbarnes58

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9:57pm Oct 3 from electricsnow5150
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9:54pm Oct 3 from electricsnow5150
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9:49pm Oct 3 from browny44
  • Brady, Palmer
    Forte, foster, Ingram, Randal, Gurley, Dion Lewis, karlos Williams,
    Megatron, John brown, dez
    Philly D

    9:53pm Oct 3 from browny44
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9:46pm Oct 3 from beestonators
  • I'm a dolphins fan, and from fantasy perspective.. DO IT! both will be top 10 by end of season but I say Taylor has more touchdowns

    9:48pm Oct 3 from 150053
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9:46pm Oct 3 from youngjz303
  • It's hard to say. Neither RB has played up to expectations. Hill is younger with more potential, though.

    9:48pm Oct 3 from jgarner650
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9:41pm Oct 3 from mjohngon
  • Yeah

    9:42pm Oct 3 from chocolatetiger
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9:37pm Oct 3 from joedav55
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9:29pm Oct 3 from deeznuttz1307
  • Yea

    9:33pm Oct 3 from acejack122
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9:26pm Oct 3 from danpresida
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9:11pm Oct 3 from brianmorefield
  • Maybe jordan cameron not clay

    9:14pm Oct 3 from deeznuttz1307
  • jordan

    9:35pm Oct 3 from merrydiamond39
  • Cam

    9:35pm Oct 3 from acejack122
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9:11pm Oct 3 from dsizzle85
  • Probably not but whose on your waiver?

    9:16pm Oct 3 from nfox580
  • no but if you do, pick up randall cobb

    9:34pm Oct 3 from merrydiamond39
  • Look for Marlon Brown, should get a lot of target with Smith out, or Marvin Jones, solidly in the #2 spot in Cin

    9:54pm Oct 3 from bjwright37
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9:00pm Oct 3 from deeznuttz1307
  • Depends what kind of RB you're picking up but I still really like Golden

    9:01pm Oct 3 from patsfan1120
  • What patsfan said if you're getting a good RB off waiver I'd consider it but Golden Tate is a guy you want to have on your team

    9:02pm Oct 3 from nfox580
  • depends what rb, his value skyrockets if calvin goes down

    9:04pm Oct 3 from dnguyen333
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