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asked by billyg15
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3:28pm Feb 12 from billyg15
  • Hilton is on a trash Colts team. Overrated. Needs more than Luck to help him. Coming from a Texans fan who hated every single the fantasy fans went crazy over ONE good game last season.

    8:27pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Other than Hilton, I agree

    8:36pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Those really aren’t sleepers

    8:06am Feb 13 from ne420
  • then who are some sleepers

    5:03pm Feb 14 from billyg15
  • D. Cook is my boi

    8:03pm Feb 22 from ChefCook33
  • Cook and edelman yes. Hilton has to show up if luck is back. Mahomes is a hit or miss this year for his first season as the starter a team that is starting to weaken.

    9:48am Apr 11 from vikings91599

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12:30am Nov 21 from 808uknow
  • Yeah he definitely droppable. Unless you’re in some 18 man league or something

    12:57am Nov 21 from 15cstaven
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12:24am Nov 21 from simone211190
  • nope

    12:57am Nov 21 from sallen11097
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12:22am Nov 21 from 11111giants11111
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12:11am Nov 21 from legend1849
  • Coleman

    12:23am Nov 21 from 11111giants11111
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11:46pm Nov 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Weak QB and WR depth. Mahomes and Cooks on bye. Would have to start Josh Allen at QB this week and either Garçon, Higgins, or Rogers at WR. Deep dynasty league so there's very limited options. I also have Jalen Richard who I could trade if needed. Full PPR.

    11:48pm Nov 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Is Adam Humphries available? Especially in PPR, he should offer value with Winston back under center, and he has 3 TD's the past 3 weeks combined. If not, a slightly less secure pickup (but a rising one) might be Dontrelle Inman, who has emerged as the Colts' #2 WR. Just had his 1st TD this past week vs Titans, and has added to his snap count each progressive week...only thing is how much Luck spreads the wealth, but there IS upside. I'd still shoot for Humphries though...hope it helps.

    11:55pm Nov 20 from erice724
  • Thank you! Sadly, Humphries is not available =( I will check if Inman is tho.

    12:00am Nov 21 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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11:34pm Nov 20 from saucedajr
  • Jones

    12:23am Nov 21 from 11111giants11111
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10:35pm Nov 20 from KingSuti
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10:31pm Nov 20 from KingSuti
  • You don’t trust them

    10:36pm Nov 20 from eljayyyy
  • Gus would be a solid add if he wasn't with BAL

    12:21am Nov 21 from simone211190
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9:42pm Nov 20 from brooksy49ers
  • Yes. I hate waivers in dynasty cuz I always have the 11th or 12th waiver so it's hard to get people lol. I'd take Edwards if there's no one else available.

    11:21pm Nov 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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9:19pm Nov 20 from 15cstaven
  • A big reason he did so well in the other games were because they were blowouts. Kamara doesn’t lose goal line attempts nearly as much as he used to. And since the saints are versing the falcons, I don’t think it’s going to be another blow out. Therefore Ingram not doing all that well. Sony is versing the Jets. What do you think?

    9:22pm Nov 20 from 15cstaven
  • Sony because of that reason

    11:21pm Nov 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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9:15pm Nov 20 from 15cstaven
  • None are as good as Howard's been, but I'd go Burton or Olsen. Brate may pick up the slack in TB, but he's not as dynamic as Howard was. Doyle splits too much time at TE in Indy.

    9:53pm Nov 20 from dsc72
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9:08pm Nov 20 from eljayyyy
  • Chubb and Fournette

    11:06pm Nov 20 from sina121