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8:29am May 16 from cpleejr
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2:39pm Nov 17 from giangualano777
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10:48am Nov 17 from dtoyz
10:40am Nov 17 from redta1l
  • If I should change it up, who should I start in my flex***

    10:54am Nov 17 from redta1l
  • flex 1. mixon, 2. Delvin, 3. Lindsey then Mack, then Cooper.

    11:01am Nov 17 from eggmancommith
8:52am Nov 17 from four12
  • High Scoring Game, but KC WINS on the road

    8:57am Nov 17 from 8tenaster8ids
  • amigos Rams by a touchdown arriba! arriba! andale! andale!

    9:07am Nov 17 from zapataviva
  • KC and Def is coming good

    9:34am Nov 17 from odingungnir
8:31am Nov 17 from heismanhopeful65
4:09pm Nov 16 from vman0420
Wilson 29% Rodgers 71%
4:09pm Nov 16 from townekook
Punt 19% Pass 57% Run 24%
  • Which 40 yard line? What is the score? How much time left in the game? Too many variables in play to just make a simple, blanket answer.

    6:39am Nov 17 from jhmcgrogan
  • play action

    10:48am Nov 17 from redta1l
2:55pm Nov 16 from henry5266
Fair 50% Unfair 50%
  • If you can get MT for Woods and Brieda, JUMP ON IT!!!!! That's a steal!!!

    7:56pm Nov 16 from jhmcgrogan
  • If I was the side who got Thomas and you'd dare proposing me this kind of trade, the least I Can Do would be thinking that you really Need a good psychiatrist

    1:16am Nov 17 from simone211190
9:57am Nov 16 from kitchelt
Yes 56% No 44%
7:18am Nov 16 from ak1977