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asked by antone63
What does EXEMPT mean for a player's status?
8:00am Sep 20 from antone63
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  • It means that they had or have a suspension and were not evaluated for practice.

    8:50am Sep 20 from thebank26

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Texans were much better than 2-14 talent wise 2013. With all the changes will they contend 2014 ?
11:40pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
  • No

    11:47pm Jul 25 from darius18
  • maybe for the division, but thats a loooong shot

    3:18am Jul 26 from brolle96
Will Fitzpatrick finally have a breakout yr with Texans or Bust ?
11:36pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
  • no

    11:47pm Jul 25 from erictaylor24
  • mediocre year

    3:18am Jul 26 from brolle96
Pierre Thomas 2014 (Comments)
11:35pm Jul 25 from tvela
Jay Gruden 2014 (Comments)
11:18pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • The offense is going to be very good and entertaining for the Redskins only thing that's going to hold them from staying atop of the NFC East and staying competitive is the defense. I'm optimistic that the defense will come along well but one could only hope. I believe Gruden is a good coach he's very smart and vocal about things. He is John's brother after all.

    11:26pm Jul 25 from tito9305
Did I make a good choice by picking Eddy Lacy in First round? Why (yes/no)? I was in pick number 6
10:58pm Jul 25 from ignacio137
  • Yes, Solid RB1 which should be your first pick, Lacy is Solid and will bring big points.

    11:28pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
  • hell yeah, cant get anyone better than lacy at no.6 , and still good recievers left in round 2 for you

    3:20am Jul 26 from brolle96
DE Angelo Williams For Crabtree yes or no ? if no explain
10:17pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
  • Depends on your needs. If you are good depth wise at both positions then I would take Crabtree

    10:36pm Jul 25 from patsfan1120
  • Yes

    11:27pm Jul 25 from cxhawks84
You have the 6th pick out of 10 teams in the first round. Do you draft Graham, C.Johnson, or Murray?
10:10pm Jul 25 from ian602
  • Murray

    10:18pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
  • Megatron

    11:26pm Jul 25 from cxhawks84
  • Murray

    11:29pm Jul 25 from texandad1220
Pick 3 to keep, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Keenan Allen, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown
9:34pm Jul 25 from bboy42
  • Brown Marshall and Johnson

    9:46pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • Marshall, Nelson, Brown.

    9:53pm Jul 25 from jdizzle45
  • Marshall Nelson Brown

    9:53pm Jul 25 from eaglevsjet
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Dez or Demaryius? Which one will have a better year and why?
8:41pm Jul 25 from johnsorenson10
  • Demaryius cause he has Manning throwing to him

    8:43pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • Dez, he has no competition

    9:07pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • Thomas because of the offense they run.....Dallas is and should focus more on the run game

    9:21pm Jul 25 from usaxnattador
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Should I pick up a TE on waivers and drop Kyle Rudolph?
8:23pm Jul 25 from san420
  • Depends on who you TE1 is

    8:32pm Jul 25 from tvela
  • Depends on your te1 and which te you planning on picking up

    8:44pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • I wouldnt. Kyle Rudolph + Norv Turner = Beast

    9:53pm Jul 25 from jdizzle45
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Someone offered me Shane Vereen for my Knowshon Moreno. Do I accept or decline?
8:03pm Jul 25 from darius18
  • Decline. Please don't accept that trade.

    8:14pm Jul 25 from bigdaddyribo21
  • Absolutely accept before they cancel it

    8:21pm Jul 25 from dirtyd818
  • Decline

    8:27pm Jul 25 from nfox580
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dont you love how now you can comment as many times as you want on genius?
7:38pm Jul 25 from hilan
  • yes

    7:39pm Jul 25 from lakeside19
  • Ya man

    7:39pm Jul 25 from nfox580
  • they actually took our requests into consideration!

    7:40pm Jul 25 from hilan
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