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asked by antone63
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8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

    7:16am Nov 20 from dbarnes58
  • If i start Josh Gordon with exempt status i will get credit for his points correct??

    7:44am Nov 20 from dbarnes58

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10:21am Nov 30 from tvela
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10:05am Nov 30 from natethegreat83
  • those are the only two TE's that are in my league, and Kyle Rudoplh

    10:06am Nov 30 from natethegreat83
  • I' d take rudolph

    10:25am Nov 30 from simone211190
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9:58am Nov 30 from natethegreat83
  • drop him? hes out for the season

    10:01am Nov 30 from samtheman20
  • He is done for the year so drop him for another TE. Chandler if Gronk out or Thomas or Miller etc.

    10:02am Nov 30 from purpleipod15
  • @purpleipod15 @samtheman20 Do you think I should drop him for Kyle Rudolph

    10:03am Nov 30 from natethegreat83
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9:37am Nov 30 from gcitysoulja
  • The Steelers defense is just that bad. Losing Jimmy Graham won't help him either.

    9:38am Nov 30 from kitkatman27
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9:13am Nov 30 from eagles9884435
  • Anderson

    9:21am Nov 30 from justymo
  • I'd pick up David Johnson - but I gave up on CJ a long time ago... ;)

    9:23am Nov 30 from canadawgpound
  • CJ

    9:34am Nov 30 from goldengrizzlie
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9:09am Nov 30 from beestonators
  • Amendola is coming back soon so don't drop him

    9:19am Nov 30 from 10thirty08
  • I wouldn't drop Amendola for him, but if you have West, you need Ware.... drop someone else though...

    9:26am Nov 30 from canadawgpound
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9:00am Nov 30 from teynor14
  • Reason being is that the Saints in general look bad on both sides of the ball and as it stands, Brees looks to be resending quite a bit while Brock seems to be on the rise. Thoughts? Worst case scenario is that I can always try to trade him for a better receiver.

    9:01am Nov 30 from teynor14
  • I would look to replace Brees for this week. After the Panthers he's got three great match ups in a row.

    9:39am Nov 30 from gcitysoulja
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8:53am Nov 30 from mozata
  • Only the Saints have allowed more points to TE's per game than the Raiders. Go with Kelce.

    9:39am Nov 30 from gcitysoulja
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8:31am Nov 30 from taurus93
  • yes

    8:34am Nov 30 from bigdaddytra22
  • yes

    8:44am Nov 30 from footballgenius93
  • Ya

    8:54am Nov 30 from noblebrad
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8:09am Nov 30 from spudz11
  • dudddeeeeeee… don't freaking drop hyde trust me

    8:15am Nov 30 from sarica912
  • Drop Hyde.

    9:01am Nov 30 from noblebrad
  • Drop Hyde. He may or may not come back this season and his injury will likely limit him if he does come back.

    9:41am Nov 30 from kitkatman27
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8:03am Nov 30 from mespiritu189
  • trade for him

    8:16am Nov 30 from sarica912
  • It's still RB by committee

    8:25am Nov 30 from jeremiah2289
  • do it

    8:26am Nov 30 from rjstafford52
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7:41am Nov 30 from tnwheels
  • it is close, taylor (tyrod) will not help you but as long as bottles doesn't get hurt you should be fine unless you trade tyrod for osweiler. good question.

    8:04am Nov 30 from sarica912
  • Would you drop tyrod for Alex Smith

    8:07am Nov 30 from tnwheels
  • good

    8:39am Nov 30 from bigdaddytra22
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