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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

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7:19pm Aug 29 from tnovak47
  • My running backs would be Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson. My receivers would be Randall Cobb, Andre Johnson, Flex would be Julian Edelman and my TE would be Julian Edelman...

    7:20pm Aug 29 from tnovak47
  • I mean Jimmy Graham

    7:21pm Aug 29 from tnovak47
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7:12pm Aug 29 from rida123
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7:07pm Aug 29 from pkubat1230
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7:02pm Aug 29 from 2katie2
  • I think I accidently got in one

    7:05pm Aug 29 from 2katie2
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6:49pm Aug 29 from carlsavich
  • You always should go best player available however running backs have to come first

    7:05pm Aug 29 from samuelbuettner
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6:43pm Aug 29 from ballerbscott
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6:27pm Aug 29 from oo75
  • QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Marshawn Lynch
    RB: Frank Fore
    WR: Dez Bryant
    WR: Julio Jones
    TE: Rob Gronkowski
    Flex: Pierre Garçon

    QB: Robert Griffin III
    RB: Ray Rice
    WR: Brandin Cooks
    WR: Jeremy Maclin
    WR: Reggie Wayne
    TE: Tim Wright ------- See if he does good week 1 before I make a decision to drop him

    Kicker: Nick Novack (Will probably switch every week though depending on matchups)

    Defense: Denver Broncos

    6:27pm Aug 29 from oo75
  • You need running backs

    7:05pm Aug 29 from samuelbuettner
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6:25pm Aug 29 from oo75
  • who does he play

    6:31pm Aug 29 from zpeppel
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6:16pm Aug 29 from jawrsh21
  • depends who else is on your roster and how many players you can keep. if possible i would let him sit in free agency and pick him up around week 7-10 if you have space

    6:19pm Aug 29 from grant70
  • in my other league someone drafted in the 8th and dropped in when they announced his suspension. Were keeping 2 each and outside of shady theres no one i feel like id really have to keep

    6:22pm Aug 29 from jawrsh21
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5:53pm Aug 29 from s3xyb3ast
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5:51pm Aug 29 from dincogs82
  • Not yet. I would keep a close eye on Evans and hold on to Shorts since he is a more reliable WR at this point and Bortles has looked real good.

    6:44pm Aug 29 from ballerbscott
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5:40pm Aug 29 from nickyboy95
  • no I think your butt makes your butt look big.

    5:44pm Aug 29 from chillrays