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4:37am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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3:02am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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12:19am Mar 23 from bigfamilys
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3:37pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Dynasty league

    3:38pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • The only name that came to mind was Mike Evans. I think any WR2 would work though

    5:22pm Mar 18 from billyg15
  • For some reason I see Diggs and Thielen's value dipping a little next year

    5:22pm Mar 18 from billyg15
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6:12pm Mar 13 from infantrygrunt
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3:55pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • I think risers are like Godwin, juju, carr. And fallers might be Brown, McCoy, Big Ben. but who else?

    3:57pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • Riser (sort of even tho he's already good) Alvin Kamara. Faller = Bell.

    Also like Josh Allen as a riser this year along with Mark Ingram and OBJ. AB will prob fall and also Jarvis Landry.

    3:41pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Baker Mayfield probably finishes top 5 QB and OBJ and JuJu chance to finish #1. Same for Kamara at RB. Big Ben and his former targets AB Bell take a hit.

    7:49am Mar 16 from purpleipod15
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9:39am Mar 12 from sut35
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10:00pm Mar 6 from 0987steelers
  • Yes! I don't think he puts up top 5 WR #s again with Raiders. Get what you can!

    8:05pm Mar 12 from purpleipod15
  • ^ I agree. Realistically you could draft a WR like Thomas, Adams, etc. and a RB like Henry, Chubb, or Conner. AB may not have the same level of production. We just don't know

    3:54pm Mar 13 from billyg15
  • Go for it. AB is hitting 30 on a terrible offense.

    3:38pm Mar 14 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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  • Goff

    2:52pm Jan 10 from tvela
  • Goff is overrated, never bet against Brady doing well in the playoffs...Goff can't handle the pressure and the Saints defense won't let the Rams get that play-action going which is Goff's life blood.

    11:52am Jan 20 from TheDSpot
  • Brady is the Best Quarterback of all time!!!

    11:12am Jan 26 from oharad59
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  • T. Brady QB NE
  • D. Brees QB NO
  • T. Gurley RB LA
  • S. Michel RB NE
  • S. Barkley RB NYG
  • A. Brown WR PIT
  • J. Jones WR ATL
  • J. Edelman WR NE
  • O. Beckham WR NYG
  • M. Thomas WR NO
  • R. Gronkowski TE NE
  • T. Kelce TE KC
  • Z. Ertz TE PHI
  • C. Patterson W/R NE
  • S. Gostkowski K NE
  • Patriots DEF NE
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2:02pm Feb 21 from 1123patsbrady
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